drawing moses makes you hardcore

While I love being able to know what inspired someone's outfit and how they put the pieces together, I think you sometimes get the most truthful interpretation of someone's look before you know what influenced it. You may look at an outfit, but only see the 60's reference after reading it was intended. That's why I often don't mind not being able to understand foreign fashion magazines or websites-letting the outfits speak for themselves is the most interesting to me.I sound totally incoherent, but then again, today was a half day of school. INTELLIGENT AND SUCCESSFUL SUCKAAAAS. I wore shiny gold AA leggings (pants on me, they're rather slouchy) to conferences. You see why teachers love me? (Read: they do not.)
Anyways, as for interpreting an outfit without knowing what inspired it, I'd like you guys to guess what I was going for with this outfit. Tell me!
I also wore my pink necklace with this, but it snapped in the hall and beads exploded into oblivion everywhere. I then slipped on them, fell on my face, and ended up lying down in the hall cracking up at my stupidity.
Me? Loser? Of course not.
I made the headband thing myself, the tights are my sister's, the brooch was a gift, the top used to be my grandma's, and the pink dress worn underneath was my cousin's when she was a baby. For the record, the baby dress is all bunched up underneath. I am not abnormally tiny.
I'm not that abnormally tiny.
Also, would you guys be interested in a post on How to Wear Shiny Leggings Without Looking Like a Ho? I'd like to do it but only act like a condescending twit when asked :)


Copycat Sasha said...

That headband is adorable, and please do a post on shiny leggings! I'm already looking forward to it!

sarah said...

ah, the roaring twenties...i love the drop-waist look. beautiful!

Naz said...

Roaring twenties? Hot headpiece.

By the way, I'm new to the blogging world and was wondering if you'd like to exchange links? I covet your AA two-tone tights ... I just may have to make my first online purchase to snag a pair in black and white.


M said...

nice twenties look, (given away by the "20s outfit from today to show you tomorrow" in your last post, hehe.) but really, great headband, I have a feeling only you could pull it off that well, but it looks awesome.
and hells yeah do a post on leggings, it would complete my life

Megan Udell said...

Definitely a 1920s flapper vibe!
The lace & patterned leggings are sublime. :)

my empty closet said...

i reallly can't wait for you to post about the leggings....and i realllly cant wait till you do another video post....clearly i realllly like your blog haha :)

your outfit reminds of the 20's flapper style..especially with the headband

IndianaJones said...

More flash dance meets flapper if you ask me...

warren said...

Ah, and I see you've changed your banner too. Good choice, but I'm biased about that pic already. ;)

Ana said...

Dear Tavi

I was wondering if AHEM you could do a post on How to Wear Shiny Leggings Without Looking Like a Ho.

Also I'm thinking Jasmine in Alladin is also A Flapper as the inspiration...?

sophie said...

I love that headband.

Rebecca Jane said...

That headband is delightfully great - fabulous.

Susanna-Cole King said...

Your outfit is so darling (and I don’t mean that in a patronizing, “Oh, aren’t you a cute little thing!” pat-on-the-head or a pinch-of-the-cheeks kind of way!) Would totally don this look myself! :)

And you know what’s weird… I had a pink necklace that once snapped in the hallway at school (and yeah beads took flight) too... I forgot all about it, until now. :P


Unknown said...

is this the outfit you fell on your ass in? FLAPPITY FLAP.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

The 20s of course!

I get a half day tomorrow, so there!

April said...

I FELL FLAT ON MY FACE IN THE HALLWAY TODAY TOO. I was quite graceful about it, if I do say so myself. :]

Sweet leggings.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

and hearing nice things about yourself and getting famous is NOT what Im getting at!

what Im getting at is that when Im not blogging, all this stuff gets incredibly bottled up inside me. i.e. my thoughts on runway collections, my outfits, photography, pictures. I kinda go insane. I mean, if no one was reading it, Ill tell you right here and now, I wouldnt blog, but the fact that people do read it keeps me going everyday. and the more readers keeps me more motivated and I spend more time on it. So I guess I go for my readers, but when I get dressed in the morning its for myself.

Hope your cleared up now. Instead of thinking that im some b1tch that hates people who dont comment on my site. I comment on a lot of peoples sites that have probably never even looked at mine.

but I dont understand why you took me off your link list the minute I told you (jokingly ehem) that I wasnt going to comment on your posts anymore? Isnt that sort of not the point of linklists?

Nadine said...

Oh, how I will laugh if you're NOT going for a Twenties look.

