having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card

Oh, HIIII there. Now that life is a little less bothersome, why don't we get back into the groove? Fall is my favorite season, and it's when I'm most inspired.

This outfit was inspired by the Subway map colors from Prada Pre-Fall 2010, the cover of my math book, and the kind of librarians and teachers whose desks are adorned with things like cat figurines or New Yorker cartoon calendars that are sarcastic and dry so the teacher doesn't have to be.

My mom thrifted this shirt for my dad but I stole it, hand-me-down Gap sweater, and desertose brooches.

These glasses were sent to me by Thakoon and are super Enid Coleslaw.
Brand: Thakoon
Pros: Comfort and the subtley of the logo on the side, but the best thing is the versatility, which makes me want to make them my prescription pair. They're somewhere between black and brown and round and square, so they kind of become whatever color or shape looks best with the outfit.
The insides are snakeskin-printed which makes these such a niche thing. I know no one else sees it but it makes me feel like such a Funky Aunt when I put them on or take them off.

FAVORITE EVER, THESE HAPPY SOCKS. Clashed because I couldn't pick just one pair. I was torn between these thrifted orthopedic grandma shoes and my white Pierre Hardy for Gap ones, and while the Gap ones would've been way cooler these are SO comfortable and I like dressing frumpily and I couldn't have lugged that math book around in heels.