the best technique for babysitting is to lock the kids in a cage and sing them queen and foreign troll lullabies

Playing around with awesome blinding harlequin tights and poorly trying to incorporate a circus/carnival theme into the pictures has become a new favorite pasttime of mine. I'd also like to try these babies out with my CDG tuxedo blazer. You're feeling it already, aren't cha?old navy shirt. crinoline and hairpin, gifts.

Pretty simple. I would say that when I started wearing more crazily printed clothes I would pair them with something dark in contrast, as it always worked out and it's hard to match different prints. Lately I've been clashing more and more quite happily, but what I did here was really just to keep it basic. Black, white, gray. Yep.old navy top. grandma's old blazer. thrifted dress worn as skirt.

This is definitely more clashing. All the prints that remind me of circuses-candy colored stripes and carnival pastels.old navy top. mom's old skirt. forever21 headband.

My mom's old skirt which I cinched and draped quite a bit using pins and a plain black shirt. The feathered headband went well and though I don't know why the feather reminded me of circuses...the back of my brain is telling me it's the Razzle Dazzle scene from Chicago but as long as I can tightrope walk on snow without being bothered I'm oh-kay for now.thrifted blazer. crinoline, gift.

I have been wanting to try out the blazer I got Belle for forevz and the rich purple was just SCREAMING for the harlequin. Chillax Blazer, no need to fret, I had my eye on you anyways. Though I love the intense shoulder pads (we all know how much I love intense shoulder pads...) the blazer is definitely not a good size for me and Belle will like it tons because I said so.I really need to clean out my closet. The other night I walked in and found my dog resting on top of my heaps of fabric, if that tells you anything. Some stuff will be sent to fellow blog people while I'm contemplating putting others on eBay.

celeste stein tights via, gift. slow and steady wins the race shoes.
photo via foto decadent.