this whiskey priest he burned the church to keep his girls alive

Like if you found out your high school was actually a cult. Eerie pastels, scrunchy socks, stuffy button-downs, and iconography of all kinds. Satan's School, Organized Robots, The Virgin Suicides, Grace Miceli, Allison Harvard, Craig McDean for Vogue Italia, Google street view, and Bombay by El Guincho.

Submissions to the magazine end at midnight Central time tomorrow, Friday the 19th! Please reread the requirements before submitting, and be sure to send it to instead of my blog email because any sent there will be deleted, as will any emails sent after midnight tomorrow (I've said it before and I'll say it again -- we wanna get moving!) Thank you to everyone who has submitted so far and I can't wait to start taking a look over the weekend.


Unknown said...

with whiskey

Anonymous said...

Hey, check the pictures... there are errors.

Rose said...

Yeah, the vast majority of the post is "currently unavailable" :( But, uhm, it sounds super cool and spooky...

Tavi said...

Oops! Thanks for letting me know. Fixed it :)

Kaiami said...

I recognized the photos for Vogue Italia because I bought that issue (actually to be precise, my mom bought it because I told her I needed it for school). My first European magazine, and also my most expensive. All of my other foreign magazines are Asian ones, which are pretty cool too (street snaps are pretty darn amazing).

I like that last picture, by the way. It looks uncomfortable.

penny lame said...
this is a self portrait by alison harvard

helle said...

i remember alison. she was a semi myspace celebrity and ended up on america's next top model. weird spooky girl, makes sense to include her in this sequence.

WendyB said...

That last braid picture is terrifying!

Renee said...

Oh I remember that ed in Vogue Italia with the robots... I sort of stared at it for minutes before saving it on my computer.
The first 'unknown' is indeed by Allison Harvard, who I believe was an America's Next Top Model contestant but had these way-too-cool-for-Tyra pre-show shots...

Anonymous said...

awesome catholic school and eerie/kitchy vibes.


Kathryn said...

last picture is by the artist group jan family i am pretty sure...

alexis said...

badass idea and post. love the photos that you picked to correlate the theme.

M'selle Lily said...

Hey! The last picture is taken from the clip of the song "Bombay" from el Guincho. Awesome video, awesome song.

The director of this video is Nicolas Mendez.

Joan said...

makes me wish i went to catholic school now for some reason....

Riot Nrrd said...

Doesn't that girl in the Catholic school uniform look like Alison Harvard/Creepy-chan?? I'm pretty sure it's her! 8D

boyunso said...

i really wanted to send to you. but this one appesred everytime "error"... wow..
what should i do for it..:(

anyways, love it. and i hope the great wonderful result for it^^


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. Especially the heeled Prada loafers x

Melika said...

Tavi, you are so lovely. Fantastic post. xx

thwany said...

looking forward to what you guys are going to produce :)

Inna Santiago said...

I love the Virgin Suicides!!! I did a fashion editorial shoot for my fashion school before and my inspiration was Lux :)


PZ said...

Wait, midnight as in tonight midnight or midnight as in Saturday "morning" midnight?

Digging these pastely vibes for fall. Who says pastels are reserved for spring? (Does anyone even actually say that?)

Unknown said...

Amazing last pic!!!


Anonymous said...

ha! awesome!

kelsea said...

i am so excited i have butterflies!!

K A T B U Z Z said...

so glad people abroad can participate aswell! I just found out about your project. hope i can send in everything on time.

greetz from berlin


Borja D.F. said...

Last photograph was shoot by Spanish photographers Adrián Cañameras, I'm pretty sure. He has worked for Vice Magazine and I think I've seen this shoot there...

FH said...

I love the third photo !!
See you


Lovely photos!

Jimmy said...

I read one of your comments on a blog called
We sat and laughed for hours on the website. It shows txt mess sent to wrong person.
Example: The boss.
Sms: Would you take a bath with me tonight? Kisses on your neck

/ M

Alexi Frest said...