When I was 16 at a school ball, Swarovski crystal beads exploded from my mother's necklace that I'd borrowed. It was a gift from her parents for her 21st birthday. Eeeep! Since the band was so lame we flicked on the lights and everyone helped me pick up the pieces, and then we all hightailed it to the afterball amusements . . .

geri hirsch said...

no, you did not fall on your broken necklace, i wish that was on camera! hope there were no injuries....to your abs while cracking up.

obviously i want to hear your anti-skank rant about shiny leggings, i don't think anyone could put it more eloquently than you.

love the homemade headband and am going with a 20s meets the 16 year old days of cory kennedy for the outfit inspiration.



Nicole Francois said...

you're awesome. Obviously, as has been mentioned, you've got a flapper vibe going. And I agree with suffering summer that there's also kind of an 80s thing going on with the colors and the slouchiness. I'm also picking up on a ballerina vibe: again because of the colors and the fit. Love the contrast with the tights. You're seriously a cool kid (and I don't mean to be patronizing, calling you a kid, but you are a kid. This is a good thing. You've got more style than most grown women but that doesn't mean you should rush toward womanhood, you know? One of the reasons that I read your blog is because you've still got that unassuming mind and unfiltered mouth. Besides, the longer you stay an awesome kid the more awesome an adult you'll end up.)
Also, I really really want those gold AA leggings, but do not want to be hoochy. So yes, a post on that topic I am encouraging.

Laurel said...

I'd say flappers look with an eighties twist ala Sixteen Candles.

Totally fun!

Stephanie said...

The 20s, tennis, Coco Chanel (it's a stretch...)?
You're reading my mind, dude. I was thinking the exact same thing a few days ago.

Amelia said...

I agree with laurel. It has a sort of 80s vibe with a 20s silhouette. Lovely pictures. I like the tights. Of course we want a how to wear shiny tights without looking like a ho post.

Zoë said...

cute! The headband reminds me of the ancient egyptians, in a good way

erin hotchkiss said...

the 20's! hurrah. loooove that time.

J. said...

My first thought was "'20s flapper" but I see that '80s vibe as well. It's really a fun outfit -the tights and headband really tie it all in well.

And the shiny leggings post sounds really excellent. I wonder if age has anything to do with it though (read: i will probably look like a whore anyway)

Unknown said...

I haven't texted you in half a day I think and already I'm getting jittery.


Blake said...

OKAY, everyone knows that you've got the flapper thing going on (unless, that is, we are all VERY sadly mistaken) so I'm not going to comment on that, I hate it when people comment on the SUCH blatently obvious/already clarified. I'm just going to say that i love it how much your poses reflect the era. Thats all.

-f said...

Well, you look like Daisy from The Great Gatsby to me, so... 20's again !! I really love the outfit and it suits you really well. Kuddos for you !

Hannah said...

Love love love. Especially the headband! And I hate it so much when beaded necklaces break!

Johanne M. Aa. Laache said...

I'm guessing the 20s. You look very 20s-ish.

Anonymous said...

I love that 3rd photo of you. Your facial expression is gorgeous.

Leah said...

i'd say 20s/30s with a bit of edge. i love the headband! and i say do a shiny leggings post, i'd love to see what you come up with!

City Chic Please said...

heart the headband...and the outfit is great.
and score, i had a half day today too!
well, yours was yesterday, but whatever...
and do the shiny leggings post...it'd be a benefit i think.

warren said...

Hey Tavi, what do you like for music?

(Huh. The captcha was "bream", which is a type of fish, but might be a good name for a band. "We're Bream! Fank you Seattle! We love you!" [throws drumsticks] And cetera.)

Anonymous said...

oh definitely 80s... but in reality i think this outfit is very much about right now. and that is perfect.

i love the tights!

warren said...

PS: Not 80s. Late 20s. Flapper girl. The headband/brooch seals it. You look like you could have walked out of a Fitzgerald story last Tuesday. Wonderfully done.

Also, would you guys be interested in a post on How to Wear Shiny Leggings Without Looking Like a Ho? I'd like to do it but only act like a condescending twat when asked :)

Consider yourself asked.

Tavi said...

hooker post coming up!
Blah, you guys got it, stupid of me to not realize I'd talked about it in my last post. The 80's thing wasn't intended, but I'm glad some people noticed it-like I said, true interpretations!
And Warren, I listen to many different kinds of music (pretentious sounding much?) but my favorite artists and bands are Wilco, Neutral Milk Hotel, Bob Dylan, Cat Power, Kimya Dawson, Radiohead, Elton John, Ella Fitzgerald, The White Stripes, etc...

Anonymous said...

rad outfit!

Dana (MODAna) said...

ah yes lame leggings can give off a vibe similar to over the knee pvc boots. I'd like to read that post.

Ana said...

