So I'm being a totally annoying and obnoxious and hyper and scrambled eggs-craving and phone-hating gnome. My personality is awfully offsetting and many of you may never visit this blog again. Why am I posting this?
Oh yes! Belle and I will be doing a collaboration vlog, kind of like how H&M and CDG did a collaboration collection. Only she's the CDG and I'm the H&M. Aw, generosity.
Anyways, we'll give you the date and time when we put our brains together and if you have any topics or questions for us to talk about feel free to start letting us know. It's gonna be epic, guys! I can feel it! Can you?
Proper outfit post within the next couple days. Preteen angst for now, kiddies!
God. My hyperness comes out in my writing, too.