Hippie? Wow, thanks!

Today I wore a skinny headband across my forehead. I also wore a black and white minidress with jagged flowers (H&M); green tights (H&M); my sister's old jean jacket; and a yellow polo I found in my closet that most likely used to be my sister's. The headband was red, and I wore it in the style like this:
My classmates called me a hippie. One kid told me I should have been "in a basement, smoking a joint."
I'm not offended by this. Lately 70's is a style I've been trying to impersonate. But come on kids, if you wanna insult me, come up with something better!
I try not to let these kinds of things get under my skin, though. I'd rather they make fun of me than dress the same way as I do. Ah, well. What are you gonna do.

Yours truly,
King (Formerly Eighth)


Stephanie said...

Not gonna lie - I'm really feeling the hippie thing right now too. (Must be the fact that it's going to be trendy again soon...) And what's so wrong about sitting in the basement doing that? XD

P.S. This is gonna link you to my blog. I'd appreciate if you wouldn't show it to a bunch of other people. Thanks

Jillian Hobbs said...

Okay... WOW
I don't know how old you are... but let me tell you, you're so fashionable now that when you grow up you're going to be ridiculously stylish and you'll be amazing!

i LOVE the hippie thing i've been really into it. I'm trying to keep my looks more casual and fun for spring/summer!

would you mind if i linked to you? I might even feature you on my blog because i'm sorry you're just too cool!

good luck and keep posting your outfits because they're fabulous!

K said...

ah i love heabands being worn like that, it looks really good. you are clearly far ahead of your time! i looked up my name on that baby name sight and it isn't even there! gutted.

Riot Nrrd said...

You know, it's true! I think I'd rather have people laugh at my clothes than wear my clothes too.

kirsty lee said...

i am in serious awe of your blog. absolutely loving it!

and this outfit is the coolest.

ccspoke said...

Ok, I've been reading your blog for the last hour or so after reading about it on my friend's blog... I initially got in bed so I could watch my new netflix. And I should mention that rarely anything comes between me and my netflix.

Hello new treat! That's exaclty what this blog is. A treat to read. And I'm commenting precisely on this entry bc you just blew me away, even more so than half an hour ago when I realized you were 12 and loved Marianne Faithful as opposed to Miley Cyrus.

Keep this up. It's a pretty good indication of "what you'll want in life."

I'm seriously considering putting netflix aside so I can catch up on this blog.

So, thank you :)

Tavi said...

Thank you Carrol! It means a lot, really. Have fun netflixing :)

Anonymous said...

I have that hippie-hairband self made!! check my blog..http://www.freaky-fancy.blogspot.com..it's dutch

Unknown said...

Haha - sorry! But what I find funny is that they were totally in fashion everywhere in the summer. So you obviously you started a trend. :P


slwilson said...

I love this post. You are so inspirational. I have recently had a few nasty insults about the way I dress because I tend to be individual and I definitely agree with your statement at the end of this post xxx

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