peter pancakes

What I ate for breakfast (because we all know that's the REAL reason why you're here!):Sickening, is it not? Take that, pushy health teachers! Breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day, it's the most sugary!
Anyways, this is what I wore last Sunday. God, I have so many outfit pictures to post that I've been putting off until I have time to edit them. I'm such a terrible perfectionist, I bet you a piece of halloween candy that if I ever were to post an unedited picture I'd probably be up all night flinching and staring out the window. It's not that I want really really cool pictures to post and get comments for, I think I just like wasting time and looking at pretty photos. Foto Decadent is my first bookmark.childhood closet vest/blue dress/pink flower dress. thrifted button down and belt. dad's glasses. grocery store socks. jeffrey campbell oxfords,

That pink third layer with all the rips was an old dress that started tearing. During school I just tore it even more, and would like to think it's a leeeeetle bit Rodarte. But I might just be telling myself that.
Later that day I got bored and changed again. ADD, anyone?

mom's cardigan, thrifted schoolgirl skirt.