writing this post was just so exhausting that i can't even think of a good title. and it took me seven minutes to write this one.

This is the kind of outfit that literally falls apart as you walk. It is a pain in the ass, and like, the way the pink dress at the bottom is going way too low is really bothering me right now, but at the same time, these heavily layered outfits that I have to constantly fix and aren't the most flattering are still my comfort zone. Dressing this way is such a great shield and I can't wait until it's not infinity degrees so I can get back in the overdressing every day zone.

So the references here: this Japanese street style photo, this cigarette carton, this girl's pink hair and cat and pink dress with cats on it, Ouija boards, this creepy cat, and CL's dress and pink fairy guitar strap on a seafoam green guitar. I guess like...fairy incense-smelling witch satanic cat hippie granny? Sounds about good to me.

Oh, this is random, but my talk at IdeaCity from back in June is now up. I'm afraid to watch it but if you're interested, it's here. I wrote about it a while ago, here.

And now the longest outfit credit list/breakdown ever:

This brooch used to be my grandma's and was added because it kind of reminds me of that cigarette carton. Same with the vintage bolero. The pearl necklace, which also used to be my grandma's, is for the sake of the granny vibe, and the Forever 21 feather necklace is for the hippie.

T-shirt is from the folks at Blood is the New Black. Satanic kitty! That sounds like an awful band name, but is not bad in t-shirt form. It was a bit too oversized for my liking so I cut a bit off the bottom.

This hairclip Monsoon Accessorize sent me is to counter the feather necklace and the colors are right. This coin purse thingy is from a family friend from a market and I added the ribbon.

The mint green shirt is a hand-me-down, added for Courtney's guitar. That off-white pleated dress is a gift from Fred Flare and is one of the only simple things I can wear without guilt because it's just so prettyyyy. Added with Courtney's dress in mind. The bow skirt is a gift from the ladies at Polly Sue's Vintage, added because its colors sort of tie in all the other ones in the outfit, and for the layering proportions. The print is kind of rad with the clogs, too. The pink mermaid-ish dress is vintage.

Miu Miu clogs from Bergdorf Goodman, added for the hippie vibe, the colors, and to counter the illustration from the bow skirt. I can't remember where this horn bracelet is from but I added it to make the outfit more gritty and less saccharine. The watch, like all my watches, doesn't work, and I got it at a local store when I was little.

That was so exhausting that I'm going to use it as an excuse to do nothing for the rest of the day.