Guess what I did today?

Oh, don't pretend you don't know.
I will share my buys and stories at a later time. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, but what would be the point? When $30 CDG is at stake, one cannot be so focused on getting a good shot of Prada Glasses lady jumping over rack. And for outside, just imagine a bunch of people standing in a line. See, kids? You can picture anything if you just use your imaginiation!
As for what I bought, I am still figuring out some eBay technicalities. If I'm selling, if I'm buying, if I'm being my usual lazy self and leaving everything as is....we'll see.
In short: I shoved a manbitch that was trying to take ma jacket into a cube display, was thisclose to being seen by kids from my school that were on a field trip, and met some AWESOME people (you know who you are!)
Luckily, the line wasn't nearly half as bad as New York or Tokyo. Tokyo had 2,000 people...ours had, maybe, 100? It's times like these when I am thankful that Chicago ain't no "fashion capital."

BUT, we'll save that for another time when I am not in a rush and have time to focus my energy on telling my tales. Right now, I need to catch up on the work I missed from skipping *mischevious grin. hey, I like that word. grin.*
p.s. Apparently there was some recent press about me being the 40 year old man again? Sigh, humanity. If you're still concerned, do your research and look through my archives. I've proved my age before-and, HEY, I don't know that much about journalism, but shouldn't you do a little research about whomever you're writing about, especially if you're going to question their identity? Just a thought. Wait, I forgot! 12 year olds don't have thoughts! The age of 12 is equivalent to the age of 1! We can't think, write, read, do research (though we have the whole internet in front of us and all research needs is curiosity), learn from people we know that have a wide knowledge of fashion, use a camera, or get dressed! How silly and 12-year-old-like of me to even suggest that!