a tribute

Tonight I started making an inspiration collage and realized that practically all of my photos were from the blogs of "younger" folks. So, I thought I'd explain exactly why younger bloggers actually do deserve the hype that seems to be given, contrary to what some people may think. This is by no means defense to certain age-haters, I write this with a smile on my face! Besides, people who dislike young bloggers wouldn't be reading this anyways, that would be a waste of their time.
I don't deserve half the readers I get, and I'm very aware that a lot of the recognition I've receieved is due in part to the fact that I'm in 7th grade, and that the combination of my small size and blonde hair make that effect more powerful. And while it's very lovely to hear that I dress well for a 12 year old, I would rather my outfits are considered good or bad as if I'm any age. Surely my outfits wouldn't be as well received if I really was that 25 year old PhD student, right?
I hope this doesn't come off as a disney star trying to be taken seriously (sidenote: JoBros want to do a Johnny Cash tribute album. Butcher what's practically a religion, why don't you.) I just find this a very interesting topic, and something that is rarely addressed with the appropriate perspective. Yes, you might not know any 12 year old who knows who Yohji Yamamoto is, but, well, I'm surrounded by 12 year olds every day-and I do.
While I don't deserve the publications I've been lucky enough to receive, younger bloggers both individually and as a group certainly do! Not only for the amazing outfits, photography, and writing that comes from many of these blogs, but the confidence it takes to wear something unusual to school and post your outfits on the internet for the world to see and critique. People are bound to be snide and rude, but the will to go through that just because you want to express yourself really is a passion for style.
What I think is often not recognized is that being in your twenties and older does not necessarily make a person especially stylish, nor does being a teenager and younger make someone automatically have bad taste.childhood flames
Having a good eye for fashion is often something natural. The ability to nicely match a dress and purse doesn't require being well educated and having gone through years of school.hand it over
I often find that many of the younger bloggers have more interesting and sometimes far better style than some older people. Kids don't have dress guidelines and can get away with wearing almost anything we want, no matter how tacky it is, more easily than someone who has a job to go to can.
Also, younger bloggers are on a tighter budget. We don't have closets filled with designer items, and it's so much easier to make Chanel look good than it is to make a stained dress from the Salvation Army look good. Isn't that a little more interesting than an outfit taken right from the runway?these city streets
You'll also notice that these girls shown here are all dressed very differently. It's not as if a herd of teenagers are getting attention for just being trend zombies. These girls have personal style and individuality!
I'm not quite sure what I'm getting at (it's 2:04 AM, enough said) but age shouldn't make a blog any better or worse. I'm not recommending all of these blogs above because the writers aren't old enough to vote, I'm recommending them because they're wonderful blogs written by people truly devoted to fashion. These blogs are seriously fantastic, and the writers have great style, regardless of age! So please, take a look. They really deserve it.


Nadine said...

Hey Tavi - I love your style, meaning you inspire me in what I wear myself, and I'm 35. You won't be 12 forever, but I'm sure your fabulous knack for dressing well will last a lifetime. AND I also love your site because you are a fantastic writer and your humour just slays me. (And thanks for all those lovely photos of other gorgeous style-monsters in this post.)

Amelia said...

Wow, this is a really nice post. You make a lot of great points.

Inspire the Starling said...

You get the attention you deserve because your posts are highly intelligent, as well as stylish. Obviously this is all emphasised by the fact you are 12 - most people would look back at photos (me included) of their pre-teens with horror and dismay!

My personal style has improved with age, only because my exposure to fashion has increased - I was a country boy, too busy riding my bike in fields etc to really care about fashion or appearance at your age - and I'm not sure which is better. The world is now so obsessed with celebrity and the way we dress (esp. girls) and I don/t necessarily think it's a good thing.

You have an amazing blog, and true style comes from within. Nice work for pointing us in the direction of some other brilliant bloggers.

(Thanks for the Comme/H&M menswear link...you know I'm gonna be rocking them)

Doriz Jeltzin said...

Just saw your profile, and you do dress well for a 12 year old. Fun to see. Keep on dressing and keep on blogging. I'm 23. :)

Anonymous said...


Um.. shouldn't you be in bed, young lady??


Hannah said...

I love this post (and not just because I'm in it =P). But seriously, I think that when you're younger it's much easier to dress crazily and adventurously than it is when you get older because it seems like people will think "oh, she's just experimenting" vs. "oh, look at that crazy lady." I also find that I've reached a point where I really, really just don't want to conform with anything, style-wise. I'm clearly such a rebel. And it's really interesting to see how different people's styles are developing. For example, when I was in 7th grade it was the peak of my (thankfully brief) obsession with all things Abercrombie and Juicy (ew ew ew I cry looking back) while you're already courageous enough to develop your own style. And I'm always inspired by the most out there things people wear, and there's so much of that on blogs.

