i had at least 70 more people at my funeral

Maybe as a result of how much Internet I took in during the summer, and then the speed and intensity of some fashion-related traveling at the beginning of the fall, I have felt little desire to delve into Fashion On The Internet in recent weeks. Plus, school is a little crazy, and I am figuring out how to manage an extra curricular schedule that is more Max Fischer than the Daria kind that I'm accustomed to. I've been trying to be creative more offline, and do other kinds of writing, and work on my zine, and it's making me really happy. My policy on being my own boss for this blog is that I don't post if I don't feel like it. It feels contrived and boring and chore-like, and my other policy is that I'll stop once this feels like a chore. So posts are about to get rather spotty. I plan to catch up on Fashion Week shows that I missed once I feel more in the ~zone~.

Inspiration compilation, yes?
Photo sources at links: bedroom, Winnie Cooper, Kids, Moz shrine, gun, Veronica Sawyer, Rosemary, Kent Rogowski flower puzzle.

Any more cultural references in this post and it'd be a Haruki Murakami novel! OH WAIT


Jenna said...

Your writing ability is amazing.
Seriously, I aplaud you.
Awesome images, especially that of Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. What a classic.


мне нравится то , что ты видишь!))а главное как ты это видишь!))<3


Tiffany's Small World said...

nice photos!

Kaiami said...


If I could afford to sell off my furniture and buy nicer ones, that would be pretty high on my list of things to do. Maybe once I get my own house.

WendyB said...

I feel guilty that I'm not working on my Jackson Pollock puzzle now.

SarahPeslar said...

Good for you being so honest! we really don't want to read anything forced but only the art! I totally love the movie The Heather's too, so Great mention. Light fashion week enlighten you!


SarahPeslar said...

Good for you being so honest! we really don't want to read anything forced but only the art! I totally love the movie The Heather's too, so Great mention. Light fashion week enlighten you!



It is always a good idea to take breaks.


Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Aw, Winnie.
I swear I had the same glasses when I was a kid. If only I'd known that they were cool.

matthew roland said...

i love that the somewhat creepy bedroom is there twice! so great.

matthew roland.

Miss Tami Lee said...

I feel ya. I think people appreciate thought out infrequent posts more than Walmartesque quantity over quality blogs.

Super creepy inspo vibe btw.

Amanda said...

Oh god! KIDS was the most traumatizing movie I've ever seen. (I'm a wuss. Also I don't see many movies.)

KARLITO said...

Yeah, the blog-oh-world has been feeling a bit, bleh.

Tania said...

you seem to find inspiration in such... inspiring places! I mean, I've never HEARD of half that stuff. Wait, more like ALL!

women unite! said...

i put a photo of you on my blog! hope it's appropriate!

if not, let me know and i will remove it! have a great day!


SophieGrace said...

Cool photos


Yannick said...

I love this blog very much


greetzz´ from germany

Riot Nrrd said...

OH SHIT you almost crossed that line there, Tavi.

Metka: Matka said...

Roman Polanski is a genius i love the haircut of Mia Farrow

Catharina said...

i liked the photos!

zoomslow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You find the most interesting images xxx


zoomslow said...


Have you been working on your play, Tavi? :-))

LISEN said...


boyunso said...

great nice pics!!

Unknown said...



Unknown said...

Amazing room and great pic!!!!


StyleNonsense said...


Anonymous said...

those rules you have set for yourself as a boss of your own blog are ones i think i need to follow as well.
thanks for your wisdom.

Kiki said...

love the pic of "Super-Coop." i miss The Wonder Years. such a stellar show. she just had a baby, too. Heathers is one of my fave films. after all these years, i still use the term "damage." take care.

Nolita said...

That room begins and also ends the story just perfect!

--Nolita Vintage--

• Murillo Japa said...

Hello, How are you?
Giving a tour (hopefully return rs):D
Very good your text.


Lies said...

I love you anyway, Tavi. Why blog while you're not getting anything out of it. My posts definitely scream conthrived sometimes!

Have fun in high school! I'm also one of those people who always fail gym class! Hooray for Latin and Greek!

Anonymous said...

hey! i love all the images!really inspiring!
follow me on my fashion blog!

catty said...

winnie cooooooper!

Steve said...

Did you just make a Rushmore reference and then zing Murakami?

I also noticed there was a big bold "not facebook" non-link. Personally I would not say anything and have people search endlessly for you on facebook before realizing, "Wait.. maybe she doesn't have one! Impossible! Let me search for another two hours!"

Tish said...

seriously...i mean no disrespect when i ask what in the hell did your parents read to you as a kid? i've never read anything from someone your age like this?

you're such an old soul. i find myself twitching when i realize i want to bff such a youngin.

DMcSacana said...

I can't imagine just how cool the visuals on your site will be when you start watching Fellini and Antonioni (if you're not already).


Liz said...

Nice "Heathers" reference in the title. One of the most under-appreciated movies of all time

walrus said...


dani d. said...

i like, i like, i like a lot. i especially like the framing of it all with the bedroom photo even if that is a mistake... it's a happy one.

