September 14, 2008

so's your face

The other day I drew on creepy puppet lashes with eyeliner and wore a doilie thing on my head (the outfit was a snoozefest, not worth posting). Everyone at school was so rude and confused! It was wonderful, exhilarating, nice for things to be back to normal. One of my teachers even asked did I get surgery and is that why I was absent for 2 days because I guess the lines looked like stitches or something behind my glasses (which were a total pain to have to wear at the same time, it made me look even more douchey). So whenever someone acted disgusted I would put on a creepy mime/dead doll/puppet face and stare at them really strangely to freak them out even more. God it's fun being malicious.

To those who want to know, I answered your photo editing questions in my most previous post. The answers correspond to these pictures, too.

Also, here's the link to the editorial I got my header from. Ellen+Red Ballon movie thang=holyshnike i think ima die.


April said...

i love you for being you and being happy about other people being assholes! :]

Chessie said...

lol, it IS kind of creepy. My gosh, you kind find humor in any situation.

Zita said...

I can't beLIEVE how awesome your photos are.

And I'm not exactly slutty with my photography tastes.

fashionista said...

You're awesome.
Sounds like a fun time.

Amelia said...

I really love the first picture. The doilie looks really cool. BTW, I started a blog and linked you, so if you want to check it out and link me, I would really appreciate it.

BARI said...

girl, i friggin' love your spunk, but seriously you're too young to be this dark. Love ya!

Fashion Is Poison said...

omg babe!!! scurrrred me

:: :: said...

yes extraordinary photos lately tavi, very claude cahun and man ray inspired.

hazel said...

the first photo is amazing.

it's great that you love shocking people. KEEP SHOCKING THEM!!!

beccajanie said...

I love that you are constantly keeping everyone on their toes - it's refreshing. The puppet eye doily look is - interesting? But fun.

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

ha ha
you are soo ridiculously funny!

i love how you take your fellow students' rude comments happily with a smile, just so it gives you an excuse to freak them out!
some gut!

oh yea, come check out my blog sometime!

Tavi said...

Thanks guys!
But I gotta say the #1 reaction was bari's-too dark? Thanks! To me the point of fashion isn't to look dainty and cute, and that's not the point of my blog either. I don't think I'm too young for this, and I don't think I'll be taking your advice either. Sorry?

bewkworm said...

you look like quite the melancholy clown. interesting. i suggest juggling. i wish someone from my school would come in like a clown. especially if they knew how to juggle, and broke it out frequently.

Tavi said...

My dad knows how to juggle. He should teach me, and then I can wear puppet lashes, doilies, and Miu Miu skirts.

belinda said...

that doily is genius.
i'm going to do that one day.
then i'll put pictures up and link you in my blog. it'll be epic.

belinda said...

most people don't see me because i'm so short :/ so my outfits mostly go unnoticed.

Tavi said...

I'm short too, but that seems to be why I AM noticed. Hmmm...I think people like looking down on me. Yes, that would be it.

eileen. said...

I like the clown look, and your comparison to mimes. Most people are creeped by them, but I think they're neat.
It's true! You CAN'T ever have too much of Ewan Mcgregor. Finally someone else who understands.

sturm und schnurrbart said...

you look like a china doll!

Tavi said...

eileen-I KNOW RIGHT. I've spent the past 2 hours listening to him sing Your Song. fjskdfheuri.

ttn said...

I'm assuming the third picture exemplifies your "creepy mime/dead doll/puppet face." If so, they creeped me out. Pretty sure it's safe to say you scared off any haters with those looks :P

Hanna said...

You are so efffing cool. You have robbed me of my normally fantastic capacity for description. Ever consider using this power to take over the planet? Just a thought.

breezy and arienette said...

kick ass, i love your blog. as for the people who are confused by your outfits, it's better to stand out than blend in!

Erin said...

Dude, I wish I went to your school. XD

And that first photo is amazing, it's creepy in an old-fashioned way.

head in the clouds. said...

wow. i totally LOVE the pictures. thats amazing.

hazel said...

what was with the random shutting off your blog for only invites thing?

i went to check it for updates and i was like "NOOO"
because this blog is pretty much my favorite fashion blog. you scared the bajeebies outta me (and my friends)

Tavi said...

Thanks guys! <3

kawachizzle said...

just wanted to say that i love your sense of fashion and your blog!

Isabel said...

Ohmigod, you are SOOOO awesome. I could never go to school like that, but you totally rock it! Tavi, you are my hero. Forever and ever. Amen.

MHBass said...

really interesting photos! and my blood is still boiling about that erin wasson quotation....

Shutter-Bug said...

Ooooh man. Love that first picture. I wish I took it :) Nice editing too!

WendyB said...

Very '60s.

sarasande said...

for some reason your make up really reminded me of donnie darko.

Tavi said...

Ha, I had to google that. Whatever works!

1220106722s13522 said...

Tavi: that first picture is phenomenal. SRSLY, too good!

Chic$tylez Personal Shopping said...


Enfievre said...

i cant even begin to tell you how awesome you are....

Becky said...

Tavi, you are an inspiration! I wish I was you when I was twelve!!

Digdag88 said...

i aspire to be you. or at least more like you, since the whole chance-at-being-a-cool-12-year-old window has sort of passed.

What Not & I said...

I love that photo second from the bottome - so creepy. It's kind of like something from a silent 70s arthouse horror flick. love love.

Alex Bura said...

I think it's a lot more exciting to dress like an individual and stand up for yourself, but also be cool and humble and use the attention to create positive influence. However, when a girl asked about my goth silver nail polish this weekend, I asked her if she tried the pizza yet and walked away, because she was playing sum dominance bs.

anonymainagony said...

you're so weird, i'm almost convinced you're not doing for the attention!

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