Ana said...

I agree with this post (not just cause I'm in it.) Yes I will admit that a certain amount of the attention you get comes from the fact that you LOOK and ARE twelve. The people who write the articles want something a bit shocking. But on the other hand your style is pretty amazing and experimental and cool. I get my inspiration mainly from teen bloggers too because as you said they dont have rules and perfect outfits. I find adult/older bloggers put together these flawaless designer outfits that are only good because they take sayy an amazing dress and wear nice shoes. But its not really inspiring unless you can buy that exact dress because the outfit had nothing to do with experimenting/layering/diying. Does that make sense? I feel like I just went on ONE big nonesensical ramble. Anyway I liked seeing all these bloggers lined up because as you mentioned it does show how our styles are SO different.

Anonymous said...

hi tavi!
i just came here to say i added you to my blog roll, and then i read this really interesting post.
you're right with what you say, i think. i think it takes much more to wear unusual outfits to school and when you're younger than when youre in your 20s or older, cause especially young people can be REALLY rude. and young people (me included) are often afraid of what others might think, and you and "the others" post your outfits for the world to see.
i must admit i dont like all of your outfits, but there is always something special and unique about them and i guess you will always, no matter how old you are, have an incredible sense of style.
have a good day anyways!

kelsea said...

awww i love them alll

Unknown said...

Great format, I totally respect the time you put into your research.


All the best,


Penny said...

love what you do, and all the other girls in this post, so screw what anybody else thinks because we all love you lot!

Emily said...

Well said, Sista Suffragette!

Stephanie said...

Right back at you, dude!

P.S. No one ever seems to mention this but the fact is, lots of people like your blog because you are a GOOD ASS WRITER. Seriously, I don't know any 12 year olds who are that eloquent. And you deserve all the attention you get!

emily said...

thanks for putting me in the post =D
and i totally agree with you on all of this. especially the tight budget part-- there are a lot of older bloggers in their 20s or so (and i'm not saying all) that can afford to spend 100 bucks on a pair of pants... when my budget is 60 bucks at the MOST, and only when they're tripp nyc xP

elysia mann said...

woot woot for young bloggers! i'm a youngun too, 17, though not as young as you. you're super inspirational and way cooler than any middle schooler i know (oh, and i know some cool middle schooolers!). keep on truckin'!

sam said...

yes...please take a look at my blog...

Tavi said...

Thanks everyone! It's nice seeing what other people think as well. I know there are some other younguns I haven't put in here, but I haven't been able to look at any new blogs lately.

lily white, it's a saturday night! God I didn't mean for that to rhyme, it sounds lame. But you know what I mean.

Zoë said...

yes, young bloggers are definately the shiz!

Anonymous said...

ah thanks for mentioning me!!

I love reading your blog because it's witty TO THE MAX and funny--regardless of your age.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Jeesus Tavi! Youre too sweet. I just wanna squeeze you and hug you till ya pop! (Or whats that quote in Finding Nemo that Dori says about her pet jellyfish? Yeah, Id say that)

I totally understand everything and respect everything you say here, (im like some nun, or something, respecting you this way). I would still be saying this, even if I wasnt in this post.

And like the Fash bot said its not especially because youre young, but because you write so well!

Tru said...

thanks for this post. I found some blogs as equally amazing as yours to read and by the way don't let everyone who speaks about your age get you down. you have am amazing style period no qualfiers needed
: D

Katy said...

Well said! I'm in 8th grade! I'm a young fashion blogger too - young 'uns unite!

jess said...

Great post. All of those blogs are great. Young people can dress more more experimental because we don't have a dress code like people who work in offices do.

Hanna said...

Thanks for mentioning me doll! Your blog really IS fantastic. I love to live vicariously through you. Since I'm all serious college studenty, I can't dress like Tao every day, or any day really. Hell, the stupid plaid shirt got me "oh my god a mutant lesbian" looks.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog because it's well written -- not just for a 12 year old. You're charming, witty, and stylish and I think you cheer up a lot of "older" people who are now working for THE MAN and are only allowed to wear black suits with black pumps.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

WAIT! but I want to see the inspiration board as well!

Hazel said...

i do admit, i was impressed by you. though, i wasn't impressed that you were twelve. i was impressed at your ability to dress awesomely. your age had no effect on me, although it only made you seem cooler. you have such guts! your clothes are AMAZING!

if you don't become a stylist...i'd be shocked.

Tavi said...

Thanks again guys!

Stylish Wanderer-it kinda sucks. Hard. I might not post it, my photoshop skills are still at negative 1000.