Viki said...

love the girl's glasses!
i wanna see your offline works, it sounds so good :)


Evy Paap said...

lovely glasses!
my blog is:


Unknown said...

i think you should add this - fitting, especially the creepier scenes. sonic youth and kathleen hanna!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T4BsnXmJaI&feature=player_embedded

Renata Wandega-Valente said...

OMG! Is that Rosario?!
awesome pictures!
loved it.

Fashion's Religion said...

Tavi you really are such a talented fashion writer. I hope your career prospers and I hope you never give up a career in this field. This post was one of a kind like always.



Doni Brown said...

Nice Post!

Check out my blog!

Sam Harvey said...

that coral bedroom is like having vintage tuperware salt and pepper shakers. i love your membrane! i couldn't agree more. only blog when you have to cut down vines and kill cougars to get to the keyboard. like you have to blog or it's going to hurt if you don't...

JIM Designs said...

That bedroom needs some shoes hanging on the wall :)

Emilie ! said...

awesome inspiration post! Totally love the creepy-sweet vibes.
I agree with you about not blogging unless youre in the 'zone'. I haven't blogged for a week (ish) just beause I know if I force myself to I'll generate some kind of pointless garbage!

Emilie xoxox

Very Vogue said...

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Look at my friends blog it is cool too! :-)

Suyinsays said...


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chelsey. said...

are you planning on selling/ sending out your zine?

because I would be super interested.

oh, winnie cooper.

teencreeps said...

Dude, Kids is actually the most uncomfortable film I've ever seen. Especially when my mom was standing right behind me while I was watching it.

Rafael Franco said...

Hello, Tavi. How are you?

I love Rosemary's Baby, is one of my favourites movies ever!

I also like the amazing puzzle, It's really inspiring.

(sorry about my bad english, I jnow I'm terribel LOL but I'm just learnin)

kisses from Brazil


Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

Winnie Cooper!!! <3 <3 <3

The Mini Satorialist said...

I will die the day your blog finishes.

Note: I emailed you but you never replied! :(

Paulina said...

Inspiration? YES YES YES
I love the bedroom. It's so me, haha!

Anonymous said...

hey grrl, I really wanna know your opinion on the Harmony Korine video for Proenza Schouler:


:) L

Tavi said...

Steve -- there are a number of fake facebooks under my name who have messaged designers and gotten free clothes from them. I want it to come straight from my actual blog that they're fake.

pigeonpillow -- Still thinkin about it!

Mini Sartorialist -- I'm really sorry, working on that.

teencreeps -- SERIOUSLY

chelseybell -- Yes I am!

Natalie -- Ugh, one of my favorite all time music videos. I want to keep this post to just images, but I love it (I almost used a Kim G picture, actually!)

Tish -- Maurice Sendak, Dr. Seuss, Norwegian books, Arthur, Alexander, pretty usual kids books I suppose...

Emily said...

Your style of writing is amazing. I can't explain it, but it just draws me into reading.

Alexandra said...

I love the jigsaw puzzle combo.. Its really beautiful to me for some reason. It reminds me of the movie that Shirly Temple did, "Heidi."

Visit my blog, tell me what you think.. I need suggestions! Please leave comments everyone :)

Anonymous said...

When I saw the photo of winnie cooper, I was like 'wait, could it be...'. Not excited for your lack of posts to come, but wanted to say ive loved your blog for a while now but never commented.

Steve said...

Woah, I didn't even think about that! I'm sorry to hear it!

Heather said...

When I was 14 I felt total kinship with Winnie Cooper. When I was 20 (the year that Kids came out. Hi, I'm old), I took one photo of Chloe Sevigny and one photo of Mia Farrow circa Rosemary's Baby to my hairdresser and begged her to make it happen (which she did, sort of). Annddd, my name is Heather and I was obsessed with Heathers. THIS POST TOTALLY SPOKE TO ME. Ahem, clearly.

Unknown said...

Rumor has it murakami is on the short list for nobel! Cross your fingers. He is incredible and eastern lit definitely needs some Nobel love.

estherlai said...

That room is just so princessy...I want it!!

Misha Lulu said...

no worries....we will be waiting, take your time!

mary (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) said...

0.o oh wow that room... i don't usually go for that kind of stuff... but somehow this is alright? (:


Simone said...


taylor said...

LOVE all these images!!!



Maggie said...

very nice pictures i think!The puzzle is cool!


Look einfach mal rein....schadet nicht....

denisehkendall said...

i miss the wonder years! these are benighted times.


Fata Morgana said...

nice photo's!


bruna. said...

I feel so inspired about these pics!
amazing, amazing, amazing! :D

Anonymous said...


humm, just comforting

Cara said...

That puzzle picture is so good.

Unknown said...


I just have to say that I love your personality.

I think you are really geniune in who you are and I hope you always keep that!

I very much enjoy stoping by and reading your blog and looking at your pictures.

