June 6, 2011

i've got a high school crush on a california girl oh yeah

I'm getting into neon Weetzie Bat summer witch surfer girl skater babe vibes as soon as finals are over. My brains have melted from school and the heat and can no longer think in terms of academics. During my interview test for French my teacher asked what I later found out meant, "What is your favorite dessert?" and I answered what I later found out meant, "I love biology!" So, you know. Summer. Please?

Weetzie Bat, mollysoda, Melanie Dawn Harter, Kerplunk-Punk, Hasisi Park, Nicole Levaque, Teen Witch Nicki Minaj shrine, old Elsa Schiaparelli perfumes, Skate Witches, Etsy but I can't remember the store (help?), Undercover "Alice" dress detail, Competition Skates' Rampage, Gemma Ward by Corinne Day for Vogue UK, unknown photographer, Peyote-Princess, and Peyote once again (her blog and new tumblr).
That's the Curse of Being Young by Hunx and his Punx Big Bad Mean Motherfucker by Girls Summer Goth by Wavves Sun was High (So Was I) by Best Coast Come to the Sunshine by Van Dyke Parks Paradise by the Shangri-Las Dancing Barefoot by Patti Smith Los Angeles by X Drivin' On by the Breeders Punk Rock Girl by That Dog Tapestry by Carole King His Indie World by Mary Lou Lord California by Joni Mitchell Honey by Marine Girls Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter Paul & Mary Indian Summer by Beat Happening After Hours by the Velvet Underground
Download here for your own Shangri-L.A. moods.


Mitchie said...

I always like the angry colorful vibes I get from you girl!

The Fancy Teacup said...

Can't wait to see the neon celebration you put on once finals have ceased! Best wishes.


Mordrian said...


JENNA said...

These images somehow remind me of The Virgin Suicides; maybe because I just watched it.
I know exactly what you mean; I have exams coming up and my mind is just ... blah at the moment.
I love your unique style and individuality.

Rose said...

Jesus. I'm sewing eyeball buttons on all my clothes from now on.

coy colleen said...

cult phenomenon
i like

enjoy your summer!

Michelle Detorie said...

Tavi, Have you watched Buffy yet? It's basically MSCL -- with vampires.

Kionon said...

Oh, Tavi. Just wait until you get to college. And then graduate school. No summers when you need the credits.

Also, please tell your teachers how much they mean to you... many of them have to stay at school and do workshops. It's boring, we teachers don't like it. We teach because of you, and when you're not there, it's just work. Boring work.

Greta said...

Great photos!

twoteensadventurers said...

I kinda love velvet underground and all these pictures remind me of nico in a very strange dark way

Mina Jade said...

I love everything that looks gothic - I especially like the first photo with the rodent. The hair and make-up (the girl's and not the rodent's) look awesome. By the way, I still cannot understand why you visit school. Do your parents force you to do so? Had I had a chance, I would have skipped school in the first possible moment - actually that was what I did. I have quite an acceptable IQ and knowledge about literature and arts (I do not want to boast, but there you go), but surely I do not owe it to school and teachers and classmates... You really could afford to leave school...

Carnivorous Seaweed said...

Wow weetzie bat! I borrowed it from the library in 3rd grade and I was like WTF?! but now I understand how wonderfully high that book is.

Sydney said...

fantastic! i want a mice pet lol!

rouli said...


Ariel Von Lagerlöf said...



Joe said...


Afra Klinkenberg said...

I SO get this.... :)

zoomslow said...

Fun! :-)) Colourful and textural magical mystery vibes. Nice mix of words and images, Tavi.

And thanks for the songs! Speaking of which, I’m in the process of writing one now. I’ve taken some inspiration from your “rei kawakubo (H&M)”. The song will be called ‘This is a Hold Up’. I originally had in the chorus, “That’s what he said and that’s OK!” But then decided it’s probably not such a good thing to endorse, so changed it to, “That’s what he said, it’s not OK!”

I’m sure Lennon/McCartney went through this kind of moral complexity all the time during their song-writing days :-)

minimal coast said...