You will laugh, I did send my application - how odd of me, there will be thousands of applicants which reduces my chances next to zero (usually I am not lucky at castings), besides, I cannot compete with native speakers... however, I gave it a try! I sent my messages to the said email address - I hope there are no automatic replies, because I have not got any thus far.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ! kirsten dunst is so good at being evil!

Chloe Tweeny said...

i totally love that last pic

Flea For Fashion said...

you always have extra cool immagine!

joy said...

Good luck on your editing gig! These photos were a little generic though.


Isabel said...

I was OBSESSED with Allison Harvard hen I was 16.

Anonymous said...

Great subject!
I wouldn't advertise my own post if it wouldn't be EXACTLY on your theme here (eerie pastels crossovering horror movies), you might be interested in my HORROR PASTEL PROJECT!

Incredible job on your blog as usual anyway, and I will also try my best to send a submission for the magazine later today ;)



zoomslow said...

Darn, you holiday! I'm now behind on everything! :-( I have some catching up to do! But as I've said in some tweets that I just sent you, Tavi, I would love to help with the magazine in any way that I can :-)

Nai nai said...


Anonymous said...

Hey! I love Allison Harvard..wasn't she on ANTM a few cycles ago? She is so pretty and mysterious and her eyes are so amazing!!
Congrats on the magazine! Totally cool and exciting you must be thrilled!!
Lets say you sent in a submission when would we hear back from you?? R the submissions to be a part of the masthead???

madelyn said...

sweet sweet sweet sweet fire in the streets

this songs always gets stuck in my head when I ski
I love your blog


I always love the photos you pick out!

cancercowboy said...

lol, Creepy-Chan. she always reminds me a bit of the girl on the cover of the first Eels album.
the overall mood here again feels somewhat Lynch-esque. nice sampling.

julia aka garconniere said...

that photo of kirsten dunst makes me want to re-watch/re-read the virgin suicides.

i already submitted to the lovely as of yet unnamed magazine, but now i'm all antsy... do you have any idea when you'll be able to give a response time? a week? two weeks? a month?

khdz said...

I like how all of your influence lately seem to belong to a general category of the creepy, uncanny, horrifying, etc.
it just makes a highly-fashiony outfit more emphasized in a context that renders it more or less ridiculous. because who cares about your shoes when you are chased by a crazy person with a knife?

mar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mar said...

last picture is a frame taken from the El Guincho's Bombay music video. It is all imagery inspired by the blogosphere, very interesting and more beautiful

Unknown said...

the virgin suicides.. god how i love that movie <3

Daniel said... love you Tavi <3

Laura said...

I like I like :)

Morse said...

I don't know how I feel about any of this creepy/satanic/virginal/demented pastel/technicolor/the sex appeal of blondes getting killed phase. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely respect whenever someone is intelligent enough to pull similar images from dissimilar sources based on a common thread as you've done here, it's just that when I look at these pictures I think of going to my grandma's house on sunday afternoons. She has cats and doesn't open the windows so it's really stuffy and cat-smelling and when the afternoon sun shines in through the living room window onto all the dusty 70s furniture it makes me feel empty, cracked, and dry inside. What perplexes and amazes me is that you obviously REALLY like this general idea. Which is cool because it illustrates how differently people view things but is disconcerting because I could never imagine someone actually gravitating towards this theme.

Unknown said...

great picture selection, nice inspiration

Rafael Franco said...

Great pics! I love it all.

kisses from Brazil*

Duck said...

You make the best collages, really. I wish you could come and redecorate my house for me. I would probably be scared all the time, but at least it would be fabulous...

Rebekah Miles said...

the last pic was also done by a euro artist collective called janfamily. google them and you will see their version..

Masha said...

great Japanese blog! lovely!

and I like Kirsten Dunst's picture from Virgine Suicide!!

Rebekah Miles said...

the intertwined braids was also done well by the european artist collective, janfamily. other things also, like "how to stop time" where they taped the autumn leaves back on the tree:)

Anonymous said...

