I am in full Halloween mode right now, watching all the appropriate teevee specials and having premature candy feasts. I wore my costume to school today only to learn it's against the rules, but no one thought I was even dressed up because of how I normally dress. I can actually get away with a lot of ridiculousness because of this, even if I'm not being serious about, you know, foot-tall foam bunny ears.

My costume is Joey Ramone+Ramona Quimby=Joey Ramona Quimby. Hence, little girl dress, leather jacket, Converse, etc.
More elaborate explanation when I post the one I wear for Sunday since I got the chance to go thrifting today and get better cutesy-tomboy stuff for Ramona, but this post is really about shooting these photos by Leigh Johnson for Nowness...

...which totally got me in the right mood. Today I spent half of one class staring creepily at the kid behind me and his friend was all, "Dude, she's casting spells on you!"