hey dar matt

There I was, going through Twitter in the darkness of my room, the only light coming from the streetlamps outside and eerie glow of the computer screen. When all of a sudden, I come across Catwalk Queen's link to Matthew Williamson for H&M pictures! I didn't even know he was designing! I then ventured into my archives (which I usually try to avoid doing...the blog's first few months were...not good.) to find a post I made on good ole Matt this summer.
(I don't actually prefer sitting at the computer in the dark, our light bulb went out. Damn CFL bulbs. What good is saving energy when it makes me spill food everywhere?)The use of prints and textures is like an epic fest of love.
And the H&M pictures from CQ:That's all I've been able to find for now. Very pretty patterns, I like how mixed they are in the first dress. I'm not disappointed necessarily but I hope there's a wider variation of shapes and silhouettes in the rest of the collection.
Based on these photos alone I don't think it'd be worth skipping school for (that's how we judge fancy designers now. Whether or not they are worth the 12 year old playing hooky for.)
I blame Rei. After her collection I have set my expectations way too high.

photos: style.com, catwalk queen