he has the complexion of mr. burns and aura of a retirement home

Today if you were to walk past me on my right side, you'd see this.If you were to walk past me on my left, you'd see this.No, I don't have any mind-boggling tricks up my plaid sleeve today, dear friends! I just felt like combining all my plaids and checks and tartan into one huge eyesore and possibly even give a few of my classmates seizures (spiteful? Indeed.)My dad described my outfit as Schizophrenic, which works to me. If I had worn my two-tone tights it would have been even more so but the outfit was built around my new plaid ones and I enjoy the annoying clash.Now I want you all to put on glasses that are totally not your perscription and then put 3-D glasses you probably got at Shark Boy and Lava Girl or some shit like that over the not-your-perscription glasses and look at the outfit again. Oh the joy I derive from your pain and misery and suffering and eyes hurtingness. And oh the joy you will derive from this following picture of a wombat, because this is what I ACTUALLY looked like today and it's only fair of me to warn you of the effects of insomnia and too much Nesquik before you combine the two yourself.I googled "angry woman wombat freak" to find this baby. Accurate depiction of me at school at 9 AM, I'd say.When I put on the shirt and skirt (actually an overall dress but the top part is tucked in) I wanted to still wear my red plaid dress somehow but it didn't really work layered as a skirt over the blue or as a jacket. So as to fix my HEART BREAKING, TEAR JERKING dilemma, I folded it in half, tucking one sleeve into the other, stuck my arm in the 2 sleeves and kept the rest of the dress in place with a belt (the yellow shirt was worn normally). It's kind of confusing and my right arm looks much larger than my left but at least it was quite warm!I love me some plaid tights, oh yes I dooo. Don't worry, once I get my leather vest cleaned I will totally go V. Westwood with em.

jonathon aston tights, gift via mytights.com. slow and steady wins the race shoes. thrifted shirt and belt. dress, gift. childhood closet skirt.