the best technique for babysitting is to lock the kids in a cage and sing them queen and foreign troll lullabies

Playing around with awesome blinding harlequin tights and poorly trying to incorporate a circus/carnival theme into the pictures has become a new favorite pasttime of mine. I'd also like to try these babies out with my CDG tuxedo blazer. You're feeling it already, aren't cha?old navy shirt. crinoline and hairpin, gifts.

Pretty simple. I would say that when I started wearing more crazily printed clothes I would pair them with something dark in contrast, as it always worked out and it's hard to match different prints. Lately I've been clashing more and more quite happily, but what I did here was really just to keep it basic. Black, white, gray. Yep.old navy top. grandma's old blazer. thrifted dress worn as skirt.

This is definitely more clashing. All the prints that remind me of circuses-candy colored stripes and carnival pastels.old navy top. mom's old skirt. forever21 headband.

My mom's old skirt which I cinched and draped quite a bit using pins and a plain black shirt. The feathered headband went well and though I don't know why the feather reminded me of circuses...the back of my brain is telling me it's the Razzle Dazzle scene from Chicago but as long as I can tightrope walk on snow without being bothered I'm oh-kay for now.thrifted blazer. crinoline, gift.

I have been wanting to try out the blazer I got Belle for forevz and the rich purple was just SCREAMING for the harlequin. Chillax Blazer, no need to fret, I had my eye on you anyways. Though I love the intense shoulder pads (we all know how much I love intense shoulder pads...) the blazer is definitely not a good size for me and Belle will like it tons because I said so.I really need to clean out my closet. The other night I walked in and found my dog resting on top of my heaps of fabric, if that tells you anything. Some stuff will be sent to fellow blog people while I'm contemplating putting others on eBay.

celeste stein tights via, gift. slow and steady wins the race shoes.
photo via foto decadent.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the tights, Tavi:)

sophie said...

Agreed. Freaking awesome tights.

My Daily Vintage said...

i love the tights with the pink skirt!

TheShoeGirl said...

Totally rad tights! I LOVE that red skirt on you!!

Anonymous said...

me's so bright and eye-catching. i would totally want to go out in public like that and perform circus tricks on the sidewalk in front of the grocery store.

Unknown said...

very cool tights!

Emy Augustus said...

my fav outfit combo is the red skirt with the black shirt with the harlequin tights.

lydia said...

egads, these are some of my favorite outfits you've ever thought up in that lil genius brain of yours, tavi.
and i am in love with that purple blazer! looks like david byrne's big suit.

lentebriesje said...

I like that outfit of the 2nd and 3th picture!
And the tights are really awesome :)

kimberleigh rose said...

The crinoline looks so cool. Where'd you get it? -kimberleighROSE

Magenpie said...

I love the way you have a half and half outfit on. 1 Might try something similar and go to school half boy and half girl or half man and half beast!

Ana said...

You have joined the clan of crazy blinding harlequin tight wearing people. We are the only members.

Oh no, wait, Elle has them too.

Three members.

Ana said...

By the way they look great on you.

K8 said...

I love your outfits!
Especially the first one and the one with the pink skirt!

Aysha's Rabbit Hole said...

keep mixing up prints an color it suits you!

Nadine said...

The red skirt outfit is my fave - love it! What's the last photo?

Amelia said...

The outfit with the pink skirt is perfect! Those tights are amazing.

Lara said...

i like the second to last outfit best....the drapey skirt was lovely, but even better with the crazy harlequin tights!
5 brownie points for this one. :)

Untitled said...

ooo the first pic is mucho bonita!!

Super Noodle Rach said...

so jealous of your tights...tried serching for them but no luck!

gabriella said...

i personally love the look with the red skirt
its classy and so cute

Kim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I really like the first outfit! I totally would wear that! And I like the tights! How can you not love argyle??

<3 Sarah

Emeline said...

everything looks lovely, especially the last one (pink skirt)! Well done for being creative! :)

A fan from a country far away

Kelly said...

Those tights and that red skirt are EPIC! I want that outfit!

olga d said...

i think you've graduated from style rookie to style hero for braving snowy weather without 'apropriate' winter clothes. all for our sake! so ... mavericky. hahah. hmmm can't use that word in a positive way anymore.

Anonymous said...

where are those tights from? there amazing!

if you put them on ebay then I WILL BE THE HIGHEST BIDDER!!!!!!
you know how celebs sometimes put stuff on ebay and it goes really high? yeah well this will be like, clothes that tavi has actually worn and then people will be like ooh and bid like a million dollars.


Isabel said...

Those tights are so cool! Oh, and I lol'ed at how big that blazer is on you! You look cool anyways. My fave outfit is the one with the hot pink skirt.

FB @ said...

Those harlequin tights are GREAT!

Fabulously Broke in the City
Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver...

Anonymous said...

I just looove this pastel outfit and those tights are just amazing :)

net said...


Katy said...

THOSE TIGHTS ARE AMAZING. I love them so much!!!! I love the outfits you constructed around them as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great tights! Also really LOVE your grandma's blazer - very cool..

Iris said...

the candy-stripes one, and red skirt one are my faves! the red is so bold! beautiful.

Mía Karen said...

hahaha it's snowing in your place... but not in ICELAND =P something not right about that ?
anywhoo , i like u're style o.O

ren said...

As this is my first time commenting you, though I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, this will be a tad long. I've got to say, you are pretty damn inspiring. You have a, quite obviously, very unique style and, especially for your age, are quite on point when it comes to fashion. You are one of the factors that led to my creating a blog, and though it will never compare since I can't pull off what you can, I'm glad you gave me the inspiration. Thanks, eh?

And specifically referring to present post, those tights are very wicked.

lily m said...

I cracked up at this title for literally 17 mins! Tights look great too!

karl's sweet child said...

geez..that tights! love it!!

HeyHuiyunn said...

Love those awesome tights!
So colourful!

WendyB said...

Those might be the best tights I've ever seen.

Ashlyn said...

I love the first and third outfits for everyday type things. Those tights are pretty, as you say, epic!

Joyce Kwok said...

Every part of you is brilliant.
You're my heroine hahaha.

Unknown said...

im so glad they came!!!!

Freddie said...

oh, I love those! I think the second outfit is my fave. It clashes and yet still works so well!

I also love the plaid tights and outfit from your last post. The outfit as a whole reminds me of a pair of flannel overalls (yes) I owned (and loved) in like, the 2nd grade. They were red, blue, and yellow plaid! aka awesome.

Anonymous said...

OMYGOSH. i love ur style. do something in fashion with ur career because ur really talented.
dont let anyone bring u down!

mademoiselleb said...

These tights are INSANELY pretty !

Eléonore said...

j'aime bien le collants style arlequin

Kim said...

Hello Tavi,
I posted a comment on 'JANUARY 10, 2009 2:08 PM' and I did remove it but my name is still standing there. Can you please remove it for me?
Thank you :-)

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