i had at least 70 more people at my funeral

Maybe as a result of how much Internet I took in during the summer, and then the speed and intensity of some fashion-related traveling at the beginning of the fall, I have felt little desire to delve into Fashion On The Internet in recent weeks. Plus, school is a little crazy, and I am figuring out how to manage an extra curricular schedule that is more Max Fischer than the Daria kind that I'm accustomed to. I've been trying to be creative more offline, and do other kinds of writing, and work on my zine, and it's making me really happy. My policy on being my own boss for this blog is that I don't post if I don't feel like it. It feels contrived and boring and chore-like, and my other policy is that I'll stop once this feels like a chore. So posts are about to get rather spotty. I plan to catch up on Fashion Week shows that I missed once I feel more in the ~zone~.

Inspiration compilation, yes?
Photo sources at links: bedroom, Winnie Cooper, Kids, Moz shrine, gun, Veronica Sawyer, Rosemary, Kent Rogowski flower puzzle.

Any more cultural references in this post and it'd be a Haruki Murakami novel! OH WAIT