Re: 1960's business was dirty and fashionable

Remember when I told you about the play I was in, and the costumes are totally wearable? Well I finally have the pictures! This being a kids show, I can firmly state that these are all from secondhand shops. My costume, however, was from Gap! I didn't like it enough to put it up though....Props to Maria for letting me use her camera, as I still sigh and wait for mine. And sorry the pictures are so pixelly! I have got to figure out how to fix that.
You have no idea how badly I wanted to steal that skinny, white, leather belt....
With the right accessories, I would wear this in a minute.

The beehive actually complements the dress quite nicely!

So, enjoy! Hopefully the show will be an excuse to get my camera early....
Yours truly,


biancaaa said...

you are stephanie's sisters friend...right? I visit her(stephanie) blog a lot and recognized the photos!
you are adorable!!!!!!
and dont worry, your torso is tiny!
haha, your blog is really cute, keep up the good work!

Tavi said...

yup, thats me. i find your blog to be very helpful, especially when i need an idea for a post! thanks for the comment!

Stephanie said...

Agh I loved the costumes in that play! If you want the pictures to be less pixelly, upload them with blogger (if you aren't already) and check the "large" option instead of small. That should do the trick!

Stephanie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Riot Nrrd said...

That gray dress is wonderful!

Emma said...

the girl in the red dress on top with the blonde hair wouldn't by any chance be named heather, would she?

Tavi said...

How'd you know?

Emma said...

i know her!! well, she used to go to my school anyway.

Emily said...

Woah! Heather used to go to my school! Well if thats the right one! Haha this is such a coincidink!

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