I'm a blondie

[this one's scheduled for the vacation]

So I FINALLY did the Debbie Harry recreation-and let me tell you, it was more difficult than I had predicted. I had some good pieces but didn't really know how to match them. Not my favorite outfits, but it did give me a chance to rediscover some clothes I had forgotten about.
Anyways, without further ado...

The inspiration. One of my records, my sailor hat, and a page in Fashion Rocks magazine: The product (click to enlarge): These are all pretty repetitive, like the pencil skirt, and most are pretty simple. But I am fond of the all black with the gold chains (thrifted for $1 each. Eat my cheap ass dust, American Apparel!)

Unfortunately my red wayfarers in #5 broke because I stepped on them. My feet have always been so harmless and small! I plan on getting another pair, but I already have 2 other pairs of red sunnies and plan for another color. Which color do you think I should get? I'm considering yellow or mint green...(FredFlare)