I guess this doesn't exactly make me look incredibly intelligent, eh? I mean, WHO WOULD TAKE ADVICE FROM THIS CREEP? would. If you care about the economy, the war, Darfur, education, abortion, gay rights, all those issues that have been talked about for so long but are finally becoming something you have control over, you should vote. Not only will you get OMG A STICKER, but my undying love and devotion. Also, you might not have to move to Canada or Sweden or wherever your Plan B is if you don't want a certain candidate to win.
Oh, and THANK YOU VIMEO for picking such an attractive still.

Untitled from Tavi G on Vimeo.

I look forward to being able to tell my grandkiddies about this election. Can't you picture me in dentures and cat eye glasses and pearls (and maybe, just maybe, a leather studded jacket) saying, "Boris, Wilma, when I was yer age one of the most important U.S. elections of all time took place. I was too young to vote but the Tina Fey-ness and all the Joes were a turning point in history."

It's not too late, folks! Close down this damn blog and do it!
Now, back to my late night text marathon with Belle about Bush.


The Stylish Wanderer said...

youre hilarious.

stills are never good. evah.

friends again? if not, we can be distant enemies..?
Think about it. Twice.


The Stylish Wanderer said...

btw, watched this with my headphones plugged into my computer, to minimize the sound. Im supposed to be asleep.

oh well.

love the vintage sweatshirt.

did you script this vid?

asher said...

yeah. i voted last week.

and i kept my sticker for historical purposes!

Mel said...

You're my hero! I can't vote yet either :( I am working at my local poll tomorrow though. Hopefully one of my jobs will be handing out the stickers!!!!


Allie said...

I'll be at my poll tomorrow.

Nadine said...

I have no time for vids on blogs - except yours. You Are The Best. Love your room and that gorgeous green paint! And your dignified hat. I can't vote tomorrow, being one of those international types, but I promise to vote in the New Zealand election on Saturday. :)

Ana said...

Whenever I feel sad I am going to put on a cool hat. Good advice.

This election is insanely important. My dad is a Dutch citizen but after living in the US with a Bush presidency he decided to get his citizenships o he could vote so an idiot wouldnt be elected again.

sophie said...

I'm too freaking young to vote (grr) but if I could, gosh, I would.

J.Yo said...

well i'm not a citizen, so voting isn't my right.

but i enjoyed watching McCain vs Obama debates on TV. YES. my country has them on TV, with Indonesian subtitles and all.

but honestly, Obama really impress me with his vision and charisma. Indonesian people also were mostly impressed by him, and partly proud, because he use to go in an Elementary school here.

i;m not asking people to vote for him at all. but i'm just saying wat's in my mind. please dont killme, McCain voters!

sorry for blabbing so much on your blog, Tavi.
great video, btw dear.

Hazel said...

is that your bedroom? i have the same colored walls.

Tavi said...

Thanks everyone! For those of you who are too young like I feel my pain. If you don't live in the U.S., it's great to hear you're voting at your polls!

stylish wanderer- Um duh friends again. Can we meet every day in a coffee shop in The Village to talk about out other 4 friends' love lives? Excellent. Not scripted, which is why it's so repetitive...erm...

j.yo- Yes, while I would love for Obama to be our next president, I obviously can't command anyone who to vote for. I don't mind your babbling :) but I don't think any McCain voters will kill you either! Even if I disagree with someone's opinion, I respect it as long as it's well thought-out. I don't think people would get mad just because your opinions don't match...or, at least, I don't think they should :)

Tavi said...

And yes, Hazel, ma bedroom.

B said...

well, i'm not american or anything and i'm not old enough to so obviously i can't vote, but if i could, i would definitely vote for obama.

oh yes.
oh, and tavi, funny video. :)) your posts almost always make me laugh.

gosh i just realized i must sound really out-there and stalkerish because i'm new here and stuff and none of you probably know me soooo yeah. :))

uhm. well. i'm bea, by the way. and i live in the philippines. :)
could i link your blog in mine? thanks again. :]

sam said...

i voted!


i'm too young, i wish i could though.

i would vote for obama, too!

In-tree-gue said...

I am unfortunately too young to vote. But because my parents became citizens last year (My mom is from Mexico, and My dad is from Germany) they have both voted, yes for Obama

Anonymous said...

i'm too young , not an american citizen (not even living in the us, exactly, haha) but i AGREE :].

i really liked our exchange student from texas until i asked him who he'd vote for and he said he'd vote for mccain cause he's a spoiled rich upper class boy who doesnt care about abortion, education and everything, but doesnt want to allow poor people proper medical treatment. i dont talk to him no more :]

tavi, youre just GREAT btw haha. so funny!

RuthlessChic said...

lol...yeah I voted!! for the first time. i dont knoe why im so exited.
but is cool dat u are so young and aware.

ps:I will probalbly move out of the earth if sarah pailin becomes vice presiden

ginny said...

i wish i could vote.
but i can't.
i'm 15.
but good video otherwise!
now back to my jon stewart/stephen colbert marathon...

