the bare necessities are equal to songs about pee

Saturday's outfit. Yeesh, we're behind.

My bloomers are becoming my only solution for the cold weather. I have been wearing skirts and dresses way more than pants, simply because I like them better and I seriously own about 2 pairs of pants that qualify as actual pants and not shiny leggings, but my bloomers I thrifted in St. Marks are such a good way to keep me warm when the only thing covering my legs are tights. And they give volume, always a positive thing.
Also, I beat everyone in the history of ever in run-on sentences.

Saturday Caroline came over and we went to the Salvation Army. The first time I've been thrifting since the first week of September, methinks? Yeesh! I do declare my money was well-spent, though. Lace cardigan, pastel striped button-down, gray beaded sweater, crazy sequined dress, and a lace shirt.
A couple of these are for my blogger buddies (you know who you are *hug*) but I juuuuust miiiiiiight have to wear them myself first. Totally NOT SELFISH AT ALL, I'm just doing it to, you know, test them out...make sure they're good quality and warm and worthy of you and should THANK ME, really. I am being TOTEZ selfless and considerate here.

childhood closet top and velvet dress. gifted sweater and guitar strap (worn as belt). thrifted bloomers, pastel striped dress, and floral dr. martens. h&m tights. target brooch.