Thank you all for the lovely comments on my vlog! I'm glad people liked it and more coming, hopefully very soon. This is the outfit from the day I made the vlog (hence the shirt). Today I was sick and came to school late in the day. Since I was tired as hell and my hand was swollen up to the size of K.Lag's ego, I didn't bother putting together an outfit and just wore pajama pants and a tee shirt to school. That's fatal, guys. I would never do such a thing, but I did. It was strange though, people seemed more weirded out I was dressed normally than they do when I draw mime lashes on my face and wear doilie hats. They also seemed a little disappointed.And in uncanny look-a-likes I-like-to-creep-my-peers-out-with-my-stalkerness news, not only is there a Twiggy in my grade, but a Siri Tollerod as well! Today when we were on the computers I found her this picture of her. She was freaked out. I told her not to take it personally, you look like a model and that should be enough.
hey, look at me, i'm hardcoreeee
Anyways, I studded my denim vest with the studs from my belt, but does anyone know where I can get new ones? Also, any suggestions for a different arrangement of ze studs? Tell me!Belle is going to the hospital for some tests and the like within the next few days, and I will not be able to look at FRUiTS with a clear conscience without knowing she's good and healthy and in her usual table cloth-wearing condition. Feel better bb!