Ang said...

I voted!

Bee said...

I voted! It was my first time (outside of the primary) being old enough and it felt so good. I loved your video, Tavi. I think it's really cool that you are into the election even though you are not old enough to vote yet. I was, too, and it just makes it that much more exciting when you finally turn 18!

Plus, life is more exciting when you're not apathetic about the important stuff.

lux said...


ps Is there anyone cooler than you? no. I'd say probably not.

Hannah said...

I'd vote for Obama, but I'm a 14 year old Brit. . . so yeah that doesn't really work.

This vlog really amused me, with your dignified hat and all that :)

laia. said...

Yay Tavi!
I can't watch the video until I get home from work later on cause I dont have sound at work, but in any case I VOTED FOR OBAMA and it felt sooo good!

YAY being awesome!

laia. said...

wtf, did that even make sense?
I am in another planet today.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! You're totally nuts. That "I'll hurt you" is scary!
I wish I could vote in U.S.

warren said...

Dear Boris and Wilma:

You're welcome.

Sincerely, History

PS: Don't mess with Gramma.

Isabel said...

Hahaha, I love when you put on the hat!!!

Yes. Voting = very important. So do it because i don't live in the States!

x said...

tavi for prez!

Catalog Anna said...

heyy my mom's from norway too! meaning she can't vote... and neither can i. but eh. atleast we're forcing other people to!

Je sais quoi said...

You're absolutely adorable :)

My parents cannot vote either because they are not citizens, however, my brother did.

I love your blog & your style. Keep up the good work, hon!

Copycat Sasha said...

Love the vid, but you would name your grandchildren Boris and Wilma?

Nellie said...

Tavi; way to use your power for good! Go Obama!

Enfievre said...

rock on, tavi! this video is awes. i voted today and im anxiously awaiting the results. Gobama!

Tavi said...

and copycat sasha, I would not, but any child of mine would have bad sense and poor judgment and make such a choice.

rebecca said...

i got quite sad when you said him mad at you cause i cant vote cause a) im the same age as you
and b) i dont even live in america.... but my parents are on the edge of their seats right now :)

Rosé Magritte said...

I like your floral sweater. It should be in my bed. (kinkyyy)

I AM FOLLOWING. The lurch in my stomach is slowly turning into POSITIVITY butterflies. Oh Bam Ah

oh and did i mention that you're hilarious.
"The shrill voice of a sarcastic 12 year old"

The Spelunkers said...

The best part is,
"cooties. Like, neh."

Everyone needs to send Obama good mind vibes.
--the lightning

The Stylish Wanderer said...


*does a jig that completely disses your mamma*

Oh, and Id like to be Monica. Being totally a freak about cleaning and an epic cook is my bag.

Mariposa Latina said...

I voted!!!

jendyfriend said...

im your new biggest fan.
and now, youre my new biggest fan too because i voted!

so do something cool like you promised!

Terry said...

Best 12-year-old ever.

Soul Tanggg said...

Oohoohohohoooooo you cute little button!

Anonymous said...

You're really, really, really, really intelligent.

Anonymous said...

You are too much Tavi. Honestly, you're brilliant. You should do more videos more often. If I was American and could vote I would. Loved your hat, the subliminal messaging and the plea about the stickers. <3

Anonymous said...

I voted and my sticker was like a golden ticket all day to recieve free starbucks!!! totally worth it.

Lauren said...

bwahahaha, you are HILARIOUS. also, i voted.


Harberette said...

At the tender age of 12, you are one smart cookie, and one snappy dresser. You inspire me to look like a fool and start my own self-indulgent, narcissistic fashion blog.

Jennifer Vanessa said...

"we are not like norway"

Norway is suckie to!
we just hide it well ,, ( not really)

The states are better than Norway,
in every way ways possible

Tavi said...

You guys are epic :)

Anonymous said...

haha i just love you! your awsome!

Anonymous said...


I just found your blog. You are an extraordinary young woman, in my opinion. Chic, clever, sardonic and yet fully aware that you are a 12 year old child. I find you impressive, young lady.

I hope, however, as you learn and grow and mature-though mature you already appear to be-that you open your mind and heart to all sides of issues. I know that during this election Obama captured the imagination of the young, and most young people have hope, so his simplistic message of "hope" and "change" resonated with the young. And of course all the people who are supposed to be providing the sources of information practically pulled Obama to victory by their teeth. So it's not like you were even given relevant facts and information to form a balanced opinion of the two candidates.

But I hope ultimately you will cultivate a long view of history, and you will examine the actual outcomes of policies enacted by people of Obama's political persuasion and judge for yourself how beneficial and edifying they are or are not. You are highly intelligent, and this is my hope for you. Frankly this is my hope for ALL of us who vote.

You mentioned, "We are not Norway", and this indeed is very true. We are America and contrary to what you may have been or are being spoonfed, this does not equate to "bad". We are different than Norway, and quite a few of us like the fact that we are not clones of other countries.