It would be awsomely cool if you checked out my blog:

So yea, keep doing what your doing and good luck with everything, school, fashion and being you. You have already achieved greatness :)

BECKY MAY said...

i totally agree with your blogging method.

just do what you enjoy



amalia insan kamil said...

no wonder. i heart your chosen picts. and i've picked you on my blog LOL

thwany said...

rosemary woodhouse is my hero.

Pinke Punkte said...

I like your Blog :)


Emmekay said...

New post on my blog!!!
Feel free to visit it...

The Influence Of Emmekay

You'll like it!

Anonymous said...

I would like to sleep in that room tonight, maybe even every night. All the other photos are pretty cool too. Especially the puzzle but only with the other together.

Anonymous said...

Love your posts, they're always so inspiring!! :)



Maggie said...

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Valerie Friedrich said...

Heathersssss. Yesss! XOXO Valerie

What do you think of Gaultier's spring 2011 collection for Hermes? I offer up some words here. Love.


Jenny Morris said...

such a good collection of photos! I can't wait to see what you come back with. This weekend I am going to read the New Yorker article I have been saving for such a time xo.

Adriana and Cindy said...

Tavi!!! Your blog is simply great!!! We are following u now. Love u so much! xo xo : www.thespeechlessblog.blogspot.com

Margaux Vinitsky Vidrequin said...

HAHAHAHAH Tavi you are awesome!!
Kisses from Paris


Painty Paint Pots said...

awww, great to know you Tavi.



Katie | FashionFrugality.com said...

Aww, Winnie. Love that lady.

Roos said...


Roseparis said...

You're absolutely amazing, you're blog is the best ever <3



amazing !


stylorectic said...

i think you are crazy.
...i love it!
no, seriously, i love your writings.makes me laugh every time i come around.thanks for that girl!
and yeah, winnie and mia are epic.word.
have a nice weekend!

Vale said...

your blog is very nice! kisses from italy :-)

follow me


Ownin'TheMic said...

Way to keep it real, Tavi! ;)

Tal said...

totally agree..i got weighed down by addictive blogging-teachers weren't very pleased.
so ended up starting a fresh.
love the photos
your inspirational


Caroline :) said...

oh tavi, so amazing, love how u can put words to paper like that :)

love the photos...creepy in a cool retro kinda way


The Poptart Bandit said...

I immediately recognized the Kids photo. What a twisted movie...
And you can't force creativity. I will be sad if your blog ends, but I'm sure the world will survive. Good luck =]


riptidemurmur said...

kafka on the shore is his best, in my opinion.

Laysa in the sky with diamonds. said...

the bedroom = <3!

Magda said...

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S. Alice said...

don't force yourself to write, everyone only turns out their best work when they want to turn it out. also, i recently subscribed to your blog...best thing since blue jeans in my opinion.

Unknown said...

Hmmm. Your sources of inspiration are rather random, and occasionally morbid...

Bless me.

-Alexandra Dare

Unknown said...

Hmmm. Your sources of inspiration are rather random, and occasionally morbid...

Bless me.

-Alexandra Dare

Unknown said...

Hmmm. Your sources of inspiration are rather random, and occasionally morbid...

Bless me.

-Alexandra Dare

Unknown said...

Hmmm. Your sources of inspiration are rather random, and occasionally morbid...

Bless me.

-Alexandra Dare

Tish said...

note to self...read those specific books to future kids

Meet said...

Hello, my name is Mariana I am 13 years old and live in Brazil. I am a big fan of yours and admire you so much .. In my school has a job that has to make clothes, and the theme was a diva, and of course I have not thought much you .. I did everything in his tribute, I want you to know that his talent is charming and keep this way .. Sorry if I did not understand something, I did my best to translate. Many kisses. If you can get in touch, PLEASE


inspiration, a yes. those images were pretty intense, not gonna lie. :)


ThisLila said...

Babygirl I think you were perhaps born in the wrong era. Very retro and Im loving it.

cancercowboy said...

this is your playground. post when and what you want to. serious 9 to 5-shit will force its way into your life soon enough. and don't be too concerned about what you believe are the expectations of your readers (don't know if you think about that at all, but if you do: try to cut it). quality > quantity

maN bOwerline said...

i loved all the post.Perfect!love your style.Good afternoon

Pinke Punkte said...

nice blog :)
i follow you :)hope you follow me, too.
the Pinken Punkte


G.A.N said...

Tavi his blog is very pretty! In your spite of it be 14 years old,I indicate fashion and journalism faculty!

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Anne said...

this heather picture is nice,almost poetic!

DEMEE said...



Unknown said...

great post!

Quinn said...

can i just say...HEATHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! almost died when i saw the quote. best movie ever, period. :)

Kadhj said...

<3 So cute!

b said...


Laura said...


Арина said...

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P. Michelle said...

Interesting inspirations. Have a very happy hallowed Tavi. (unless you're an east coaster, if so, have a happy day-after-halloween feasting on your candy.)

Chanoi said...

I love the vintage photo from chloe out the movie kids!

Eran Evan said...

and now Morrisey?! stop breaking my heart wit your references

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