fall vibes part 3

Freaks and Geeks would be impossible to screencap, since the nostalgic parts are basically anything that has their house, their school, or the outside in it? Mostly it's my own nostalgia. I saw both Tenenbaums and Freaks for the first times around the same time, and it was fall, and kind of like this, only I am not as cool as Bill:


Laura Morrigan said...

i love both of these! i have loved Margot for ages, altho i only recently discovred Freaks and Geeks!



Penny Dreadful said...

I just watched that freaks and geeks episode. Hilarious. I kind of need a grilled cheese sandwich now.

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

why am I a teen right now? I always debate whether I wanted to be a teenager in the 50s, 70s or 90s. AND Ohhhman look at that tv, screw hd i wanna watch my show on that fuzzy screen.


Mana said...

no one is as cool as bill

The Fancy Teacup said...

Nothing emulates fall as much as the imagery in the Royal Tenenbaums. I can watch that film all season long.


thwany said...

i can't believe it's been a decade since that movie came out.

Ophelia said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing that movie!


Unknown said...

I just started watching Freaks and Geeks a month ago, great show! :) I've never seen "The Royal Tenenbaums" but I maybe I should now, lol, looks interesting. :)

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Joy said...

Why is it that everything you do is mindblowingly amazing! Just sayin'. I can't sleep tonight so I am going through your archives, that's all.

Demilade said...

Ur blog is one of my favorites and i luv ur site too. U give me inspiration to be a better blogger.

chloé said...

now i really need to watch freaks and geeks.

Anonymous said...

Freaks and geeks, is full of inspiration!!


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Anonymous said...

So many great vibes from this post

larobi said...

they have both really great soundtracks, i recommend them! And I found on youtube a fantastic sad kermit sings needle in the hay http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oEYMGL0ZtA

Sam said...

Freaks and Geeks is so cool!


Agnes Deer said...

The Royal Tennenbaums is one of the best movies ever! Gotta check Freaks and Geeks, though. Will do :)


Unknown said...

I have never seen Freaks and Geeks, I must do now!



Mr kane said...

never heard of it! i will need to watch it!





Anonymous said...

your OBVIOUSLY not as cool as billy - I don't think anyone ever could be ;)

Emma said...

When I first saw that episode of Freaks and Geeks, I wasn't sure whether to cry or laugh until I came dangerously close to having an accident. I think it was the latter :)


Heroika Magazine said...

Those both film are like a legend of the Geek team...


Anonymous said...

I've never seen this film but i really want to though, it looks really good.


EmK said...

Ffff I love Freaks & Geeks... and its convenient to own the whole season too I GUESS.

But yeah I like this post and yeah.

ashley said...

This is my favorite episode (and possibly scene) of Freaks and Geeks ever. It really stands out in my mind.

I also love the part where they are in the car with the Coach and the boys in the back are joking around and Sam says in this really strange voice "Do you want a dollar?!" Remember that?

Brittney said...

I love photos with a yellow tint. Of course, anything that makes a film/photo feel nostalgic is a plus. ;) Ironically, learning how to live in the moment makes life more enjoyable, but nostalgic art just feels sooo good. ;)

pursuing poise said...

Such a good movie, I love that coat she wears.

Anonymous said...

Paolina That's funny I would want to be a teen in the 60s or 80s!


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Tessa G. said...

I am in love with the Royal Tenenbaums. That is one movie I can watch endlessly and never tire of it.

"I tied it to the radiator."

PERFECT. I always want one of those gnarly stripe dresses to pair with some thick eyeliner.

Ingrid said...

I LOVE you blog! I've been reading it for a long time and you have totally inspired me to start my own super awesome blog! :)

cancercowboy said...

i think the Tenenbaums is Anderson's most perfect movie as yet (haven't seen Rushmore though). with the exception of that dog appearing outta nowhere at the end. plenty of missed opportunities to introduce it to the ensemble ^^
heck, nit-picking

Anonymous said...


Hanna said...

I loved freaks and geeks, should go and find out if I could get a DVD set box for cheap from somewhere!

I am not sure you are aware but a Finnish teens magazine has a vote on the "Blogger of the year" at www.demi.fi and you are the only "foreign" or not-Finnish blogger on the list. Here's a screen shot of it http://karkkipaiva.indiedays.com/files/2011/10/Demi_vuodennainen.jpg (The screen shot is from your Finnish competitors blog).

Lydia Armstrong said...

One of my favorite things about "The Royal Tenenbaums is how all the characters basically have one outfit they wear all the time, or variations of the same outfit. Such an awesome detail.

Claire said...

Of course, freaks and geeks is hOnestly the greatest!
Also I really love the handwritten pages from your notebook! They add so much charm and personality

Melissa said...

I feel blessed to have grown up in the 80's or 90's. I used to hate it-and wished I was youthful in the 60's. But, that was before I grew up and declared that I could never handle growing up in this generation. Heck-I used a typewriter for the first 2 years of university.

MarylizRose said...

I really like your blog, we like the same :)

Julia said...

I love Rookie! :) I'm just hoping there will be a printed version some day..... :)

Amal said...

I am seriously loving these series!

Mali said...

Hi! your posts are crazier than mine
hahah...but I LUV IT!! huge pictures are really HOT!!

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