times they are a changin

This was my dream wishlist when I started blogging.

This is one I made a few hours ago.
my ultimate wishlist

Hmmmm. I'd say my style (or what I would like it to be) has changed quite a bit since I started blogging, no? Either that or I've just become way more of a label whore. As of now I guess there are a few items in the first list I wouldn't mind owning, but none I would spend money on (excluding the Holga, but that's a camera). The second list is obviously more intense and hectic (which could also be due in part to the fact that there are over twice as many items...I have become more greedy as well...), and every item from it makes my heart beat fast whenever I see them, to a point where I am almost sure I'm having a heart attack and really regretting all those shady, questionable gas store brand "Cheese Puffs" and poser Oreos I've eaten in the past. It kind of amuses me how in April I was lusting over skinny jeans as much as I am now lusting over frilly Betty Jackson Dr. Martens and Gareth Pugh spacesuits. I think the explanation is simply that blogging makes one explore fashion more, and with exploration comes the discovery of tons of inspiration from multiple sources-magazines, the blog community, designers, etc. I don't think I'll stop exploring any time soon, either...maybe in another 9 months I'll be wishing for some kind of wearable grocery store.

...Actually, I would like one now please. Greatthanksssss.