Photo Shoot-Me and my friends

So these are the first pictures of actual people I am posting-hooray!
I'm the blonde and rather short one (told you!) Emily is the one in the I♥NY tee, and Caroline has the photograph in the washing machine. Oh, and sorry the pictures are so small-any bigger and they would've been really pixely. If you click on them though, they'll show up in a new link in a better view. I wish I could tell you where the clothes are from, but they aren't mine. Most of them are secondhand though, or from England, New York, Israel, or Paris.

Yours truly,


We Bite The Sharks said...

I must are amazing! I need more posts from you because this blog is thee bee's knees.


Anonymous said...

oh deaar..! please do type some more :) you & your friends are totally fabulous!g

Olivia Tripp said...

wow! You look so young here and with long hair!! Still beautiful as always. ♥♥

Typo Tat said...

Cool. I totally want the Hebrew coca-cola shirt :)

Reesee Zigga Zagga Makes Pictures said...

Tavi you are just adorable!! The long hair gives you a different personality.

victoria.clow said...

I've always wanted a Hebrew Coca Cola shirt. Jealous!

Indigo said...

wow really really lovely clothes :) X

Leah said...

this is almost vintage, haha is it sad that i am once again reading through all your posts...

Maxens M. Finch said...

It's gonna be fun seeing how you evolved in style.

Caro oh! said...

can't believe I read all of your posts now..
puuuh it took a long time, but it was worth it !
I'm so in love with your style, wish i had such a great style when I was younger...I looked so boring :D

Greetings from Caroline, the german graphic design student !
visit my blog if you're bored ;)

(sorry for the bad english :D)

SMD said...

Wow you and your friends had such cool style!! Omigod that coke shirt is awesome. I'm like SHEBA I'm just reading through all your old posts and your style is amazing! While you were off starting a fashion blog I was a sixth grader who thought Abercrombie and Uggs were "fashionable."

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