i like to be gone most of the time

What I wore today, just around the house since we had no school. The day was spent drinking hot chocolate and looking at my book of Woody Guthrie's sketches. OH, and freaking out about THURSDAY because I'm going to H&M!! Last night I magically gained Nick Naylor powers and gave a whole pitch to my parents about why I should go. I'll be going from H&M straight to school to take a social studies test. Sigh, I knew pure bliss could only last so long before I am forced into the gates of hell...well, I guess pure bliss is a bit of a stretch. Try getting into fist fights with other die hard Rei stalkers? I CUD BE SMALL, BUT I CAN TEAR UR EYEBALLS OUT OV THEIR SOCKETS, FELLOW LABEL WHOREZ.
top, mom's. cape, friend wanted to get rid of it. lace dress and scarf, vintage. black skirt (underneath), family dress up box. tights, american apparel.
I took my lace dress, rolled it up as a skirt, and tied the excess lace in a bow with a green scarf thang. A family friend found the dress in like his cousin's dad's roommate's boss's long lost brother whom he met through the bondage of a family medallion's dog's rabies's car and decided to give it to me "because I know you love fashion so much!" My parents' friends knowing about ze blog is awkward, but it DOES have it's benefits...