i was in my mom's closet for clothes but when i walked in i was like 'ooh maybe there are friends in here!'

I realize I have been thanking you guys for the comments a lot lately, but seriously-it's unbelievable how nice, honest, and helpful the reactions to my last post were. Thank you.

Now! Back to normal, yeah? Sounds good.
So it appears my Comme des Garcons rap has kind of attracted more watchers than I ever thought it would. Eventually it got over to Jordan, the PR for H&M in Stockholm, who is pretty much one of the awesomest people ever. So awesome I am refraining from using an actual adjective, and trying to calm down my nit-picking, perfectionist urges.
Jordan then emailed me, asking if they could send me a "small gift" as a thank you for the video. A few days later a package arrived at me doorsteppen, with the jacket a man had taken out of my hands at the opening and the tuxedo blazer from the collection.
I actually had a hernia. Then I drank hot chocolate and read a book to calm my nerves.
I am still shaking as I type.
Um, I guess Karma was on my side? Yeah, take that stupid thief manz. I have yet to properly debut the jacket, but Friday I wore the tuxedo blazer and I was really impressed with the quality (design too, but that's a given). I draped my cape as a skirt using brooches and pins and decided to stick random green tulle and my tutu everywhere. I quite enjoy the feeling of having colorful mold sprouting out of my stomach, highly recommend it. If I had to lay down on the street the day I wore this I would already have a built in pillow and bed.

But let's hope I NEVER have to lay down on the street in CdG. The thought itself gives me the heebejeebeez.
Here I am trying to be Rei. I'd say we are basically the same person, if you take away the height/eye for design/nationality/age/brain/mind/difference between our levels of immortality (what's 47149789783121 minus -3467?)
I am taking very good care of them. I don't even allow my sister to touch them, and I am usually the one breaking her stuff. Thank you, Jordan!
This is the jacket, edited so you can see how epic the deconstructed paneling is. Definitely worth pulling a Home Alone.
blazer, CdG for H&M. Shirt/tulle/cape/boots, secondhand. tights, H&M. tutu, Claire's.