October 25, 2008

I'll be busy tonight and tomorrow, being a theater nerd and overeating, but I'll leave you with an outfit I wore the other night...

Mmm, interesting location (which some of you may be familiar with, HI CONOR). But you do what you can to get an outfit picture. I quite like the old-lookingness* of the Stalls sign. The best part is that a girl walked in to use one as we were taking this picture. I beat you all at Most Awkward Blog Picture Taking Moment.

The shirt I bought at a record and vintage clothes shop in Saratoga, the tights are my sister's, and the belt is from Goodwill. I'm wearing the shirt backwards so it's black and white, but the front of the shirt is so fantastically 80's ugly with the colors and font and country singer girl with a curly Don't Tell Her It's Me (awesome bad movie) mullet. Not really my favorite outfit because I feel like I've taken TOO much inspiration from street style sites with it, meaning it's kind of too simple for my taste and not in the mysterious cool margiela way. But, that'll do pig, that'll do.

And a picture that Isabel already posted but I love and have printed out and taped to my wall (true story):Kurt Cobain and a cat. A dancing cat. And our Rodarte buddy here looks like he's in a distracted trance. Epic.

*it's too early for me to be allowed to talk


Isabel said...

I LOOOOOVE your outfit Tavi, epic as usual! And cool beans for posting the Kurt picture again. I love it, its so beautiful.

Ana said...

That is an akward moment. But whatever, you got a good picture. You know whats akward in bathrooms? When you are in the stall and your friend is talking to you and someone comes in and you keep talking. Wow. That happens to me a lot. ANYWAY Have fun being a theatre nerd!

Laurel said...

KILLER outfit, baby. You look amazing - let me borrow that top. I've decided to go as Sloane Peterson from Ferris Bueller's Day Off for Halloween and I need a killer 80's tee, a really hilarious frilled white leather jacket and matching boots - don't forget the high waisted, pleated acid washed shorts! If I scored all of those pieces, I would probably wear them everyday past Halloween. Sigh!

So, there is this amazing waitress at the only vegan place here in town who has the seahorse drawing from Kurt Cobain's diary on her shoulder. It's SO beautiful, I would never get a tattoo but man, it was so gloriously done.


Caroline said...

haha i know that location=]
i love the tights!!! really cute.
i miss you=[

Hannah Cheeto said...

I love that t-shirt. And oh yes awkward photo moments... I know all about those... at least someone was taking a picture of your here, not just using self timer (and there were no construction workers thinking you were running away from a bee... true story...).

City Chic Please said...

ahhhh, i empathize with you entirely about being a theatre nerd and being busy all the time. fall play takes so much away from my day, but i still love it...

love the outfit. and especially love kobain and the cat.

Zoë said...

ooo i love the 80s-ness of the outfit...my fave decade!

Copycat Sasha said...

I love the shirt! What a great find!

The Clothes Horse said...

Great outfit. Very edgy.
I might be able to compete for awkward shots though...I was once taking pictures on this grassy lawn (in a skirt), moving up and down and all around, when I realized a vehicle parked near me was occupied...I probably flashed them a half-dozen times without realizing it. :(

CTMFLION said...

Amazin' Gilmore Girls reference<3

Rianna Bethany said...

I love your blog, it's always so inspirational. The picture you have now taped onto your wall is beautiful. I now have it stuck in my diary!
Rianna Bethany xxxxx

yoncto said...

the pic is amazing. and so is your outfit!

Susanna-Cole said...

In a rare case, I must say I think I appreciate this outfit even more from the back. :)


In-tree-gue said...

I adore the outfit! And the situation you got into when taking the picture. Me and my friends are starting a blog http://intreegue.blogspot.com/ take a look at it when you can

J.Yo said...

i love the colors of that tshirt, very contrasting to the all black!

Ana said...

I just realized that Urban Audrey lives in Chicago. And you live in Chicago. I am extremely slow. I'm sure you already knew that but in case not I wanted to share my epiphany.

foolfashion.com said...

Tha pic is really really beautiful. I called you my hero and you didn't even comment :( Did you see it? http://foolfashion.com/2008/10/20/teen-vogue-blog-and-all/

Nøve said...

Too cute. <3

beccajanie said...

I love the tshirt, but not quite as much as that dancing cat! Great photo.

Tavi said...

thanks guys!
foolfashion, I'm sorry! It's becoming harder to get back to comments, or blog alone, but I left a comment now. Your post was so kind! Thanks!!

KD said...

Head-to-toe black is hard to pull off, and you succeed! Nice!

Ana said...

By the way, I was inspired by you and the Stylish Wanderer's disagreement for my new post.

Trish said...

You inspire me to the max! Your picture story definitely tops all of my awkward moments.

Umm Ibrahim said...

I'll be honest, as a grad student and being almost 30, I remember when Cobain was still alive and was a huge fan of him, I'm still stuck in the early/mid -90-'s music wise...I just am both astounded and slightly weirded out seeing a pic of him on a 12yr olds blog!!!!!!!!!!!
sigh...I feel weird and old now.

Your blog is quite interesting...I don't recall most 12yr olds being quite so fashionable back in the day.

sigh...Just wait, it'll happen to you too someday.

a dinosaur said...

wow im discovering this world and wow is all i have in mind. tavi you are quite a fantastic person !

a dinosaur said...

greetings from france ;) xx

Gab B said...

girrrrlfriend you are one stylin' chick. I'm all about the black & i love it, you look slick.

Jinnine said...

Thank you for posting the Cobain and cat photo. I already have it on my desktop now. Love your blog!

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