Do the matthew

While doing my ritual of clicking on a random designer over at, I found my new obsession for the next few days. Click to enlarge.(Mad lasso tool skillz right here)
I find many of my outfits are too put together, too thought out. I don't experiment enough with clashing colors, fabrics, styles, and prints. After a few minutes of gazing at the computer in awe of these outfits (practically 1 centimeter away from the screen, mind you) I've decided I really need to take more risks with my style. Look at those prints (floral, geometric, tribal...) and materials (leather, satin, fur...), they are clashing but in a way that matches perfectly. So congrats Matt, you have earned a place on my inspiration bulletin board right above my dresser :P

Oh, and me being a Picnik whore:
I secretly want to dye my hair this color.