Closet raiding

I'm back from my unexpected absence. I notice all the fillers and large gaps between posts lately, but I am definitely going to post more consistently from now on with LOTS more outfits. Now that my sister knows about the blog, she almost forces me to use her camera. Nothing wrong with that , of course :)
A couple posts back, Missie.eng commented suggesting I do a post where I raid my parents' closets. My dad has basics, many things that bloggers post as a normal outfit (white button down, etc), so I focused more on my mom's wardrobe. She has the craziest taste. Purple tie dye leggings, anyone? She's not into the whole fashion thing, but sincerely thinks of her clothes as normal for anyone.

I love the pattern on this floral dress. You might be able to tell from my tired expression how hot it was-90 degrees!!!
Dress-mom's (from thrift store)
I used to think this pair of pants was the ugliest thing on the face of the earth. Now I'm lusting over a pair in my size. They kinda look like clown pants, but they're so crazy I love them.
Tee-Old Navy
Pants-mom's (from thrift store in Norway)
I think this outfit is my favorite. I did use a little of my dad's stuff in this one. He used to wear these glasses normally! I teased him about how similar they are to his mom's glasses and wanted to keep them. He said I could only borrow them (like he'll ever wear them) but they would hurt my eyes anyways.
Blazer-mom's (thrifted)
Sweater dress-Stephanie
Glasses-used to be dad's
I'd rather have what looks like a mangled centipede on my face than my I-can't-believe-we-don't-have-air-conditioning-in-this-joint expression.


Biianca said...

awww your parents have some sweet things!
i love that floral dress!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Just found you through K.Line, who—very accurately—sings your praises. You have a nice eye for looks, an excellent writing style, and a great vocabulary. Nice job on the photos, too.

Your parents MUST be cool, from the look of what they have in their closets, and from the way you turned out.

I'll be showing this blog to my husband's 12-year-old daughter. I'll be back myself, too.

Caroline said...

ahh thats such a good idea..i wanna do it! although steph already did..but anyway nice finds, especially those pants. I always knew your mom was cool. :)

Sydney said...

how cool!

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Unknown said...

i adore that red dress. i want it to myself, pretty <3

fashionslacker said...

haha my dad had glasses that looked like your dads... maybe it was the "dad" style?

Anonymous said...

very cool steals. Those pants are so darn interesting, I've never seen a thing like them.

It is so cool that your mom likes to go thrifting! I would love to go thrifting with my mom, but she is utterly convinced that everything in a thrift store has pee on it.

annah said...

haha,this is awesome! i love the first dress! and the glasses suit you so well =D

and thank you for your lovely comment (: with the holidays just...eight hours!!!!!! away, i will be doing a lot more painty-sewing things =D

annah said...

oh, and my dad ALSO had glasses like this...


Thanks for your comment, it really means a lot, I find your blog very inspiring! xx
ps: the tiara is from my wedding actually, a wonderfully saved memento..

Shade said...

omg i loooooveeeee your friend has two pairs of those kind of pants. hahah...

Elisa Kwon said...

haha, very cool tavi. very, very cool. thanx for the comment hunn!


Annie said...

those glasses are so cute on u!

Luella said...

You look sooo cute with those glasses! And I really like the thrifted blazer :)

Tavi said...

Enc- Wow, thanks! That really means a lot. I'll tell my parents you think they're awesome (it'll be a tough task keeping a straight face).

Fashion Slacker and Annah- Maybe it is some type of dad thing! I find them kind of feminine, haha.

Natasha- My mom does go thrifting, but has all these guidelines she uses and makes me use too. Try like 20 different things I have to check for something that cost 50 cents, ha!

Fashion Chalet- Thanks! So neat the tiara has some sentiment along with being so pretty.

Shade- Your friend sure is lucky!

Samantha said...


Crazy pants LOVE. Those are worth wearing just for strangers doing double-takes. Heehee. Nothing says Fashion! like a pair of I Know These Are Crazy But I Don't Care What You Think pants.

I would totally wear your mom's blazer.

Unknown said...


superawesomeman said...

if you convince your dad to let you keep them, push the lenses out of the glasses and then they won't hurt your eyes. and you can poke your fingers through them. (:

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Darren Demers said...

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