Miranda said...

dear tavi
i've been a silent reader for some time now
but i had to comment on this post.
i completely agree. hurrah for young bloggers!! :) i find the most inspiration from teen blogs. and it's so true that we're working with tight tight practically nonexistent budgets so creativity is a must.
love your blog<3
and trust me, you have really great style, regardless of being 12 years old and adorable.
keep being awesome!

Elisa Kwon said...

WOMAN. I did not deserve that and you know it.

:( *sigh* nothing gets through to you ;)

on a side note, I made the coolest skirt in existence, and i'm much too lazy to do a post. That would very much require me to comment on other blogs, and you know I don't have that kind of time!

I wish I had the time Taveh. :(

Actually, in all truth, I really want you to see it! I love hearing your feedback about everything.

If I do eventually get aroudn to taking a picture of me in it, I'll be sure to e-mail it to you, if not do a blogpost.

Preferably the latter, but we'll see.

All my loving (yes, oh snap, that was a Beatles reference)

ya know my name ;)

Selina (Flying Saucer) said...

what a lovely post! i love how you looked at every angle but didn't thrust the topic. i think a few reasons young bloggers are marvy is because on one side, you are brave to wear whatever you want and be an individual during school years, which is pretty hard in such a conforming world, and also maybe because you're discovering and experimenting wth style, rather than showing a typical signature style. also it might be because you can invest lots of time in blogging, not that that' always the case but i found myself that nowadays finding time when trying to become an adult and deal with bills/jobs/studying is very hard!

Elana said...

tavi, you and each one of the bloggers you posted about are such an inspiration to young fashion bloggers everywhere! ;D keep up te fantastic work!

Tavi said...

Thanks again to everyone for sharing their opinions :)

sugar pop-WOMAN. Post it post it post it. Or at LEAST email me. But you don't need to spend time commenting on other blogs! The point isn't to get comments, silly goose. We need to have a convo entirely composed of Friends quotes by the way. That would be epic.

selina-Thank you very much! Whenever you address these types of things on your blog, you're very level-headed and polite about it. I had you in mind while writing this, and I was only hoping I could sound as eloquent as you :P Very good point about the time thing as well. Blogging is ridiculously time consuming, and a 12 year old sure has more time on her hands than a 24 year old. Thank you for bringing that up!

Sydney said...

very true!

a girl with a smile said...

I think young ones have a sense of maturity nowadays. i, myself am 17 and i like to be taken serious...well, ok, not always =]

Shen-Shen said...

I only wish that more fashion blogs had been around when I was younger, I'd probably have developed better style earlier.

Great post!

ray said...

you ARE fantastic and give me excitement for the upcoming ingenues and confident styles!!!!!!!

love your photography as well!!!

keep up the inspiration for us all


Butterball said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Butterball said...

hey! ive been reading your blog for a while and I love it! ive even started reading some of the other bloggers you feature on yours. its all very entertaining!

I've noticed your blatant love for comme des garcons, so i thought you would be interested in a paper i wrote on the label for my writing class entitled "The Commercialization of Comme des Garcons"


I hope you enjoy it!

The Stylish Wanderer said...


ok. done with the blaring caps. I find that it helps relieve stress and show my opinion, but I might be wrong.

Skerry said...

Me - 41yr old Mom of a 15yr old son & an 11yr old daughter. Former fashion risk-taker, now I just take small peeks over the ledge. I used to be a fixture at the Salvation Army store and Goodwill. At this point in my life I encourage my kids to walk the tight-rope of fashion, so far my girl is trying out her wings. I so enjoy your Blog, it's not even what you wear sometimes but the story behind the outfit. Stay true to yourself. By the way, I love when you turn a dress into a skirt, am I correct that you use the neckline as the waist and tie the sleeves?

saray said...

great post!
when i was in the 7th grade i looked bad!! i wish i had that sense of style in such a young age

Zoe said...

I think that most succesful blogs are successful because of the writing; its written in a way that is humorously self-deprecating, and makes the reader feel like they are actually your friend. Plus, its really witty. Even if someone is the most fashionable person alive, I will only read their blog if it amuses me.

Isabel said...

I thought I commented on this post! WTF? I think I said something about being really jealous of your fabulousness, but feeling a little geriatric for being 18.

kneesee said...

oh not only are you young and pintsized cute, you are a great writer! amazing at that... i'm not that much older than you but i can say that when or if i do have a daughter she has got to take tips from you... xoxoxo.

Anonymous said...

Illest Post Ever...Truly Dope...