I've got a crush on molly soda too.

thwany said...

haha that nicki minaj shrine is too funny.

A Beautiful Party said...

I love weetzie on all the dangerous angels stories. listen to Suddenly Last Summer by the Motels. it makes me think of weetzie.

smile and rummage said...

Love this! Check out www.rookiemagazine.com

Davidikus said...

Wiz all zese trips to Paris for fashion shows, I thought you would have mastered French by now!


Mani said...

Love the green hair! It reminds me of fabulous Nicki Minaj!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

Emilija said...

Amazing post! All of these colored hair pictures actually made me want bright red hair even more. I think I'll go for it. Soon!

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Jessica said...

I love the space ring!


Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;


mel said...

Weetzie Bat is my all time favorite book, Witch Baby being my favorite character.

mel said...

Weetzie Bat is my all time favorite book, Witch Baby being my favorite character.

StyleCandy said...

you're super fantastic. i love that picture of Gemma. it makes me want to go make a daisy chain.


Kacie said...

I'm having flashbacks of these crazy photo shoots my friend Heidi and I used to do back in junior high and high school! So fun!


Vasara said...

hello,I want to write you a letter.can you please give me your e-mail adress?


Saúl said...

Amazing colours and Mollysoda is incredible! I will never stop saying that you INSPIRE me so much! kisses lovely tavi!

Fee said...

What a beautiful post!

Floz said...

I love Wavves! The photos are nice too, I like greeny-blue hair.

Claire said...

This is so lovely. I just want that MK hair so bad!
Love the new header by the way!
Wish it was summer here already. :)

darkcrystalmagick said...

thank you so much for promoting my images <3 my new blog is actually cosmicforestpeople on tumblr, or this one, if you care to check it out.

much love to you, sister. namaste, buddha baby <3

chelsea said...

Have you seen the I Love Wildfox Weetzie Bat inspired photo shoot? I posted it on my blog (http://dearilou.blogspot.com/2011/04/style-icon-weetzie-bat-again.html) You would love it. I definitely do. Weetzie is so slinkster cool.

Alexis said...

i can't believe there isn't a photo of Yolandi Vi$$er and her rats.

Tavi said...

Kionon - I appreciate my teachers a great deal! My dad taught at my school for over 30 years and has instilled in me lots of respect for my educators. (If that doesn't sound like an English teacher's daughter's comment...)

Mina Jade - Ha, I actually really like high school, and all my different teachers have a lot to offer. I wouldn't be allowed to quit and even so I wouldn't want to.

darkcrystalmagick - Oh thanks for the new links! You're amazing!

Jin Ai said...

WOW you have no idea how sad you made me when you said you don't remember the etsy shop
!!!!!!!!!!AHHH tavi memory go go go plzthx

johanna marie said...

damn i love you and your blog


Terri said...

I want a crystal ball and a third eye.

Bri said...

loving this entire post. "witch baby" is the first FLB novel i ever read. this post has inspired me to take my dangerous angels chronicles along when i go on tour for two weeks with my friends' band as my reading material.

DoeHands said...

I'M SOOOOOO happy to see that Real Life teenagers still find out about Francesca Lia Block books, I was so bummed when all the vampire books were at the borders but there was no sight of FLB last time I checked around the holidays. Also, your playlist was a great soundtrack to clean my apartment to and think of my friends and family in CA while I'm in the midwest also!

Tilly Mix said...

Have you read the Angus, Thongs, etc books? Your "I love biology" is a classic :)

"Victory. Victory. Madame Slack has been on my case about being lazy in French and I have just got eighty-five percent in a test. Hahahaha. Fermez la bouche, Madame Slack. I did it by learning twenty-five words and then making sure I answered every question by using only those words. So to question one-'In French, what is your favorite food?' my answer was "Lapin" (rabbit). For my essay, 'What did you do on a sunny day?' I made sure I played with a rabbit. Describe a favorite book-Watership Down-lots of lapins in that" -Georgia Nicolson.

Stephanie Marie said...

Thanks for reminding me of Witch Baby! Now I want to go re-read it ASAP.

