balloons and bicycles

I am home sick from school and will post yesterday's outfit later, but I have been watching this video way too many times.
I am not a Dior chick but this makes me want to bike around Paris all day long, eating pastries so pretty you almost don't want to eat them and trying on wicked glasses. It makes me want to dress in a way that is quite obviously feminine and not in an ironic, satire way, because when I usually dress as a girl should I am doing it with the incentive Christopher Guest has when he makes mockumentaries. It also makes me want to wear lipstick, which is crazy because I am afraid of makeup unless it means me drawing on my face.

Though the song makes the video even more epic, it gets stuck in my head very easily. This means I have been walking around half-singing what only sounds like French in my head, causing my dog's ears great pain. It sounds something like "jafwheisoo, oobleck quarter montreal" and those are definitely not the words.