how to shop for a 12 year old without spending over $25 or leaving your computer

Lately I have been getting quite a few emails from parents that read my blog concerning their daughter who is around my age and has similar tastes, etc etc...and what should they get her for the upcoming holidays? Obviously I don't know all of your daughters, but I thought I'd make a holiday guide anyways to lend a hand. The season of giving, or something like that? Whatever, sounds good. I'll try to get a diverse pool of interests here, and they are all things I would buy or like to own myself. I wouldn't recommend crappy gifts for you guys!
And if you don't have a 12 year old daughter to be shopping for, indulge yourself in bargains...

$10 and UNDER

Top Row:
1. Charm necklace, $4.80
Cute and girly, would like to wear it with a ruffled blouse.
2. Feather & bow headband, $5.80
This headband is so LOONY, I would happily wear it to school and allow it to give all my peers hernias. Happily.
3. Marled sweater crotchet tights, $9.99
Urban Outfitters has a good tights collection and these look pretty comfy. The pattern is nice too, methinks I would go lacy witch on it.
4. Jeweled cross necklace, $7.80
Very proper grandmother looking, I like. To be worn with my Victorian vest.
5. Metallic accent clutch, $9.99
Shares the same color palette as my Bubbe's collection of slacks, but somehow it works, especially with the fancy teardrop swirl thang going on.
6. Grosgrain bow headwrap, $3.80
This would look ridiculously adorable with a peacoat. Maybe you could find this at a thrift store, but I doubt it would be so cheap.

Bottom Row (all
7. Hemline stationary set, $9.95
If she wants stationary, go for 50's tailoring!
8. Ikimono 110 camera, $9.99
Takes pictures you cannot mock with picnik or even Photoshop. Also has a cute little animal on the front, awww.
9. 3-D doodle kit, $10
I would honestly buy this just for the specs, because they are too cool and I think I left my last pair at Spy Kids in 3-D or something pathetic like that. But, being able to see your illustrations pop out at you is a plus, too.
10. Split cam, $9.99
Twists the top of the picture from the bottom so you look like you took Twist & Shout a little too far and dislocated your butt. Mmmm, sounds like a party. I would love to take a picture of me in my two-tone tights using this, that would REALLY confuse people.
11. Yesterday's news colored pencils, $10
Colored pencils are good, recycled ones made from old Japanese newspapers is better.

$25 and UNDER:

(Clockwise from bottom left)
1. Fashion origami, $12
I think I actually might buy this myself, being able to fold a piece of paper into a shoe for your pinky is reason enough for me.
2. Pop art color camera, $15
Requires film, but who wouldn't want to pay homage to Andy Warhol using a tiny camera?
3. Monroe plaid coat, $24. 99
Down from $95, and that's a bargain to me. Adorable pattern, would probably be on my own list if I didn't already own a red one.
4. Betty Crocker's box o' recipies, $17.95
Yes, Belle, I know I have gotten on you for baking Betty Crocker recipes because she is a crack whore and a tease, but it's kind of hard to resist the fact that loads of food opportunities come from this tiny little box. Tiny little red box. With a pretty border. And neat-o font. *orders it*
5. Learn Japanese 3-CD kit, $18.95
Do I need to elaborate on why this would be epic?
6. Spring floral multi-bag case, $19.80
I'd like to wear this FRUiTS style. Then I can move to Japan with my 3-CD kit and fit in, happily carrying my bag and fluently speaking the language.
7. Farts book, $13.95
Book about noises coming out of people's asses=bible.
8. DIY pinhole camera, $22
The description says ages 12+, and that means fate. I ain't crafty but would definitely take a try at this kit. You make your own camera, and then shoot pictures, and the effects are awesome. I die.

Happy shopping!
*If your daughter ends up hating her present and throwing figgy pudding at you and angrily knocking down the tree or using the Menorah to set your hair on fire and choking you with a dreidel, it is not my fault.*


Jules said...

Can I just say that you are pure genius and your blog is amazing. (I'm sure you've been told this many times). Thanks for bringing something so epic to my world! And this list is totally going to help me shop for my little cousin.

Nadine said...

My sons and I are freaking out over your genius lists, and none of us are 12 yr old girls . .

Alas, we live in New Zealand, and international shipping is a bit of an issue (although completely not your fault).

The Stylish Wanderer said...

wow. emails from parents? Is the whole world clueless?!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

awww, no, that was mean. but seriously. if they hadnt been reading their blog theyd see that you are kind of a different 12 year old...?

The Stylish Wanderer said...

oh god. just ignore my comments. they never make much sense. Meanwhile, can we plot together to get one of the yokoo chains for ME!???

