Closet raiding

I'm back from my unexpected absence. I notice all the fillers and large gaps between posts lately, but I am definitely going to post more consistently from now on with LOTS more outfits. Now that my sister knows about the blog, she almost forces me to use her camera. Nothing wrong with that , of course :)
A couple posts back, Missie.eng commented suggesting I do a post where I raid my parents' closets. My dad has basics, many things that bloggers post as a normal outfit (white button down, etc), so I focused more on my mom's wardrobe. She has the craziest taste. Purple tie dye leggings, anyone? She's not into the whole fashion thing, but sincerely thinks of her clothes as normal for anyone.

I love the pattern on this floral dress. You might be able to tell from my tired expression how hot it was-90 degrees!!!
Dress-mom's (from thrift store)
I used to think this pair of pants was the ugliest thing on the face of the earth. Now I'm lusting over a pair in my size. They kinda look like clown pants, but they're so crazy I love them.
Tee-Old Navy
Pants-mom's (from thrift store in Norway)
I think this outfit is my favorite. I did use a little of my dad's stuff in this one. He used to wear these glasses normally! I teased him about how similar they are to his mom's glasses and wanted to keep them. He said I could only borrow them (like he'll ever wear them) but they would hurt my eyes anyways.
Blazer-mom's (thrifted)
Sweater dress-Stephanie
Glasses-used to be dad's
I'd rather have what looks like a mangled centipede on my face than my I-can't-believe-we-don't-have-air-conditioning-in-this-joint expression.