Things inspiring me at the moment in all aspects of the word. Not just fashion.
Clockwise from top left:
A dude with awesome lashes and a knack for the color blue.
♦The same wonderfully attractive dude.
♦A rubber band ball. This is inspiring my in-school activities and maybe I'll try to incorporate it into an outfit somehow.
♦The cast of Red, White, and Blaine.
Arvida, whose shirt is epic and photography is amazing and hair is fantastic. She is one of my favorite redheads.
♦My new bff, btdubs. Hel-Looks scopes out the best skull shirts ever. You know, of the very many there are.
♦Found this guy on Arvida's blog. I want to wear everything he's wearing like now.
Yokoo. I am hoping there is some creepy secret admirer at my school that reads my blog and buys me this along with lots of Toblerones for Valentines Day. Or an evil friend that reads my blog that would like to play an awful prank by buying them and signing the card as another guy. Preferably the second.
Gareth Pugh by Matt Irwin. Now that I think back I'm pretty sure this was in another inspiration board a few months back.
Hel-Looks lady, does zippers better than A.Wang himself.
♦I would like to try to construct a Mrs. Potts-esque ensemble.
♦I just love this photo.



Hazel said...

my school's doing beauty and the beast for our musical, and we've ordered top-notch costumes. maybe i'm excited to see what they all look like, especially ms. potts.

little daisy chains. said...

Very inspiring, Tavi.
I especially love the addition of Mrs.Potts!
Made me smile.

Anonymous said...

that guy on arvidas blog is jethro cave. ya know, nick cave's son?

ginny said...

i was about to say the same addy. ;)

and also, to respond to your blog title below, i might be in some make-shift movie my friends are making with an andrew bird song in the opening credits. i literally pooped in my pants...who can't love that?

Pixienish said...

That eye make-up in the top left is sick! I wonder what it'd be like to go around like that for a day. Very inspiring :)

PUG and PIPS said...

How random, that 'attractive dude' from the Material Boy shoot is my friend Tane from Perth, Australia.
He could be a super star Model, if only he was taller!

He's also a designer, take a look at this stuff-

there are also some more photos of him modeling his own designs on their myspace for the 'All the Queens Men' collection-

enjoy :)

Laura xox

Lara said...

cool inspiration board!! makes me wish(again) that i had photoshop.... i lovelovelove the yokoo scarf and am persuading my sister to make something similar(for free!)since i am way beyond broke....

kim said...

a weeks inspiration in one hit!

Ana said...

Things Inspiring ME at the Moment

-Your collage

Mona said...

Tavi, I just love the way you write! xx

billyjane said...

great collage,tavi,i love hel-looks too;]i follow ur blogs thru g.reader but never commented,really not my thing i guess,but the title of ur blog made me laugh 'cause it sounds like 'ludilo' which means somethin' cool and crazy in serbian,my mother tongue;p
so i just wanted to share that=]
<3 billy

Anonymous said...

Hey I love that !

Anonymous said...

You are a bloddy genius,aren't you?Your blog is sooo ispiring to me.And you are the cutest thing i've ever seen.With some freakin' hot clothes.
When i was 12 i didn't care about fashion.Now that i am 14,i think i m obsessed.Your style is bloddy amazing and you are still sooo young!What will happend in a couple of years?Well,good work anyway.
Sorry for my english,i come from Pizzaville and i'm not good as you darling.

Anonymous said...

I just watch The Beauty and the Beast! Two hours of childhood revival...One of the best Disney's classics, in my opinion :)
In Italy Mrs Potts is called "Mrs Bricks", anyway... Keep on blogging, you're funny!


Jessica said...

For some reason, I think you might like this:

Isabel said...

Yesssss. I am also a convert to the cult of Jethro Cave. He is very very ridiculously good looking. Okay, must stop drooling and start writing a paper on 'Greenwashing in the Bottles Water Industry'.

Anonymous said...

never commented on the blog but I had to comment on this post as your inspiration and mines are one in the same.
My responses to:
to the joplin picture: "oh i spent many a saturday singing off key to you"

to arvida: "are you molly ringwald"

to yokoo: "why are you so talanted and i so.... not."

to gareth pugh concoction: "marry me"

.... and to tavi keep being genius for you, 80's movies, and weeds reruns are my only entertainment on snowdays. (sry fer the long msg)

jennamariia said...

haha you read hel-looks? I study in Helsinki where the pictures are taken :p

Anonymous said...

i will now perform a scene from "raging bull"
-you fucked my wife-(same man changes directions)-what?-(changes directions again)-YOU FUCKED MY WIFE?
monotone. I love his backward jeans and his "wife" hahahah thank you so much made my day 10583932x better

Anonymous said...

Ana said exactly what I was going to say. :)

Anonymous said...

Arvidaa! that girl is amazing. Why can't there be amazing people like that where I live? She's a model now too!

The Spelunkers said...

these hella hyphy.

The Spelunkers said...
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mili said...

great board :)

Anonymous said...

you don`t seem to have 1 years old...your vocabulary is brilliant unless your are a genious at the age of 12. you never take very close pics of yourself..i think this is because you are older but you are trapped in a childs body, you have this illnesses of looking like a gnome. you are strange and weird. your clothes look 2 big on you.perhaps their are not of your size. and if you are really a child, you have a very weird mum who dresses you up as if you were a doll to play with. she writes your blog. god, you are a strange people.

ptitpat said...

i´ve been looking your past entries...how can you know that much about fashion?? i didnt realize what fashion was until i was 14 years-old!! haha

kisses, little it-girl :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nice work xD.. I really like your blog, i'm going to be a fan I think xD.. Your style is nice, I like it ^^ ..You are already spotted in magazines, :O You are Great, Respect!