Tavi said...

vaughns mama-I'm glad my list could help someone, thanks!

nadine-Oooh, that's a bugger. You guys have good stores though, yeah? My suburbia does not =\

stylish wanderer-It's not like all 12 year olds are the same except for me, silly. My friends would like a lot of these items too, and it's not unlikely that somewhere in the world is another 12 year old that also likes photography and origami and pretty tights.

It Doesn't Matter said...

yours be the most marvelous blog. any tips on how to get your blog read? by the way, coolest style ever.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

yup i know. just ignore me. ;P
But can I make you listen to SONDRE LERCHE? I swear you will be addicted! (Random, but I have to tell SOMEONE about my addiction to his songs)

The Stylish Wanderer said...

so go here:

and here:

Kristin said...

have you tried it's kind of addictive. there's TONS of cute (handmade!) jewelry and it's super unique... lots of hairpieces.. some cute clutches

i'm sure there's stuff you (or anyone really) would like there- and most of it's REALLY reasonably priced

Katy said...

I am 14 and I'd love to own any of these items! Contrary to popular belief, most 11-15 year-olds DON'T want thongs with "Do I know you?" written across the front. (I read in a magazine column written by a mother how her 14-year-old buys those, but on the other hand maybe she wouldn't buy them if her mother let her watch PG-13 movies or go to the mall with her friends BUT that is an entirely different discussion altogether.) Or maybe most 11-15 year-olds do want thongs (nothing wrong with thongs, but honestly, what sort of society wants girls to buy thongs that have "Do I know you?" written on them . . . ) and the world is an icky place. Gosh, this comment is long but my point is TAVI, THIS IS A GOOD GUIDE.

Isabel said...

I've never been to a Forever 21 before and you're making me feel deprived!

Anonymous said...

i bought that headband a few days ago and am planning on wearing it flapper style for new years.

or just crazy style for my birthday (on christmas!).

it's too wonderful and cheap to pass up!

Hazel said...

if my parents get me any of this i am definitely setting my mom's hair on fire with the menorah

just to let you know...

Anonymous said...

Ah, just found your blog, and I'm in love with it! I know you're tired of the age comments, but I assure you that you are WAY more savvy than I ever was 6 years ago. :D

Anonymous said...

Thongs with 'Do I know you?' writeen on the front?

Woah, NO THANX MUM!1*~~*~**~

pudding said...

I like the gifts. Good choices!

pudding said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheShoeGirl said...

I got my awesome hubbs that make your own pinhole camera for xmuhkkah 2 years ago and it's still sitting in our garage. :(

Maybe his present this year will be ME putting that shizz together for him! ha.

Hannah Sider said...

Brilliant! I will definitely be referencing this

Iris said...

dear hazel,

please take pictures.

love, pixie

Anonymous said...

Love this giftguide Tavi!

CGHill said...

There's a Split-Cam pool on Flickr with more than 400 photos. Apparently it's caught on with some folks.

Hannah said...

You know how much of that stuff I want to own? 99.9%. Man, you tap into my inner gift-wantingness. Amazing.

Just saying i heart (makes heart shape with hands) your blog to no end.

keep on posting!

Kelly said...

Tavi! Dear Lord, you're 12?!
I wish my FOURTEEN year old sister was as cool as you or even I was as cool as you at 12. Unfortunately at 12 I dressed like a librarian and my sister is a brainwashed A&F/Aeropostale kid (gross, huh?)
You amaze me, girl.
I don't even have such an advanced wardrobe as you either! And I'm a working girl!

Love your blog.
I also wish I could keep mine up like you do. :]

5 said...

Aw the 3-D doodle kit is sold out on, it was on my christmas list to my mum.

The Ikimono camera, so want it.

Anonymous said...

you lost me with your comment about the fart book....are you insulting the Bible?

Tavi said...

No, I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone or for that joke to be taken seriously. Me being such a potty mouth I would consider a book about farts holy. That's more making fun of myself than it is the Bible, and that was my intention. I'm very sorry if it came off as an insult.

Anonymous said...

i appreciate your response and apology. i was just a little thrown off by that comment, although i do believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. i do enjoy your blog and this post. such cute gift ideas! i am obsessed with myself. :)

The Ringer said...

ok seriously. I know you must be sick of hearing this but i cannot believe you are 12 and this cool. I know a lot of 12 yr olds (my brothers that age. joy) but none are like you.

i love some of the stuff you post. keep it up!

Tavi said...

I know Reb, fredflare is ridicccculously epic. Would like to buy it ALL.

Ali said...

gah. the fredflare coat is sold out!

Anonymous said...



Caroline said...

Ah! I have those colored pencils! why i am excited about this, i don't know.
p.s. if you save the shavings and tape them to the hem of a white dress, it looks really cool.

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