The H&M buys, finally! I have to be quick here because schoolwork is seriously drowning me, but I'll get back to your comments when I have time to breathe, okay? Great.
I bought the wool drop crotch pants and splotchy dotted button down, though they will be going up on eBay. Hopefully they sell and I will then be able to order the jacket that snarky ugly man took from me. I will forever hold a grudge against him and I hope it doesn't fit and that he was attacked by a bear on his way home that stole his jacket.
I am not spiteful, malicious, bitter, or malevolent. Not me! Not one bit!I did keep one thing for meself, and that, my friends, is the two tone choppy wool long sleeve shirt. It's so warm and cozy, and I love how the collar is so uneven. I wasn't a fan of most of the polka dots in the collection, other than the more interesting dots like the ones above and the ones on the men's shirts that looked like they were drawn by a blind 5 year old. It seemed like they (whoever they may be) just decided to take basics-like a simple solid colored long sleeve shirt wtf-paint on a bunch of polka dots and give it a label. Bada bing, bada boom! MONEY!
I did love the deconstructed pieces, though. The jacket (tear) and this shirt, along with a few others that were of a similar design. I know that the clothes had to appeal to the mass market, but I wish Rei didn't have to compromise her normally HOLYCRAP aesthetic so much. How bout more loopy bows and cage dresses? Ah well. What can ya do? Not much, I suppose, except find different ways to wear what you did really love...

Here it's simple, with some thrifted trousers and a white sheer top I'm wearing as a lumpy scarf.
This wool jacket used to be my mom's many years ago when she still lived in Norway. It kind of has that deconstructed thang going on, too. Actually, I was pretty happy with what my dad said about it. I'd shown him the picture of the jacket I was going to get online the night before, and when he saw me wearing it the next day, he thought it was the jacket! Then again, his memory is that of an old father getting gray hairs...
Here I wore my cape over one arm...
With my thrifted schoolgirl skirt, white belt tied as a bow scarf thingymajigger (oh how wide my vocabulary is) and metallic tin man/sputnik/robot/buzz lightyear jacket. The tights I got on Thursday too, SOMEHOW the ones I bought at Walgreens for a dollar got giant holes and runs in them so it was time to buy a new pair. When I wore my holey ones to school a few days ago, a teacher said, "Tavi, you should ask your parents for a raise on your pantyhose spending!" Ew. Probably the only time I'll take a teacher's advice.
Again, I am not bitter.
What I finally ended up wearing. My black pencil skirt and cape tied on the side. I wore this to my friend's house yesterday and her brother actually asked if I had sewn two shirts together.
And the shoes I'm wearing in these photos. Tao-esque boots and fake vans from 6th grade, when I was all OMGZ CONVERSE VANS IPOD COMMERCIAL SONGS. Rei does these kinds of shoes a lot though, and now I finally have ideas of ways to wear them, other than OMGZ SKINNY JEANS AND A HOODIE. Though I don't like the red, I think I'll color them with black sharpie? Or something?
Be seeing you!
Yeah, hopefully not sporadically!
God I wanna watch that movie right now.

P.S. The rap lyrics. Because someone asked and I'm sure my articulation sucked anyways...

My mom and I woke up at like 5 o clock
While walking to the EL, saw our neighbor down the block
She wanted to know why we were in such a hurry
Didn't wanna tell her "shoppin" so I said we'd better scurry

When we got down there we rushed into line
Surrounded by us were people of all kinds
Label whores, hipsters, grandmamas, too
Met a professor named Sam, we talked about religious views

Rei Kawakubo (H&M)
Rei Kawakubo (Can I be your friend?)
Rei Kawakubo (stalker fan letters I will send)
Rei Kawakubo (I love you with no end)

At 9 AM they opened the doors
Cue the sound of Marni heels running on the floors
I grabbed what I could, got looks from others shoppin
Though their glares were patronizing, I wouldn't be stoppin

They were older but my smallness was a plus
Being tiny helped me try and get the things I lust
I slithered on the ground and crawled through the racks
Took the clothing people dropped after I surprise attacked

Rei Kawakubo (H&M)
Rei Kawakubo (Can I be your friend?)
Rei Kawakubo (stalker fan letters I will send)
Rei Kawakubo (I love you with no end)

The jacket I wanted returned from the fitting rooms
A worker put it on the racks, about to end my doom
But an evil man stole it from my grasp with glee

But my spirits were lifted when I met a girl named Claire
She said she read my blog, put you hands up in the air!
Let me know what you got, in the midst of all the LOONY
You're the sweetest person ever, thanks for saying hi to me!

Rei Kawakubo (H&M)
Rei Kawakubo (Can I be your friend?)
Rei Kawakubo (stalker fan letters I will send)
Rei Kawakubo (Readers, is this rap bugging you yet?)

I ended up getting not my favorite things ever
But I got out alive as a soon-to-be ebay seller!
It was a hectic day but worth missing school
No one in class got swagga this cool!

Comme Des Garcons (H&M)
Now you all gone (goodbye, my friend)
But I still love you a ton (for you I would have bled)
I wrote you this song (and now it's come to an end)