We all scream for ice cream

Today my friend and I were riding bikes and decided to stalk an ice cream truck to it's head-quarters. I gotta say, I died a little when I discovered it was some old vacancy lot. What a let down! Anyways, I thought this would be an appropriate post for that event (Hey now, Tavi's using themes!).
The hat is my dad's (can you guess what his name is? Go on.) I have no idea where this little cap is from but it has a cute touch to it, the ice cream cone makes me happy.
Darn, if my expression wasn't so, uh, sweaty looking this would've been somewhat edit-worthy. A little cross process here and there, +10 temperature, -15 saturation, the like. I'm such a nerd :)

Shirt-childhood closet
Skirt-Used to be mom's, she got it in Italy
Star pin-vintage

P.S. I just edited this because there wasn't a space between a letter and a parenthesis. As my sister says, I am high in perfection and low in significance. Meh.