Guess what I did today?

Oh, don't pretend you don't know.
I will share my buys and stories at a later time. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, but what would be the point? When $30 CDG is at stake, one cannot be so focused on getting a good shot of Prada Glasses lady jumping over rack. And for outside, just imagine a bunch of people standing in a line. See, kids? You can picture anything if you just use your imaginiation!
As for what I bought, I am still figuring out some eBay technicalities. If I'm selling, if I'm buying, if I'm being my usual lazy self and leaving everything as is....we'll see.
In short: I shoved a manbitch that was trying to take ma jacket into a cube display, was thisclose to being seen by kids from my school that were on a field trip, and met some AWESOME people (you know who you are!)
Luckily, the line wasn't nearly half as bad as New York or Tokyo. Tokyo had 2,000 people...ours had, maybe, 100? It's times like these when I am thankful that Chicago ain't no "fashion capital."

BUT, we'll save that for another time when I am not in a rush and have time to focus my energy on telling my tales. Right now, I need to catch up on the work I missed from skipping *mischevious grin. hey, I like that word. grin.*
p.s. Apparently there was some recent press about me being the 40 year old man again? Sigh, humanity. If you're still concerned, do your research and look through my archives. I've proved my age before-and, HEY, I don't know that much about journalism, but shouldn't you do a little research about whomever you're writing about, especially if you're going to question their identity? Just a thought. Wait, I forgot! 12 year olds don't have thoughts! The age of 12 is equivalent to the age of 1! We can't think, write, read, do research (though we have the whole internet in front of us and all research needs is curiosity), learn from people we know that have a wide knowledge of fashion, use a camera, or get dressed! How silly and 12-year-old-like of me to even suggest that!


Shen-Shen said...

Ahhh, I'm so jealous! The nearest H&M is an hour away from me, and there's no way my mom would go for that.

Yea, there's definitely no way you could be anything BUT a 40 year old man. What with your pictures and everything.

Hazel said...

i've yet to venture into my nearest H&M. i'm afraid of being eaten, or dissapointed...luckily for me the kids don't know a clue about all this. when me and my friend emily scream to each other "COMME DE GARCONS IS HEEEEEEEEERE" our other fashion deprived friends wonder if we're "speaking english"

and nope. we aren't speaking english. we're speaking the beautiful language of Rei obsessed teenagers.

glad you got some and got to push people! WOOT WOOT!

i can't WAIT to see how you style it all. who needs Katie Grant when you can have Tavi?

The Stylish Wanderer said...


Kylie said...

ooohoohoohmmm, Exciting indeed! Can't wait to see what you bought, theres nothing like the relaxing shopping experience of pushing and shoving through a mob of frantic girls.
H&M mosh pit!!
So very very fun.

Allie said...

I'm so curious! I can't wait til you showcase your finds. Congrats on making it out alive :)

Rach said...

I despise polka dots.

lacy said...

umm if you happen to have grabbed a hold of some drop crotch in sz 2 (or 4? whatever is the equiv of a US2) and change your mind... i know someone that can take them off your hands (aka ME)... not joking!

Tavi said...

I grabbed the last pair they had and bought it without realizing it was a size 12. How's that for smart shopping? Anyways, I'm putting it on eBay. You could buy it and get it tailored, but it totally won't be worth it. Chances are people already have the pants up in your size...I'd take a look, hope you find some!

Anonymous said...

youre awesome,i cant wait to see what you vuy,and that rumor is so stupid,

m.w. ♥ said...

I found your site through another fashion site and thought you were great! Loved your creativity and all so hope you don't mind I added you on my list of blogs I read occasionally.

Also, you're lucky you got your hands on some CDG stuff. I live in Toronto and when we headed to H&M today, pretty much all the nicer stuff were gone (although I might head back Sat to check again. You know retail stores, sneaky sneaky!) The sales associate later told us they had a line of about 300 this morning (some of which have been waiting since last night!). More than they expected!

Anyways, keep up the posts. Your style is original!

Unknown said...

Hihi Tavi!

It was lovely to meet you in the midst of all the madness at H&M this morning. I can't wait to hear about the stuff you managed to grab!


