Tonight I'm spending time catching up on my guitar playing. It's strange, because I never thought I would stop, but when I began taking an interest in fashion I became addicted and sort of blocked everything else out. I probably shouldn't say this here, but I'm far more passionate about music than fashion. It's weird that I spend so much more time on my blog, though.

Now allow me to overwhelm you with inspiration. When I got dressed this morning I had these in mind, but you'll see pictures tomorrow. I want to edit them and make em look good and carnival-ish. Now you know where I got my header from, too.


Hazel said...

i'm suprised you didn't include Miu Miu and Viktor and Rolf spring 08. they were both crazy carnival collections.

and that...was an alliteration. skillz. i know.

Tavi said...

I know, they corresponded well to the theme. They didn't come to mind when I was making the outfit though. Plus, it seems as if everyone has seen those by now.

Shade said...

Wow i love the first editorial! Its amzazaizingg

Anonymous said...

God, that editorial is so beautiful.

melange muse said...

These are cool photos! where did you find them?

Tavi said...

They're so gorgeous. I linked to the photo source at the bottom of the post.

sd said...

love love!!


Christian VdW said...

Love the inspiration you always bring to your blog! I'm definitely a fan - that you can always bring something new and refreshing, such as this post, and manage to have another one ready that's just as creative for the next time.

Coincidentally, I wouldn't worry too much about the music/fashion conundrum... I play violin and it's been my passion for a long time, but I still love fashion just the same!

-Christian van de Werken

Marilyn Roxie said...

Just recently came across your fantastic blog; I think it's fab to see someone so passionate about fashion (and music, too) out there; the two fields are indeed quite inter-linked. I've mentioned your blog and this post (I had never seen these pics!) on the new Livejournal community I started about Gothic Lolita + Mod fashion, since the Ivanisevic photos strike me with as having a rather 'Lolitamod' vibe~!

Siska said...

i love all these pics <3

Fräulein Julia said...

Gosh, you so remind me of the time in the nineties when I was your age and exactly looked like you... ;)

Emily said...

Thanks! This helps with my halloween costume! I have the black and white tights and now I'm thinking "hearts on my cheeks...???"

Great spread.

N/OutofFashion said...

Gorgeous photos

Tavi said...

marilyn roxie-Loved your post! I couldn't leave a comment because I don't have a livejournal, but I can see the mod-lolita look you were talking about.

J. said...

have fun with your music! the pictures are great - i can't wait to see what you've come up with. :)

laia. said...

dude, tavi you remind me so much of myself when i was younger! i played guitar too and i had weirdo hole cover bands with friends. the fashion thing was always what i wanted to do but it wasnt a thing my friends and i had in common or talked about or anything, only my mom.
keep on rockin dudezzz

City Chic Please said...

ahhhh, i simply adore the coco clown editorial!

and i have to agree that music was my first passion before fashion. i don't happen to be talented (boo my vocal cords), but i still love to sing and be a crazy fanatic over musicals...

Gabrielle. said...

this is incredible.

Anonymous said...

hi tavi,
just wanted to let u know i've added your link to
cos i adore your blog :)

Anna Shapiro said...

The last few pictures are my favorites.
I can totlly see you with the blunt bangs and bob combo (if your looking for a new style)

I really like your blog, and even though im only like a year older, i'm amazed at how awesome you are.
I know age doesnt really factor whether or not you HAVE style, but normally, I feel like older people have had more of a chance to develope and understand teir personal style, but unlike me, you seem to have yours all figured out.

kudos :)

Isabel said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures of Coco Rocha take my breath away!

Tavi said...

I KNOW! I found the full editorial on foto decadent and bookmarked it but it's on the other computer. I'll link it later, but she is so freaking gorgeous.

J.Yo said...

tavi! why dont you make ur hair like those on the coco rocha? i'm thinking fringe and blonde!

well, just saying.. ^^

that editorial was gorrgeous. the other day i was wondering where u got your head banner pic from. but seems i got the answer now.

bad grammar. sorry.
editorial. was . FIERCEE.

Rob Appleby said...

Almost Clockwork Orangey in look isn't it. I'd love to see more painted faces on the streets

Selina (Flying Saucer) said...

me inspiration? gosh! i forgot i had this dress though, i took it on holiday and my g-ma thought i was crazy! those were the days when i shared a bathroom with 20 girls and held the camera infront of my face, good times!

Anonymous said...

freakin' amazing.
love it love it love it.

Jenn said...

oo... the Red Balloon. I remember seeing the movie when I was in elementary school.

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