i'm a cherry ghost

Susie, duh.

^I am obsessed with this Swedish chick. I want to kidnap her. She is gorgeous beyond belief and delightfully quirky and takes better photographs than Karl (I'll admit his clothes are fine, but I find his photography rather bland)

Inspiring photos.

Also, tonight my mom's friend stopped by to give me a bunch of old dresses that used to belong to one of her family members. The dresses go as far back as the 20's and 30's! I'll post pictures soon. Some are falling apart and they're all a tad big on me, as you can imagine, but I'm free to do whatever I want with them. However, I do not trust myself with a needle and thread. I'm scared I'll ruin them if I try doing anything. Like, touch them and they dissolve into dust. I'm jinxed when it comes to sewing.

and p.s., Urban Audrey is a wonderfully inspiring blog. Not only her own outfits and photography, but the photos she herself posts are saved in a file on my computer *stalker*
*For those of you who care, I'm not advertising Urban Audrey and she didn't ask me to do this. I'm recommending a blog I love, as people do with their link lists. I'm also crediting her for the first two pictures.
I would never ask for blog advertising and neither did Urban Audrey, because if you're blogging just for popularity you're not blogging for the right reasons. If you're reading someone's blog just because they read yours, you're not reading for the right reasons. Blog because you want to, read and comment someone else's because you like their content. Though it depends on what you consider the "right reasons"-blogging is only a competition if you make it. And who wants to make it that? Not creative, not fun. Just shallow.