Anyway, I shall try to remember to check back with you at the end of Obama's term and examine how well or how poorly he did, and get your opinions on his report card.

I will bookmark your website because I too have a passion for fashion, and you are something, young woman.


Tavi said...

Thank you for the comment, I think it's interesting to see the different sides of things. Though I find the assumption that I didn't look at all the facts rather patronizing-you have no way of knowing that for sure. Even if I don't agree with someone's opinion, I respect it as long as it's well thought-out. I can't respect yours because all you know about my support for Obama is all that I've said about it on my blog: just that I support him, but I've never explained why. This does not mean I was blind in my decision.

I think one of the most common misconceptions about younger people is that we support Obama just because he's the "cool guy." Yeah, he's pretty cool, but that's not why I like him. I watched the debates, I read different articles from informative papers and magazines that were not favoring any candidate. I wasn't just supporting Obama because I'm young and like the sound of Change (though at this point of time, I find it necessary.) I actually looked at both of the candidates and considered what they stood for. The assumption that I was being spoonfed information is absurd and unfair. I could go on and on about why I support Obama, but it's basically that I agree with his and Joe Biden's beliefs and disagree with those of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Healthcare, taxes, education, Iraq, abortion, among other issues-I know how I feel about them, thank you, and I have not been spoonfed false information. My dad is a high school English teacher and my mom is an artist, and they have 3 daughters to put through college. Most of my outfits are less than 10 bucks, and I find a lot of my clothes at thrift stores or in our family dress up box. I'm not trying to say "boo hoo poor me," but surely you can see how that effects my decision.

As for the part about Norway, that was intended only as a humorous joke, since they are in such great shape (my mom makes me read the Norwegian newspaper every morning) and we're not. I too like the fact we are not a clone of other countries, and my comment on that was not meant to be taken seriously.

Some of my friends were for McCain, but what I really admired was that once it was decided that Obama would be president, they made peace with it. You say "I shall try to remember to check back with you at the end of Obama's term and examine how well or how poorly he did, and get your opinions on his report card." This isn't a time for told-you-so's,
Obama will be president in 55 days, and there's no point now to be divisive. We might as well work together so America can get back on its feet.

I'm not trying to change your political views, just defend mine. This is my blog, my opinion, and if you don't agree with it, you can exit the browser if you so choose. Trying to change my opinion based on condescending and quick judgments won't do anything. Young Obama supporters are not as incompetent as you would like to think.

Open your eyes, it does wonders.

Anonymous said...

Zing!!! Boo-yAH! Tavi! Tavi! Tavi!

hahaha.. That's RIGHT!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tavi

I found your blog after reading about it in a teen magazine, and have to say i'm very impressed!

I am 15 and from Australia, but I too am very interested/concerned about politics. While I am still too young to vote in our elections, I openly share my opinion to those who are old enough, because I know they can make a difference.

I love the way you responded to that comment before!! People think that just 'coz we're young we know nothing. They need kids like you to tell them that they aren't always right - just coz' we're littler than them doesn't mean our minds are!

In Australia voting is compulsory so we don't have the issue of urging people TO vote, but I think the issue of urging people to vote RIGHT is just as important. When voting is compulsory it becomes a chore, and something people complain about having to do. In reality it is in fact such the opposite! Voting and the right to do it is a privelidge that people should respect as such.

In Aus we had an amazing amount of media coverage on the obama/mcain election - in fact more so than our own election I reckon! And all I can say is that I was rooting for Obama over here, and I am sure as hell glad he got it!

For now, don't worry. In a few years we'll be at the polls, making our difference, without anyone else being able to criticize us.

Keep up the great work, you're an amaaazing 12 year old!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Tavi,
im 14, from Australia too and also found out about your blog from a teen magazine, probably the same one! (they also mentioned another one, fashion robot, i think, but then i clicked on it and it was the last post and i was so annoyed when i read through it - it was so good!!!!)
I was just watching your video and thought how funny it was that americas election had so much media coverage, and how when obama won, everyone was ecstatic, even though we dont live in the same country...
I think that its true that many people supported obama because he was the popular choice (i really do think that people would look at you strangely if you said you supported john mcain, at least at my school, just putting it out there), but in your resopnse to the comment above, i think that its true that obama was the right choice, but then again i sort of felt sorry for john mcain, especially when in the newspaper someone said something along the lines of, 'on one hand youve got obama, wondering whether his grandmother will be alive on nov 4, on the other hand you have the republican party, wondering whether john mccain will be alive on nov 4', it was funny, but then i suppose having people speculating about when you will die is probably not a very happy thing...
i remember on nov 5, (cos your behind us timewise) in history we were watching the election (when they were counting up the votes) and everyone was thrilled that obama won, and then the next week, we watched his speech
i think it was sort of amazing how it seemed like the whole world was so interested in the outcome of the election, and im so so happy obama won!!
keep up the good work - your blog is the best!!!

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