rain turns the sand into mud

I'm glad you guys liked my ~~rap. Not exactly the next Kanye [yet] but definitely an improvement from my 2nd grade potty raps. Troubled childhood survivors unite!
Kanye has a big ego anyways. My sister even said that months ago after seeing him at Lollapalooza! Actually, she didn't really see him. She walked out after a few minutes of him talking because he was so arrogant, she said. O_O now give those two eyes shutter shades and you're goooooood.
Blah blah blah, Friday's floral granny outfit.The debut for my new floral tights I bought Thursday at H&M. Not from the CDG collection, but for $7.90, why not? They're vibrant enough to make a nice contrast with grey and black items, but soft enough to be mixed with other prints.Tights, H&M. Cardigan, Delia's (my sister's). Pearl bracelets, Claire's. Everything else is some form of secondhand so I will not bother giving details...the pink skirt is a baby dress that's gone through the family that I now totally overwear as a skirt, and I belted it with a raggy green scarf I totally overwear as a belt. I put a pink lace miniskirt (used to be sister's) over everything, and since I have just rediscovered it will also be totally overwearing that (and will definitely have pastel Japanese street style combinations in mind...)I have made a new rule for myself that I have to find all ways to wear something before a thrifting trip. I'd say I've been doing pretty good, no?Also, I was interviewed at The Fashion Press for their blogger feature. Thanks Nancy and Lee!
Later, gator.