N said...

hey tavi, just surfin' blogs & saw yours! youre so cute! love it

Anonymous said...

hahah... a 40 year old man...

in reality, i have to admit I have wondered if a 12 year old could pull off a blog as cool as yours, like how would you know about kurt cobain? then i remembered i was well versed in jimi hendrix throughout my childhood...

and well... i thought of my nephew and he's 12 and into music, plays in a band, is way more knowledgeable about trading stocks than i am, and is up on the news and the like.

my boyfriend got arrested for hacking at age 13 for practices he had done since he was 12, and by 14 he was playing video games on a professional level.

and when i was 12... we had the internet, but it was still green dots on a black screen, and you could only really send emails to some random person... which i did... to ask questions about fashion, and a week later, i'd get my answer. ha!

i was still making clothes for my barbie at that point, but i'm a late bloomer.

sometimes i feel creepy reading the blog of someone who is clearly young enough to be my daughter... but i think you're great, and you should totally keep going with this. the people who don't think a 12 year old could do a blog like yours, clearly don't know any smart people.

intelligence has nothing to do with age, it's just when you're older, you've been exposed to more stuff.

emily said...

there's seriously people who think you're a fucking 40 year old man? that's ridiculous. it's seriously insulting when people think that just because someone is below the age of, say, 14, they can't do ANYTHING. it's fucking demeaning. don't they remember when they were kids? apparently not. apparently they were just born adults, lol.
anywaysss. i hate cdg , but i love you, so i wanna see what ya got!! ^^

J.Yo said...

deets please.. feed my hunger with Rei~

40 year old man?
yea right. get that brain in the laundry please?
you can't stand having a 12 year old girl be more fashion forward than you?

sorry, but its so ridiculous. causing problems about age.

Soul Tanggg said...

HEY any press is good press. LOL.
i guess.

Isabel said...

Yes, I must know that tale of your CDG adventure!!! So mysterious, Tavi. I hope you didn't buy those weird elf pants, though. Ummmmmmmmmm, oh yeah. Any people wondering about your age should pick up a dictionary and flip to the word "precocious", okeydokey?

Lara said...

as there is no h&ms in florida, i am currently on the hunt(on ebay) for the white blouse w/ the ruffled sleeves. i want it sooooo bad!! did you know theres already like 340 items on there?? its crazy!!

Anonymous said...

Damnn i wish in mexico we had an h&m im so jealous the cdg clavoration is so cool i think the gratest yet for h&m goshh!.
Well some day im gonna get my hands on some piece i mean i can dream right? jaja.
And right what is up w/ all those photos of a 12 year old, you are such a creepy 40 year old fashion blogger haha.

kirsty lee said...

sorry to hear there was another stupid article.

oh well, at least you got the CDG! i went to - as captured on stylebubble. will be posting my buys shortly. can't wait to see yours.

kirsty lee said...

hell yeah! though i'm not sure we'll have the same stuff. i didn't really get all my first choices. it was pretty hectic.

i got:

the asymetrical jacket
the 'military' blazer (the with the armpit holes)
the blouse with the ruffled sleeves

how we doing? i'm thinking you'll have got all the fun stuff. i played it pretty safe.

kirsty lee said...

ah hope you get everything. both the jackets are good. shame we can't do the outfits thing.

i'm sure the stuff you have will sell on ebay. it's probably almost sold out in london by now. have you seen the dress coats going for £800? that's some serious profit.

would love to see you in the dropped crotch before you sell. would imagine the fit is rather generous!

fuchsiaboy said...

a friend brought me the polka dot bag! :)

love your blog 40 year old. lol!

Hannah Schulman said...

i went to the tokyo one, it really wasn't much worse than any H&M in NYC on a saturday (except for the line outside) but all the pressure and excitement made me spend too much money on stupid polka dots that i will probably end up selling on ebay

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people don't believe your age, but your last paragraph was hilarious. I love the "We can't...use a camera, or get dressed!" Heh.

If only people had paid that much attention to my blog when I was 12. :(

tamerajane said...

If the internet existed when I was 12, it would have been something like this. I just went to a YSL exhibit where I recognized a piece & remembered exactly what the spread was it was in. In 1988. When I was...12.

Anonymous said...

In Norway, the Commes des Garcon collection isn't nearly sold out yet! There was barely even a line outside the store when it opened. Which worked out well for me :)

Drea said...

Your post script is amazing, you tell em'!