I guess this doesn't exactly make me look incredibly intelligent, eh? I mean, WHO WOULD TAKE ADVICE FROM THIS CREEP? would. If you care about the economy, the war, Darfur, education, abortion, gay rights, all those issues that have been talked about for so long but are finally becoming something you have control over, you should vote. Not only will you get OMG A STICKER, but my undying love and devotion. Also, you might not have to move to Canada or Sweden or wherever your Plan B is if you don't want a certain candidate to win.
Oh, and THANK YOU VIMEO for picking such an attractive still.

Untitled from Tavi G on Vimeo.

I look forward to being able to tell my grandkiddies about this election. Can't you picture me in dentures and cat eye glasses and pearls (and maybe, just maybe, a leather studded jacket) saying, "Boris, Wilma, when I was yer age one of the most important U.S. elections of all time took place. I was too young to vote but the Tina Fey-ness and all the Joes were a turning point in history."

It's not too late, folks! Close down this damn blog and do it!
Now, back to my late night text marathon with Belle about Bush.