And I LOVE when you post these mixes. Your taste in music is fabulous. I was especially pleased to hear some Joni Mitchell today.

mad said...

Did you ever read Violet & Claire? That was by far my favorite FLB book when i was teenager. Her style of writing so beautiful and ethereal...

Alice said...

I love this. It makes me want to draw evil eyes on my forehead & stare at strangers.

I have finals tomorrow but instead of studying today I just went to the beach. It's too hot. Also don't feel bad about French-someone in my Spanish class opened her written exam letter with 'Dear Rosa, what is your name?'

Natassia Lea said...

So Colorful!

Sarah Moriarty said...


You must immediately get yourself all albums by Helium, but start with Pirate Prude and Dirt of LUck to continue your summer vibes. "Honeycomb" is my favorite song EVER. Mary Timony, who you probably already know, is exactly your kind of woman--witchy, sparkly, bee-yoo-tee-ful, and ridiculously talented.


Carys said...

I love your photos of inspiration. In every post they're always so effective in conveying your particular mood. I like how you can put an outfit together and then show these images and it makes complete sense.


0c771d0e-916f-11e0-ba2e-000bcdcb5194 said...

i was so in love with francesca lia block books when i was younger. i remember reading and rereading weetzie bat when i was a teenager (and i still read it now from time to time...) is that movie EVER gonna come out?!?!!

Tuyen Tran said...

A very special friend of mine gifted me Dangerous Angels as a Christmas present. There is something so sickly sweet about a tale in the City of Angels that gives me reason to want to visit California in the near future. Like others have stated, I too find you wonderfully and refreshingly inspirational. Enjoy your summer~ <3

zoomslow said...

:-) (<3)

broknbones said...

we live by our own rules take me for example i'm the queen witch and I only ride at midnight

Mathew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mathew said...

Anyone interested in reading a 15 year old boy's blog?
All of you groovy folks stuck in the depression area I'd advise you to come check me out.

If it isnt to your liking dont come back :) How easy is that?



p.s - Tavi, you're inspirational. Go teenagers all over the world. Or something.

Jelliy said...

nice eyeball

Filia said...

Greeting to all Witches... ^-^

and @ Mordrian: You're so right!!

E. Von Bertalanffy said...

Is 22 to old to want rainbow-coloured hair? I feel like I missed out on something I should have done as a teenager.

riptidemurmur said...

one of my favorite series of all time! i adore flb's writing style. you can taste her blindingly beautiful prose.


Yo...Tavi, really love your blog, love the kinky goodies, love your style too. Keep post your open-eyed-open-mind for the rest of us.

Sincerely from the starter, faraway from islands of Indonesia.


Bella said...

I heart The Velvet Underground. My fave from them is "I'm Sticking With You" because it sounds like a love note from a science nerd. And I say "nerd" with luhrve. I love rainbow/cosmic/mellowed out/surfer girl/California vibes. Speaking of "California", that's my fave song from Joni Mitchell. Haha.

Nynke said...

Those bleached hairs are just amazing.
I think I might go turquoise next, now that the pink has washed out haha


20thCgirl said...

Thanks for the moosic! I'm going to pretend I'm a tie-dye hemp-weaving hippie whilst I chill out and listen to it :)

bri said...

saw this and thought of you tavi!


EmK said...

oh your blog entertains me so.

Word Smith said...

Super play list

olivias-pizzaz said...

coool colours!! and sweeet playlist!

Jason said...

Love the feeling I get from the photos as a whole...I definitely feel it portrays the direction of fashion without throwing it in our faces. You never fail to impress Tavi!

Little Sable said...

What e nice-crazy collection!!!!
kisses from your follower ♡

With love Little Sable

caden said...

love the photo with the candles!


Jasmin said...

Great photos & cool song... I just love your blog! It´s always a good inspiration :)


A.Hurt said...

I found Francesca Lia Block in 9th grade, and it took over my world pretty quickly :). And, yes, 12 years later I still read them now & then. Good to know it still happens!


Amy Creyer said...

