We all scream for ice cream

Today my friend and I were riding bikes and decided to stalk an ice cream truck to it's head-quarters. I gotta say, I died a little when I discovered it was some old vacancy lot. What a let down! Anyways, I thought this would be an appropriate post for that event (Hey now, Tavi's using themes!).
The hat is my dad's (can you guess what his name is? Go on.) I have no idea where this little cap is from but it has a cute touch to it, the ice cream cone makes me happy.
Darn, if my expression wasn't so, uh, sweaty looking this would've been somewhat edit-worthy. A little cross process here and there, +10 temperature, -15 saturation, the like. I'm such a nerd :)

Shirt-childhood closet
Skirt-Used to be mom's, she got it in Italy
Star pin-vintage

P.S. I just edited this because there wasn't a space between a letter and a parenthesis. As my sister says, I am high in perfection and low in significance. Meh.


yiqin; said...

I love the red skirt! The cap looks super cute on you :)

Rumi Neely said...

Hahha your outfit is as cute as your activity of choice. I used to hate red, white, and blue together but I find myself sort of obsessed with it now.

victoria renee said...

Love the skirt. I'm sorry your ice cream truck headquarters dream was not fulfilled. Haha :)

Ida said...

Loving the soft colors of the outfit, and the cap is simply rocking;))
Did you actually get ice cream? Because the picture is kind of implying you desperately want some:))

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Really cute combination, I haven't seen an ice cream truck in years...I haven't lived in a real neighborhood in years--yikes.

Gabsterr said...

i miss ice cream trucks! Your cap is adorable.

Sadly ive never been able to pull them off :l

Tavi, can you please check out my new blog?

Kira Aderne said...

i love ice cream, i wish I could have it everyday! heheheh

a kiss!!!

Elisa Kwon said...

you're always so cute. grr.

Anonymous said...

I love the skirt. I wish I was this well dressed when I was 12...you've got me hungry for ice cream now, haha.

jess said...

so sorry about ice cream headquarters. i like your outfit. that hat is soo fun

Nicola said...

your hat is so cool! love it!

Lauren said...

thanks for checking out my blog - im loving yours!

Wendy said...

You look so cute!

Lust for Fashion said...

love today's outfit!

Jello on Springs said...

Aww I love your blue top with the red skirt. It has a fish and a seahorse! So cool. And I totally like post stuff then see a mistake and have to go back and edit it.

Adri said...

Aw, the ice-cream deprived expressions is so sad :-(

Jillian Hobbs said...

lol cute hat so silly!

I really love that skirt actually your whole outfit is so pretty! you've got an eye for style!

Anonymous said...

hahaha im sorry about the whole ice cream truck fiasco.
but at least you got to wear a cute outfit while you were at it!

and yeahh i really want to get a pair as well.... but my mum hates them... so i doubt that i will be wearing a pair anytime in the near future.

kelsea said...

you are too awesome! most girls your age are busy watching reruns of the real world and shopping at abercrombie kids. its good to know there are younger writers out there. :] i think i started my first blog at twelve, too!

Ashlyn said...

I am inspired by your blog!
I'm only fourteen, so I'm kind of threatened by the whole blogging business.
But we can be the babies of the fashion-blogging-world!
And by the way, I really love the shirt in this post :].
Stay fashionable!

Tavi said...

Ida- Ah yes, eventually we cooled down and had some good ole freeze pops :)

Sugar Pop- As are you, hun!

Jello on Springs- Haha, glad to know I'm not alone. Perfectionists unite!

Kelsea- Thanks, that really does mean a lot :) I am glad I don't give in to all that stuff you mentioned, though.

Elizabeth said...

Cute skirt!

There was a Steve's Ice Cream near where I went to college.

Ella said...

Thanks for your comment! I linked you. I'm loving the outfit, cap works really well.

Sam said...

your skirt and shirt are great!
ahhh, you are amazing!! i wish i had the style you do when i was younger.

annah said...

tee hee, you look so cute!
they're such lovely colours on you.

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