Pictures of the 30's dresses! I also have a 20's outfit from today to show you all tomorrow.
Last night I was looking at Fashion Rocks and having a Kurt Cobain Rodarte hernia, now I'm looking at golden oldies again?
Fashion ADD, my friends.

This one below is a very long, droopy velvet cloak. It hangs beautifully and the button is swell (I'm starting to talk old, too). I think I'll shorten it.

These are the sleeves of two different dresses. One has sheer black slit-ish stripes, and the sleeves are pretty poofy. They remind me of princess sleeves, always a plus for days when I feel high-maintenance. The second one is the sheer cutout of one of those pillar-looking Roman (Greek?) things. We learned about them last year but I forget what they're called (proof that what we learn in school is forgotten in two months time).

This pretty little number below is a coat whose fabric is uneven at the bottom (purposefully), and whose half collar drapes around and is sealed with a cute little button. Silk, I believe. The lining is gorgeous, I should've gotten a picture of that as well.

Back and front collars of one of the dresses:

The bottoms of the pirncess sleeves curve and have buttons:

I'm not sure which dress this label is from, but it looks so nice.
Macy's can add as much red star stuff as they want to State Street, but Marshall Fields, you will be in my Chicagoan heart forever.

It was hard getting good pictures of the dresses, but you'll definitely be seeing them again. What do you suggest I do? Some are tearing a bit, but I'll try my best to cut and sew and hem and shorten and fix and whatnot. Though I cannot sew for my life and haven't a fraction of enough patience to learn how.

I'm going to vintage dress ruiners hell for sure.


Indigo said...

they look beautiful!

meliindaa. said...

disgustingly amazing finds
i wish i could find vintage stuff like you do!
do you want to link?

la mode est dans le ciel said...

omg. i loooove the sheer-ray collar/buttoned-sleeves on that dress ! if i could, i'd add shoulder pads, shorten the hem (assuming it falls straight down), and wear it with leather skinnies. so typical, but oh so goood.

that is, if i didn't have such vintage-dress-ruiners anxiety.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

okay. lets just forget this whole thing happened! *phew good getting that off my back* (total finding nemo moment there)

anyway, I like the striped sleeves. those are epic.

BTW, why dont you change the adress to your blog? Youre not a new girl in town anymore, and I checked (stalkery I know) and is available... Im just saying.

Jacqueline said...

Ello love!
Oh poop on toast that vintage is spectacular, spectacular ohp but you've been tagged- come check out my bogg.. even though I'm shore you already know tha rules.

Nadine said...

Just wear them. Wear them till they fall apart. Vintage ruining, forsooth!

Allie said...

Those collars and sleeves are to. die. for.

Anonymous said...

wow... these are indeed amazing finds... it would be lovely to see the finished product!

J.Yo said...

the sleeves are gorgeous, but they're too big for you, aren't they?

i dunno how to trim a sleeve, since it's so vintage i dunno how to NOT ruin it..

you're realy lucky! maybe a little photo session again?

Hannah said...

Those are crazy! I can't wait to see how you'll wear them.

Tavi said...

Yes, the sleeves are rather large :/

And wanderer, I'll use that when more people I know start finding this blog. That way I won't have to make a new one.
I hate my URL and have no idea what state of mind I was in when I created it. Stupid Tavi circa March 2008.

Ana said...

I dont know. I'm rather useless in the sewing/diy aspect. I also dont have any patience.

And about your below post-Urban Audrey is defenitely a great blog. One of my favourites actually. I also agree about the popularity thing.

geri hirsch said...

I have the worst case of fashion ADD right now too! Can't wait to see these on you!

sam said...

wow that coat is amazing and so is the cloak, actually so are all those other things! they're so great!

Rebecca Jane said...

Some seriously amazing finds. I love the black coat!

Claire Geist said...

loooooooooooooooooove those fabrics

they're like buttah

Hanna said...

Oh my gooooood those dresses are so, so amazing. I am so jealz!

J. said...

*drools* ok, i'm jealous. good luck fixing them up - i'm sure they'll look great!

WPZ - Sandy said...

Truly lovely dresses! Is there sheer fabric between the 'slits' in the sleeves on the left?

Might the roman term you're looking for be a capital? Ionic, Doric etc...

Anonymous said...

i love the collar!

Anonymous said...

Love those epic stripy sleeves! I have a vintage prom dress that's similar style, only with polka dots :)


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