So much of this post reminds me of that Meadham Kirchoff collection. The one you have the jewelry from. I seriously think you inspired that collection Tavi.


CPC said...

Hi Tavi, I am a huge fan of yours. I could go on but many others do so just keep doin what you're doin. And here's a song to cheer you on while you do it: http://soundcloud.com/chelsieflorence/house-of-the-rising-sun

D♥R said...

♥♥♥ mollysoda rocks


Amber said...

I don't know what kind of vibes I'm getting but there definately good vibes!! I love this blog, and the pics have given me some inspiration for art projects! thank you :)


Hadera Burki said...

great pictures.

check out my blog, i'm a 13 YEAR OLD BLOGGER - http://haderablog.blogspot.com/ ♥

My Karma said...

I love your blog work. And it is really inspiring :)


HauteCouture-addicted said...

Dear Tavi !!!
(I'm French so I don't speak very well English!)

I'm so happy when you post a new post in your blog !! I love your blog because I'm a big fan of fashion and I love your way to see fashion because I think that everybody see the fashion differntly !!
Please if you have the time go to see my blog !

I'm so happy to have discover your blog and to have meet you and your fashion's talent!
Bye !!

pugpuppy said...

Hi Tavi, my name's Molly. I sent you a comment a few days ago but I forgot where I posted it. anyway I've been on your blog before and it's weird, but creative. You have a great sense of imagination and fasion. I don't do fashion but I love to draw cartoons and I made a blog where I posted my works and other stuff. I was hoping I could get discovered for it like you did. I didn't think of this now though, I've been planning on being famous for drawing for a long time. could you look at my blog whenever you have the time? I can't send you a link so the address is www.phillipandphyllis-pugpuppy.blogspot.com

Angeles Almuna said...

Great post! very original and unique...and I have to see this neon Weetzie Bat....bla bla bla! crazy you!
Kisses Lady Tavi and summer is coming so soon!


Meagan said...

I am naive and I don't know what Weetzie Bat is, so I have nothing very worthwhile to contribute here, but it looks cool and sparkly etc etc. (merp monotone)


Ravenna Moreira said...

LOVELY POST!!!!! :))))))) www.pulsacoesplanetarias.blogspot.com

Rachel Cannon and Ken Sims said...

I LOVE the escapist post, Tavi. It makes me wish I was trapped in a colorful dream world, complete with a pet rat. : )


bex.52 said...

Awesome pictures, love all the girls with blue hair. I just finished my exams, ready to bask in the summer sun already!


Wil said...

People check out my new baking blog, i've got a dream to write a cookbook while I'm still young and you, tavi, are a great example of how young people can thrive!


Cess said...

Youre so funny! I love reading your blog, and I read it almost everyday, arent I creepy and weird?! Oh ya and i was wondering if you could look at my blog theflowered.blogspot.com

punkius said...

As much as the picture with the girl rat creeps me out (I HATE RATS), I love this post!

Miss Sofie said...

As if I didn't already LOVE YOU ENOUGH, you qoute a Girl song? Let's get married and have seven babies.

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I just pulled out all my Francesca Lia Block books...I love these pics, they capture what I imagined as a teenage while I was reading them. PS-my blog is named after a part of one of her stories.

cancercowboy said...

nice mix.

Lily said...

Love this!

101fashionavenue.blogspot.com is my blog!

josh said...

only stuff on this one worth listening to are Los Angeles and and Big Bad Mean Motherfucker (I think Hellhole Ratrace is better but I guess it doesn't go with the whole glo-fi dream-pop electric chillwave theme). srry bout the cynicism. i liked your riot grrrl mix better.

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When you first step into love, you do not know what will come. You did not see those films that ultimately means nothing or not. You despite a very extravagant way, but so that love becomes beautiful. In the following relationship, you will become cowardice and fear qualify.
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huong duong said...

Sure. Was first tried dating messaging, portable first person, the first time sulking, waiting for their first time ... A lot of the first time been given away. We still are people who like nostalgia, we can forget the times then, but first it is impossible forever
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