drawing moses makes you hardcore

While I love being able to know what inspired someone's outfit and how they put the pieces together, I think you sometimes get the most truthful interpretation of someone's look before you know what influenced it. You may look at an outfit, but only see the 60's reference after reading it was intended. That's why I often don't mind not being able to understand foreign fashion magazines or websites-letting the outfits speak for themselves is the most interesting to me.I sound totally incoherent, but then again, today was a half day of school. INTELLIGENT AND SUCCESSFUL SUCKAAAAS. I wore shiny gold AA leggings (pants on me, they're rather slouchy) to conferences. You see why teachers love me? (Read: they do not.)
Anyways, as for interpreting an outfit without knowing what inspired it, I'd like you guys to guess what I was going for with this outfit. Tell me!
I also wore my pink necklace with this, but it snapped in the hall and beads exploded into oblivion everywhere. I then slipped on them, fell on my face, and ended up lying down in the hall cracking up at my stupidity.
Me? Loser? Of course not.
I made the headband thing myself, the tights are my sister's, the brooch was a gift, the top used to be my grandma's, and the pink dress worn underneath was my cousin's when she was a baby. For the record, the baby dress is all bunched up underneath. I am not abnormally tiny.
I'm not that abnormally tiny.
Also, would you guys be interested in a post on How to Wear Shiny Leggings Without Looking Like a Ho? I'd like to do it but only act like a condescending twit when asked :)