Today I wore patchwork shorts.
Not that kind, silly!
I bought them a little while ago for my wife (who's healthy now, yay!), but well, I just couldn't help myself and wore them today...God, I know. I'm so ashamed of myself. I just feel terrible. I haven't been able to eat, or sleep...actually, I haven't gotten the chance to sleep since I wore them, and I actually have eaten...but I still feel absotively posilutely awful. Ask anyone, I was in a bad and solemn mood all day, except for when I was dancing and jumping around at lunch, but other than that...I KNOW, OKAY? But it wasn't my fault! I was enticed! There they were, in the corner of my room, neatly folded, fresh out of the dryer, and I couldn't find anything to wear. So, I put on my Mozart shirt, red headband, watches, gray I-feel-like-a-business-man socks, Tao-ish boots, pulled on the shorts and headed out the door. (I grabbed my backpack and lunch too, obviously, but for the sake of dramatic effect we'll pretend not.)

In my defense, you've been wearing my potential studded hooker leggings, too. Call it even? Yay! God I love our superficial relationship.
Anyways, these photos really don't do Shawty here any justice. If I wasn't a generous individual I would keep them for myself, they are just too rad. Since they're big on me it's like a polka dot/tribal/paisley/floral pre-Yohji-draped skirt. Mmm. You have my approval, demode ones. Karl moment.
I'd like to experiment more with accesories here. More jewelry and possibly a belt.You guys seemed to like my venetian mask, so I thought I would show you my Jamaican and New Orleans ones, too. The Jamaican and venetian ones are both gifts from Stephanie's sister since she's cultured and travels abroad and buys me masks to play with at home while I watch Family Guy and Friends since I never go on any world traveling adventures. The Mardi Gras one is my sister's, as is my new room that my pictures are in, but she could not take either to college. HI HAG.^^We're the best of friends.

I wore two watches, courtesy of Sophie (and ate breadsticks!)