peter pancakes

What I ate for breakfast (because we all know that's the REAL reason why you're here!):Sickening, is it not? Take that, pushy health teachers! Breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day, it's the most sugary!
Anyways, this is what I wore last Sunday. God, I have so many outfit pictures to post that I've been putting off until I have time to edit them. I'm such a terrible perfectionist, I bet you a piece of halloween candy that if I ever were to post an unedited picture I'd probably be up all night flinching and staring out the window. It's not that I want really really cool pictures to post and get comments for, I think I just like wasting time and looking at pretty photos. Foto Decadent is my first bookmark.childhood closet vest/blue dress/pink flower dress. thrifted button down and belt. dad's glasses. grocery store socks. jeffrey campbell oxfords,

That pink third layer with all the rips was an old dress that started tearing. During school I just tore it even more, and would like to think it's a leeeeetle bit Rodarte. But I might just be telling myself that.
Later that day I got bored and changed again. ADD, anyone?

mom's cardigan, thrifted schoolgirl skirt.


yishyene said...

I could do with some of those pancakes now.. but not the green ones HMMM

I really like how (almost) everything looks oversized on you!

Do you wish you could stay small sometimes.. haha :P

fashionslacker said...

those pancakes looks delicious :) and I LOVE your outfits.

Anonymous said...

yuuum. pancakes are the best breakfast food in the entire world. i really like the second picture and the huge pink cardigan :)

Anonymous said...

Love the ripped up dress and shredded jacket. This whole outfit is totally perfect, made epic by the knee socks.
You should be able to peruse the whole Rodarte collection to add to your closet.

What is Reality Anyway? said...

I havent been to see you in so long, love all the new posts my dear!!


Nadine said...

Love it! Love the denim, the florals, the check, the layers . . .
That first photo is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

u could be the youngest hanson. love the face in the last one.

elysia mann said...

oooooooooh those pancakes look SO good! yummmmmmy.

Isabel said...

You have the style of a goddess, Tavi. I love this outfit sofreakingmuch!

Alyssa Muck said...

ahh! those shoes! do you like them? i just ordered them and i can't wait to get them.

Anonymous said...

ew. That looks wildly disgusting. But at the same time ... the bright colors intrigue me. dun dun DUN

Amelia said...

Delicious breakfast. I love the 2nd version of the outfit.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

haha yes. i am the same. i kinda cringe when i post unedited pictures. i dont know how karla does it!

love the layering, so (can I be cheesy mc cheeser-son?) artistic.

J.Yo said...

oooh yeees.. pancaaaaaakes..

and i love the melancholy in the first picture!
love your outfit. Rodarte or not.

Anonymous said...

those pancakes are out of this world! and love your layerings... just darling.

Anonymous said...

You know just before I was twirling about in my new button down contemplating exactly what on earth I would wear it with. I had quite forgotten it until just now. The brain whirs on. An interesting idea and even more interesting pancakes. I don't think those would take off at my work (pancake restaurant).

x said...

ripped things are fun
and your pancakes are green. green things are healthy. like spinach. take that health teachers!

Little Lj said...

Oh your outfits are so gorgeous!!! Nothing ever looks over-sized on me im too tall. Unless I buy menswear, which I have started doing...

God I'm a giant...

Anonymous said...

i have just recently found you and i adore you! i think perhaps you are in illinois....i grew up in chicago - southwest side. ok and i wish i had saved all my 80s clothes and i could send them all to you! thank you for being so happy - so you! i only wish there were the nets and blogs back when me and my best friend mandy dressed up! no one understood us! now i see there are so many girls like we were out there today - makes me smile! she was in the beverly drama club and they did fantastic plays - i remember after the king and i she got us the little jackets they used! we wore those everywhere! thanks for bringing my memories alive! ramble ramble ramble - apologies!


Hey cutie!

Those pancakes looks delicious!

Hope you enjoy your Sunday!


zaza said...

oh man. wonderful outfit!

Soul Tanggg said...

ooooo! those pancakes look yumms.
and I love your photos.
if you edit them, you do a damn good job.

Tavi said...

Thanks guys!

anon #1-Hanson is so epicly 90's. Better than Jonas Brothers x1000000. Thank you xD

alyssa-They're wonderful! Very comfy and sturdy, and very cute.

anon #2-Wow, could it be I am you 10 years ago? Did that make sense at all? xD And yes, I am a chicagoan.

Anonymous said...

Come to London and cook me pancakes please...cheers!

MeggW said...

Pancakes look pretty yummy - they are like one of the most satisfying foods ever - sometimes my mum gets up and makes them for me before school - they just make my day a whole lot better. Your pictures look gret - what program do you use to edit them? or if it is a website whats the url?
Love your blog its so sweet and your clothes are gorgeous.:)

WendyB said...

The most sugary meal is always the most important one.

Tavi said...

usesomebody-I use and Photofiltre, which you can download for free if you google it.

Alice said...

you're too damn adorable, Tavi, I can't take it!

love love love,

Anonymous said...

love the outfits and how they fit you
the shoes are cute

Anonymous said...

tavi...i helped you make those peterpancakes! and this is not a creepy comment, its coming from one of her ya babe

Tavi said...

Emily!! I miss you and the show already.
All I have to say is: I'M 11 YEEEAS OLD AND I'M GAWNA HAVE A BAYBY.


Hannah said...

Now I really want pancakes. And I love your outfits, the picture on the swing is great! I'm really too lazy to edit my photos, haha.

Anonymous said...

tavi, me you caitlin liz flora and eyeri are going to hang out this weekend...want to go to the orchesis recital...or show...or whatever they call it...cause elizabeth and conner are in it, and btw, i LOVE the pictures of the pirete costumes you put up!! sorry my stripped pants weren't up to your standards...=p


great ensemble
the heels and the glasses are the most

i wouldn't mind some of those pancakes right now....

Tavi said...

Emily that sounds wonderful. Orchesis is amazing...I wither in comparison. And NO, your striped pirate pants FAIL FAIL FAIL. They looked like elf pants, and would have wonderfully matched conor's unicorn hat.

karl's sweet child said...

seriously! you look cuter with the bang!!

Anonymous said...

my pirate pants were amazing. and you know it to. and coners hat was red. grr.


Tavi said...

Your pirate pants=NOT EPIC.

I don't have your number! OH, COMPLICATIONSSSS.

Anonymous said...

you do too tavi

if you dont, call flora or heather

i have the worst headache and i hate world history papers


Anonymous said...

Hey! What's your faaaavorite food?

runwayriot said...

amazing style. i wish my outfits were as good as yours, tavi.

C said...

oh no...the belt over the we know where Michelle Obama REALLY gets her style ideas, but she can't admit it!

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Sundas said...

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