Hippie? Wow, thanks!

Today I wore a skinny headband across my forehead. I also wore a black and white minidress with jagged flowers (H&M); green tights (H&M); my sister's old jean jacket; and a yellow polo I found in my closet that most likely used to be my sister's. The headband was red, and I wore it in the style like this:
My classmates called me a hippie. One kid told me I should have been "in a basement, smoking a joint."
I'm not offended by this. Lately 70's is a style I've been trying to impersonate. But come on kids, if you wanna insult me, come up with something better!
I try not to let these kinds of things get under my skin, though. I'd rather they make fun of me than dress the same way as I do. Ah, well. What are you gonna do.

Yours truly,
King (Formerly Eighth)