1960's business was dirty and fashionable

Tech week....blah. That means not getting homework done (the reason I am home from school now-but you don't see me working, do you?) and coming home late every night with ten pounds of lipstick on, sweaty head to toe from those stage lights, blinding mascara clumps, and so much hairspray you don't even feel your head touching the pillow. Luckily, tech week also means junk food and goofing off in the dressing room with friends. So I guess there's a plus side to everything.

The play I'm in is called How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. It's kind of a satire on how easy it was in the 1960's to get ahead in business, and the sexism in the office.

Once everyone was dressed I'm kind of thinking, "Wow. I would actually wear that." So I'm getting a lot of ideas about different projects and outfits to put together. Pictures up later!

Yours truly,


Emily said...

Ahaha, I saw the play and i would totally wear like everything in it

StyleVictim said...

Ah! I was in that show and yeah, I had so much damn hairspray in my hair at the end of the day. It took me like and hour in the shower to get it all out! (that's what she said) But I had so much fun and I LOVED the clothes. I never wanted to take my costume off!

Katie said...

I started reading your blog in 2009-ish? And I just decided to go way back to your old posts once again and yet you are still way cooler than me so uh, yeah thanks for making me feel like since I'm also 15 I should've accomplished much more by now. JUST KIDDING THAT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. That's my own unhealthy thinking, or something.
Anyways, I recently went to How To Succeed on Broadway, with Daniel Radcliffe, so um yeah, this comment is totally relevant.
- whimsicalbutabsurd.tumblr.com

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