Elizabeth McMullen said...

you are amazing.

artdiva said...

this definitely brings back memories of being a middle school outcast because of the way I dressed (I knew who Comme des Garcons was in 7th grade). I'm 28 now so this was in the pre-triple-dub era, feeling totally isolated - I wonder if the Internet has made a difference in assuaging those harsh experiences for youngish people now days by having the opportunity to have even a virtual sense of community/solidarity with other folks up there in the style stratosphere? then again maybe you're much cooler then I was, or go to a cooler school! Either way, I'm glad I stuck it out with my sense of style during those dark days. Now instead of overhearing a snarky "what is she wearing?", I overhear an intrigued "what is she wearing?" Keep it up y'all!

Sarah said...

this is very articulate, and i don't mean "for a twelve yr old." you raise several good points that most bloggers in the fashion "community" refuse to touch. you are amazingly talented, but i think what is even more appealing than your outfits, photography, and writing is the passion with which you present it. several blogs i read on a daily basis provide amazing photos of beautiful clothing, but the people behind them don't seem to be too excited about the whole thing. i find that even if i'm not rly digging something you've posted, i'm still interested in the entry because you'll have presented it in a captivating way. lovely job & keep the good stuff coming! :)

kelpenhagen said...

Hey tavi - I was led to your blog because someone was hyping you as 12, but I keep visiting because you have great style, sharp wit and know your stuff...12 or whatever. I also like your blog because it reminds me a bit of me and my pals at school and the narrow minded, idiots we had to deal with every day. I am a creeky 36 now, and I can assure you that you don't "give up" wanting to experiment a bit when you get old and creeky like me. Sure - it def is easier as a young wipper snapper to be more experimental in dress, but we old foges can still pull it together when we need to (and also have superb wardrobe back-catalogues from which to draw from...). Jesus, I'm sounding a bit Dylan Thomas...
Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light
Anyhow, your blog is fab, and I love to check out each day what you have on for a bit of inspiration...be you 12 or 21, or 41…

Unknown said...

whats all this about 'i don't deserve the publications and readers i get'?
That's crazy. your blog is entertaining, witty, not to mention very stylish. And i always love the inspiration you draw on for your outfits! naturally, some of the interest surrounds your age, but anyone can see that it is a well written blog and your outfits are always beautifully put-together, these should be regarded independent of age. I've been reading your blog for months now, (though commenting is not really my thing)and I have to say, yours is my favourite one out there! (and I do trawl through a crazy amount of fashion blogs in an effort to avoid my senior year school work.)So take the credit and enjoy the publicity, tavi, your work definately deserves it.
xo lukie, australia.

Never Enough Shoes said...

I have to admit I didn't even realise you were 12 when I first read your blog! Like you say, style is ageless. Just keep doing what you do and to hell with the others!

Fashion Is Poison said...

hey bayybeee! it's been a while since i visited. i always thought and still think your blog is super awesome. and don't be silly, you so deserve the attention it has gotten! keep up with great work sweetie :)


Dana (MODAna) said...

awww I miss Meet the Freak

meliindaa. said...

ilove this post and all of the girls in it! and yeah, where did meetthefreak go?

Tavi said...

We keep in touch so she's not, like, dead or anything. But just stopped blogging, it's a huge commitment for her at the moment...

Jesus, what am I? A, like, spokesperson?

Anonymous said...

Aha. Well, I got on here via Hannah Cheeto's blog. :D
And I am in love with half of thos bloggers! :P
So I'm not the only one wondering where the hell meetthefreak went, but by your above comment, now I know.
I've wanted to make a blog for a while, and I guess this is what's going to make sure I make a blog! Bye!!

Anonymous said...

lol. i heart the 'adult"pix u posted up..and u wld definately had gotten thesameption if u were reception if u were older cos u know how t keep ppl glued and slurr on words...

Anonymous said...

I'm 28 and easily realize young bloggers are the only ones who know how to blog. That's something inherent to your age. And acutally you clever girls say much more wise things that propper adults. I'm gonna dedicate you also a tribute. And hope also can do soon in a propper magazine, in Spain (I'm journalist). Keep touch, you little genious.

In-tree-gue said...

One of the things that makes me read this blog is how entertaining your writing is. I also think you would be considered extremely well dressed if you were 20 but I do think your age did amplify your awsomeness. I'm only two years older and sometimes get questioned on my apperal aswell.

Anonymous said...

Tav star! (You'll prolly hate that, but it's just the way sometimes with us brash Brits!)
I totally hear hear to this post.
And I'd just like to add, that the reason I return here for a read regularly, because I love the way you write. You can't put an age on it, which further adds to your point really doesn't it!
Keep Dancing.

Charlie Brianna said...

I totally agree with your perspective on us young bloggers I think we're the best ones. Keep up!


Charlie Brianna :)

Unknown said...

AAH very good post !!

meg said...

I'm 13 and I have a blog and love Fashion. I'd like to think that my blog is awesome; but it's not. But it doesn't matter, I like expressing myself via Fashion Blogging. (:

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Unknown said...

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