When this message is strange, I'm dutch, so I'm not that great in english >.<

Tavi said...

Thanks guys!
Anonymous-I'm no genius, but if you did any research before questioning someone's identity you'd know that I am 12. As for "close pictures", I need to maintain a sense of internet privacy. Yes, my clothes are big on me, because I am short for my age (you're behind on the "gnome" thing, I wrote it in my sidebar) and most of the clothes I like are built for taller people.
Your comment is a reflection of how idiotic and grammatically inept you are, not how "strange and weird" my mom and I apparently are. I would take strange and weird over narrow-minded any day, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour! Je viens de découvrir ton blog, il n'est pas mal du tout! En plus tu es toute mignonne =D
Tu sais que tu as eu un petit article sur toi dans le site VOGUE français? Félicitations en tout cas! J'admire ton style!

>>>A french girl
Mariam B.

Anonymous said...

Dear Style Rookie

i really like ur style~ n vintage stuff. here's a MV of a Japanese singer, i think u will like this vintage style as well, enjoy! Bahashishi 「Story...」--- http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k3mUhCySStSA0SVKWL

Anonymous said...

hey tavi! i love your collage! how did u do that ? i want to make one too,

Tiffany Diane said...

ahh everybody is going quite crazy for jethro cave at the moment. but mostly b/c of his looks. i find his clothing more appealing personally.

-Drunk at Vogue

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you already know this, but, if not, you're mentioned in the March issue of Teen Vogue. Congrats!

Tania said...

This is amazing, Tavi. You've inspired me to start blogging myself...
any constructive criticism?
Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

Tavi, how's your French? In cas it isn't all there, allow me to translate a nut contained in Mariam B.'s message, above:

"(...)Tu sais que tu as eu un petit article sur toi dans le site VOGUE français? Félicitations (...)!

It's pretty obvious, an' you probably already understand, but just in case: "Did you know that there was a short article about you on the French VOGUE site?"

YT, etc.

>>>A french girl
Mariam B."

Anonymous said...

REPOST, cleaned up:
Tavi, how's your French? In case it isn't all there, allow me to translate a nut contained in Mariam B.'s message, above:

"(...)Tu sais que tu as eu un petit article sur toi dans le site VOGUE français? Félicitations (...)!

It's pretty obvious, an' you probably already understand: "Did you know that there was a short article about you on the French VOGUE site?"

YT, etc.

Anthea said...

Beautiful collage :)

J said...

Personally, I think Mrs. Potts completes your inspiration board. The whole thing is great, though. :)

Anonymous said...

arvida is so pretty

Kylie said...

I remember that hel-looks picture, so awsome. I love skull shirts , love em forever.
Great post :D

Irene said...

Very inspiring!

WendyB said...

I have a weird love for rubber band balls.

sarah said...

i love the collage! i honestly don't think angela lansbury gets enough cred for being so sexy. she WAS young and beautiful prior to her murder-she-wrote frump slump. she was steaming as a tea pot.
xo s!

Anonymous said...

The inspiration photo you are using is someone else's. I have sent that blogger an email connecting to your site. I have been intrigued by your site aleit with reservation as it is most probably a site that is highly edited by someone else. But now passing off someone else's inspiration post as yours. Well. . . just sad.

Tavi said...

Anonymous-I'm curious which site you're talking about. Can you give me the link? Obviously I took these pictures from other sites (and gave those sites credit) but made the collage myself. Saying the "inspiration photo" I'm using is someone else's is rather vague and I credited all photo sources. I'm not trying to "pass off" anyone else's inspiration as mine, because inspiration doesn't belong to anyone and it's highly plausible two bloggers are inspired by the same thing. Seriously, unless you can give me a link I find it hard to believe another site had this exact collage.
I do my blog completely by myself, and if I get help from anyone else, a graphic, photo, whatever; I credit them. You don't have to believe me, but I myself know who I am and aren't blogging for your sake anyway.

Anonymous said...

Tavi, you are blogging for my sake and the sake of everyone else who reads blogs - give me a break. Seriously, why else would you bother.

Tavi said...

I'm blogging because it's fun, and I don't consider it anything I have to "bother" with because I just enjoy doing it. Yes, I like sharing my opinion with the fashion blogging community and it's interesting getting feedback, but it's also nice keeping inspiration and outfits to see how my style has changed in one accessible place. I don't want this to evolve into any type of argument because I doubt it would go anywhere and would just be a waste of time on both your behalf and mine.
Cheers :)

Jessica said...

Anonymous - can you post a link to what you're talking about and let the readers decide whether it seems like stealing?

Anonymous said...

Truce - no more mean comments Tavi. Go ahead and enjoy yourself and in the process, I too, will enjoy your pictures and outfits since they are great.
Have fun!

sloane said...

umm...whoever anonymous is...give tavi a break...what do you know about blogging? plus you're being completely ridiculous. let it go...tavi didn't do anything wrong and just telling the truth, you kind of sound like an ignorant jerk from your comments.

anyways, tavi you are amazing. I admire you so much...and, being your age, you are such an inspiration to me and my blog: lucyintheskywithpearls.blogspot.com please llook at it it woud mean so much to me.

Giancinephile said...

Seems like a very inspiring moodboard!

I like how Jethro Cave ended up there plus that guy with looong fake lashes- enigmatic!