3 things getting me through the night

(image 1, image 2)


rebecca said...

1. wow. awesome!!
2. The vid wont load, what is it?
3. That book is mad good.

would you mind if i copyed the idea of making a blog of 'thhings getting me through the nighht'?

Maddi said...

My name is Madeleine and I used to watch the Madeline cartoons as a kid =]

Except my name is said differently, hers is like [mad-ih-line] and mine is [mad-ih-lin].

I love the floor on the first pic, I want a floor like that when I get a house of my own..

xx Maddi
All Brains, No Beauty

minteva said...

omg madeline, i LOVE madeline- i did a post on her last week!

Anonymous said...

I hope you could get some sleep. First pic is really disturbing!

Mimi said...

First pic is amazing.Awww madeline I used to watch it when I was younger!

erin hotchkiss said...

Madeline was my childhood book...and still is...I guess maybe I'm still a child.

Hazel said...

you like neutral milk hotel too?!?1?!

you just got five gazillion times cooler (even though you're already awesome) in my book!!!

nobody knows whoooo theeeey aarrrreeee


madeline is some of the finest children's literature ever

reminds me of my childhood she was my fav

M said...

holy love for Madeline. and the first picture is mad rad.

Tavi said...

Dazed and Confused did a GREATTT editorial (the first image).
The second video is Wilco performing A Shot in The Arm and Theologians. bhdfjebwifrewiu jeff tweedy.
Madeline is my best friend. I have the books, and the computer games, and always watched the show. Too. Good.

Copycat Sasha said...

I live for that first picture.

Katy said...

That first picture is amazing! You're 12, right? When's your birthday?

Tavi said...

My birthday is April 21 1996 :)

Zoë said...

I used to dress like her when i was little and i had short red hair so my parents always said they should have named me madeline because i looked like her! haha

in an old house in paris
covered with vines
lived 12 little girls
in two straight lines

in two straight lines
they broke their bread
brushed their teeth
and went to bed

hahahah i still remember it...thats how much i read them. I have them memorized! hha

The Spelunkers said...

madeline is wonderful.
also, has anyone ever likened you to rikki tikki tavi?
--the lightning

Anonymous said...

1 = Fabulars.
2 = Tweedy is always a little more exciting when the sounds of audience members collaborate with his Ray Davies-ness.
3 = reminds me of a cult of some sort? Perhaps I'm just a morbid thinker who should stop reading family oriented books to children, as I probably subconsciously mold them into horror novels that scar innocent youthlings for life.

Tavi said...

zoe that's adorable!
Yes, spelunkers, many times :)
Sav: tweedy=god. Him and NMH's Mangum. Best Jeffs ever.
I never related Madeline to cults, just an adorable british redhead :)

yishyene said...

You're the same age as my little sister! Heheh
I still cannot believe you're only 12! Keep it up you're awesome.

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