Hmm I wonder how many entries you got. I'm guessing a lot. This should be good I can't wait to see what comes out of you guys.

zoomslow said...

Wow! That's cutting it fine/doing it by the seat of my pants! Just sent my 2 part submission in :-)) I'm guessing the cut off time is Chicago time. Which from what I can work out is Friday Nov. 19 around 11:30pm!

Unknown said...

Interesting pictures, especially the Google street view! Wow

bubblemilktea said...

Crap... I think I sent mine in too late.. is the cut-off time EXACTLY midnight..? =.=

Unknown said...

eep this is genius <3 I actually think that last picture is really adorable. and allison is a creeper for sure.

Sara said...

I think the last picture of the girls with the one braid is from a video called Bombay by el Guincho, you can check it out:

Unknown said...

You inspire me a lot....u are amazing!


effervescence said...

Hi, The last photo you post is from a little video from El Guincho :

Sorry for my bad English.

Chloe said...

Looovvvee each and every image. x

Rich Hippie said...

hahaaha love this post, high school was defiantly run by some evil mastermind since they were capable of convincing are parents to keep sending us back just to be repeatedly tortured...
I also hated my dining room table, because whenever we all sat down by it your dad would ask
"how was school today"....
as if he had to send a progress report to whoever was organizing this crime against youth....
I love your blog and I just read about your plans on creating a new generation Sassy.
I really would love to be a part of it by submitting articles such as the one above...
and although im 20 years of age and managed to grasp that last descent piece of teen rebellion, I hope to save my 16 year old little sister though from the Disney sex symbol starlets and the anti networks such as facebook.....I mean serioully 489 friends?! And what uve met 20 of them?
So if you’d give me a shot at this...
My emails:
Thank you/
Lady Vivian

hap said...

ooohhh, i like this very much. it also makes me think of "picnic at hanging rock" it's a brilliant, creepy movie if you haven't seen it, and incidentally, it was on TCM (or one of the old movie channels) last night. yes, this post is lovely.

.. said...

I really like photos that you share.. as always, especially the last photo. It's great idea to do something like that ;).

Daniel said... good pics tavi !!

Unknown said...

I adore The Virgin Suicides, is an amazing film :)

Hope everything for the magazine goes to plan, cannot wait to see what you produce!


Yevgeniya Yelkina said...

sick pics!!!!

Maggie said...

LG(liebe Grillfleisch) Mag

Jae said...

u are such an inspiration, tavi. u r definitely outside the box :D

alex's ☆ castle said...

creepy chan!


Anonymous said...

Very creepy . . . Very brilliant, I think . . .

Super cool blog! You have such inspiration, steadfastness, and creativity to think of all those amazing outfits!

♥ Lucy Grace

K A T B U Z Z said...

Hey Tavi,
everybody confused me about the central time thing. but i trust the internet, so i assume i handed in on-time.

in germany we say: toitoitoi! (good luck!)

greetz from Berlin!

JIM Designs said...

Lolita is a timeless girl.

Gina Ray Works said...

loved the virgin this frickin post... :)

Tika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tika said...

I bet this post accidently generates a spike in the nit population.

Jack Oberle said...

oh no i sent mine to the wrong email i capitalized every word of the address. :(

Luisa said...

the lst picture is from el guincho's video bombay.(
the picture is at 4:14!
i think it a really great video!

Anonymous said...

when will the magazine staff be decided on? :)
i love the braid picture, its wonderfully macabre

Thea Canlas said...

I'm surprised you didn't have Suspiria in the list. Late '70's Italian B-movie about a boarding school with a coven of secret witches that's *gasp* killing people randomly. Deliciously bad. You'd really enjoy it. Unless you already have.

Chloé said...

Curation for the new Met Costume Institute exhibition
"School. Girl."

Ellen said...

Awh, of course I missed these posts. No matter how much college applications want to pretend to be important, I will never forgive them for diverting my attention from the blogosphere.

All this high school creepy reminds me of some less pastel versions: a ridiculous Japanese horror film called Suicide Club ( and this movie, The Tracey Fragments (

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