Thanks Tavi! Nahh..I never have headers.

Irides said...

I... interpret a flapper ballerina dancer.

victoria renee said...

omigosh you look like a vintage china doll wearing this!
ahah. anyways, this outfit is really cute. i like the soft fell of it. i mean feel. haha
please do the piece on the shiny leggins.

warren said...

Boy, I sure hope you have iTunes.

Tavi said...

Don't worry, I do.

Tavi said...


thank you warren!

I'll download it when I'm on the other computer where my itunes actually is and give you the verdict when I listen :)

warren said...

Fun stuff. Hope you like it.

For those of you wondering, here's the playlist:

Cantelowes — Toumani Diabate
The Mummers' Dance — Loreena McKennitt
I Love You Goodbye — Thomas Dolby
Bittersweet Symphony — The Verve
Wish You Were Here — Incubus
Kaounding Cissoko — Toumani Diabate
What's a Girl to Do? — Bat for Lashes
Wake Up — Arcade Fire

Toummani Dabate is a formidable acoustic guitar virtuoso. "Cantalowes" is recognizable to any fan of 60s westerns.

Thomas Dolby was regarded as a One-Hit Wonder in ’81 with "She Blinded me with Science" — vast underestimation.

And Loreena McKennitt is, simply put, lovely. Her voice is transcendent.

Oh, and there're other songs too. I especially like the Bat for Lashes video.


lexichelle said...

well, aren't you just the bee's knees!

i rather enjoyed looking at your blog.

keep on keepin' on.

p.s. i'm following you (in the non-creeper way, if you catch my drift. :])

Kylie said...

For sure the 20's in this outfit, I will forever be obsessed with drop waists! Love the look altogether. The b+w pic reminds me of mary kate olsen... in the very best way possible!
As for the leggings, as long as as your bum is covered and the shoes are good, then you wont look trashy. I can't wait to see the shiny bunchy goodness, sound haaaawt!

holly said...

i would love a post on non ho looking shiny leggings!

Anonymous said...

nice 20's look. it's a bit of deja-vu, since i was just at my grandparents's, looking through suitcases of photo's, including ones of my great (great?) grandmother in her wedding dress and honeymoon attire. the dresses are cool and all, but kinda really unflattering. also, it seems like the only thing to do on a cruise ship in the 20's was play shuffleboard.

Susie Bubble said...

The headband, the tights, the whole shebang.... gah....why aren't you my little sister...not to sound creepy and Point Horror-book-esque...

Ashleigh said...

Looks like you can shoot rays out of your head with that headband...I LOVE IT....you wear these sorts of things so well

Ashleigh said...

ummm yea and wanna be my little sis? I always wanted one :P

Tavi said...

Thank you lovelies <3
And warren, I'll download them later this week. Thanks again man.

jew-yes, the 20's and 30's looks are very droopy and unflattering. Not figure-fitting at all, but muahahahaha I'm prepubescent and without figure anyways.

Susie, not creepy in the slightest! You have no idea how many times I thought that while looking at your blog...minus the "little" part, ehem...same goes for you, ashleigh :D

Isabel said...

You look very flapper-esque to me. Oh, and please do a shiny leggings post! I would love that.

Annie said...

oo love ur headband!

White Lightning said...

ohhh tavz a BABY DRESS? now you are reaching new levels. next, beyond next, ULTRA LEVZ. that is insanely uncharted blogger territory.

your headband thing is quite a thing of beauty, missy.

Anonymous said...

nice new layout, btw, and nice pics

lauren said...

yes! shiny leggings please!

Katy said...

20's = wonderful.
tutorial = even more wonderful. Yes please!

Anonymous said...

Love the way the sweater turned drop waist with the skirt. Also, have you by chance seen Paper Moon. After having stumbled upon your blog a little bit ago I think you'd like the prohibition era clothing.

Tavi said...

I actually haven't seen or heard of that. Is it a movie?

kirsty lee said...

ah i love this! and that third photo is amazing. love all the muted colours.

Lucile said...

I'm not crazy about the tights but the clothes are very cute
go on!

Anonymous said...

clinky - paper moon! thats exactly what i was thinking!
amazing movie, tavi you should see it. the main girl (about our age i think - yes i'm also 12!) has some great outfits in the film.

as for shiny leggings, try with vintage blouse, beads and pumps or boots. quirky but i think it would work, but thats just my opinion.

sarah said...

please, please, PLEASE post a "How to wear shiny leggings [Tavi Style] without looking like a ho" segment.
that would make my day.
and i love your flapper/baby clothes look.
you amaze me!

Unknown said...

it's a really cute outfit ! casual and different .. I love the head band

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