Do the matthew

While doing my ritual of clicking on a random designer over at, I found my new obsession for the next few days. Click to enlarge.(Mad lasso tool skillz right here)
I find many of my outfits are too put together, too thought out. I don't experiment enough with clashing colors, fabrics, styles, and prints. After a few minutes of gazing at the computer in awe of these outfits (practically 1 centimeter away from the screen, mind you) I've decided I really need to take more risks with my style. Look at those prints (floral, geometric, tribal...) and materials (leather, satin, fur...), they are clashing but in a way that matches perfectly. So congrats Matt, you have earned a place on my inspiration bulletin board right above my dresser :P

Oh, and me being a Picnik whore:
I secretly want to dye my hair this color.


Fashion Is Poison said...

very susie bubble esque

Anonymous said...

yeah i know how you feel.
i definitely shy away from clashing prints and all that jazz.

i am interested to see how you take inspiration from matthew and make it your own :)

Cicely said...

Did you see his s/s collection? Thats was quite tasty I'd say. My friend just dyed her hair pink and it looks amazing. You should try it, though I do love your natural colour.

Unknown said...

thanks for that model comment <3 i am only 162 cm so that's that :D and i am 23 so i am quite "old"
i agree jenny h i wanna see how u make Matthew to make it look u. (ok,i dont know was it proper English, i am Finnish :D)

Syed said...

Ooo those prints are fabulous!!

Jillian Hobbs said...

haha aww don't dye your hair! it's such a soft shade of blond and i love it!

geri hirsch said...

so funky, so london, i love it!

Anonymous said...

My hair was that color once. It made me very happy. You should try it. For a temp-try out: 4 packets of cherry (sugar free) Kool-aid, 2 packets of grape (sugar free) Kool-aid, 5 cups of warm water. Mix. Soak. Enjoy.


Kira Aderne said...

it would be a fun hair! :)
lovely outfits!

a kiss,

Lust for Fashion said...

The hair color would look great on you!
Love your blog!

Erin said...

Those are ingenious, I am constantly wishing that I could make outfits that look totally thrown together and yet perfectly harmonious. I love the one with the pink shirt.

Anonymous said...

awesome specs. i have a pair like those that use to belong to my dad.

Ana said...

mathew williamson was freaking amazing

Mary said...

nice to see you back

jess said...

i lie the mathhew williamson clothes. i think your hair would look pretty cool that color

victoria renee said...

My outfits are also matchy matchy. I just feel safe doing that.
Thats not a bad color for your hair, it looks nice. I love Picnik too :)

Cammila said...

This is a great post -- I never would have known about this designer. I'm often enamored of expertly-clashing outfits as well, but it never feels right when I try to wear that style myself -- if anything I feel better when I'm super matchy.

Also, that comment you left me is way too sweet. :)

Fashion Is Poison said...

you are so adotable

Sammie said...

I've heard of Matthew Williamson, but never seen anything of his. Now I'll definitely check him out now.

I think you should try dying your hair, it'd look pretty darn spiffy that color.

SICK. said...

i would loove to dye my hair pink, like lily allen has.


Tavi said...

Fashion is Poison- Susie Bubble came into my head too. Great minds think alike!

Nita-Karolina- Your English is fine, no worries, haha! Even if you may not "qualify" for being a model, I still love looking at your outfits and pictures :)

Jillian- I like my hair color too, but I need some change! I'll probably wait a while though if I do ever dye it.

Elastic Allis- Thanks for the tips! Now I might actually be considering it...

emily said...

amazing photo with the glasses. i wanna dye my hair that color too... but then again, i wanna dye my hair, like, every color xD

J.M. Powell said...

yeah, over the last few seasons mw has quickly become one of my favorite designers. love him!

Megan=) said...

My hair actually used to be that colour... It was only tempory, lasting maybe four, five washes. It was the first "rebel" thing I had done so I avoided washing it for a week, before my mum found out and made me. Kind of destroys the rebel thing, but I loved it. Love you and your blog- and wish you all the best. :)

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Darren Demers said...

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