what pun about model style hasn't already been taken?

I am mostly still recovering from all that hoopla about MODEL STYLE of the last couple years (skinny jeans! scarf! do you have a leather jacket? YOU NEED A LEATHER JACKET) but I think I needed to eventually compile photos of and pay respect to the way the following ladies are so -- what's the word? -- KICK ASS about putting stuff together. I know collages make it easy to not look at each photo individually but your life might be better if you look at the details so I recommend that. With models especially there's no way to comment on their personal style without feeling like you're writing for a really cheesy magazine, so excuse the brief descriptions. This is mostly about the photos. And so, in no particular order:
Sasha Pivovarova's proportions are always just right. She is also the best gray-wearer ever, and the way she rewears stuff and every time in such a different context is awesome. She is also a fairy. Have you ever watched any interviews of her? Because do that, and then tell me she is not a fairy. You will feel very silly upon doing so, because you will just know you're wrong, and then to show you how wrong you are, she will use her fairy powers to smite you. And then you'll be like, damn! And she'll be like, haha, sorry! Let me go style a perfectly layered Daisy Buchanan look now!

Abbey Lee Kershaw is a master of layering. There is always just enough of everything. Sort of hippie vibes, but if she was a Tenenbaum and Woodstock took place in the Fall. Her style smells like incense. That makes sense in my head.

Hanne Gaby Odiele does a slightly off-kilter, mishmash kind of thing perfectly. Her way of making designer stuff like that Miu Miu collar look way too cool to be something so popular amazes me and is very much a point of aspiration. Like, she makes the Celine bag look like it's from a thrift store. That sounds like an insult, but I mean that she makes it look like a special find, not something from a luxury brand that's been praised by the most commercial of fashion magazines.

UGH UGH UGH. Iekeliene Stange's print-mixing is so good. She balances out all the crazy colors and makes them all work together with juuuuust the right brooch or buttons or hat or purse. Pack rat inspiration.

PHOTOS: S a s h a P, A bb e y L e e, H a n n e G O, Ie ke li e n e


Anindya said...

I love these!

Unknown said...

Agreed. To master layering is an accomplishment, and these ladies do it.


dear kate said...

great post. you're dead on.

Sam | ashore said...

If Kershaw was a Tenebaum - Tavi, that is perfectly put!

Emma Gi. said...

Sasha and Iekeleine FO SURE...killing it!! But i've always found Hanne's style seems a tad too forced, you know wearing all the right names/looks.

Annabel said...


mel said...

you can't go wrong with a floppy sweater and tights :)

Anonymous said...

Iekeliene Stange's top right photo is BRILLIANT!

Caddy said...

Love you commentary it was a cool new way of looking at the stereotyped model of duty style.

le Blogueur said...

Love all your choices. Especially Sasha! I love that one interview with her "I said that I am a fairy and that I prefer to dance and fly like the butterfly, but they made me walk and talk and I hate walking and talking" hahah

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

They have some really great style! Daisy Dayz Home

Trina said...

I have to say Abbey Lee Kershaw nails all her looks.

Lais B.X said...

really nice*-*

WendyB said...

If a waitress from Bon Temps, La., can be a fairy, I guess a model can too!

Emilie ! said...

Ha I know what you mean by 'her style smells like insence' in fact, I couldn't have put it better myself!! You described their styling so perfectly, not at all as though it were in a crappy teen magazine.

Another awesome analysis, I reallllllllly love to read what you write <3



derek said...

models have the best styles, they can manipulate the clothes so well!
so jealous
sasha is so precious!

Emma said...

what about frida gustavsson?

Rachel Ann said...

Okay i am really obsessed with this post. your collages are great! gosh i love them haha :)

-XOXO Rachel Ann

Bea said...

"Her style smells like incense."

manna said...

Stange! i love Stange!

manna said...

Hanne Gaby Odiele looks possessed in the bottom right photograph. but i reeeeally want that baggy waffle jumper... alot.


love this post, mainly for the sasha/ daisy buchanan comparison

brilliant as always


Anonymous said...

I always feel so envious of a model's style when I see shots of them on the street in their own clothes and it's like, okay, you're gorgeous, do you have to be so stylish too? Haha, good post though, lots of inspiration here.

Sincerely, Sarah Margeurite

Anonymous said...

Iekeliene Strange has the best print tights in the world. Envyyy. I love the crazy mix of models you chose. Nicely done.


bravegrrl said...

they are all great, but i just adore sasha!

Mehetabelle is Holly said...

I've always thought of Sasha as some kind of woodland elf who lives in trees. In a really beautiful way that is...

Suzannah said...

I love the layering look!
Great styling.

Eliana said...

sasha and her hair, lvet!

yyyy said...

oh my.. this is an awesome inspiration!


FashionHippieLoves said...

great inspiration!!


Mary said...

Great post - their style is so fun and interesting, and definitely inspiring :)

Sarah said...

I completely agree - their styles are so refreshing to see against the model stereotype!
Great post x


Ans said...

Awesome styles!!!

Anonymous said...

Inspirational post x

Olivia Isabella. said...

Thank you! Thank you for enlightening me. I thought ALL models dressed so boringly and plainly, but these girls show that it does NOT have to be that way and instead of just dressing "differently" to the stereo-type, they do it incredibly well.
Also, these girls obviously have the figures and faces that designers believe show off clothes best - whether or not others agree - and should make the most of it by wearing fantastic clothes rather than just going for the obvious.
UO x

i.am.bonnie.yes.that.is.all said...

Arghhhh i love Iekeliene's style been a big fan for a long time but i had no idea that the others dressed like that amazing! Not generic and boring, but fun and cheerful!


Anonymous said...

I love Abbey Lee Kershaw's coat in the first and other pics.

And Iekeliene's Pucci Legging is really fabulous.

I like looking at models style but I never no if ther legit seeing as they get paid to wear clothes who says there still getting cash after work hours to sport something just like the celeb fashion mania. Or mabye Im just wrong anyhow I think the models casted above have ok style.

whateveryouwantittosay said...

Astute observations. Love the comment about the modeling looking like she smells like incense (or something like that).

-Ria xo said...

Hanne's style amazes me. The way she looks as though it took her 2 minutes to get dressed works so well for her! Me, i can't do that. I really can't.

I absolutely love her hair- it's gorgeous! And that denim jacket she has? I WANT IT!

I'm not so sure about Abbey, i think her outfit's just look like she's put anything on and it's not working.

Iekeliene is brilliant. Her pieces are brilliant, and work so well as an outfit. That dress she wears in the first picture is so cute! It's amazing how she can pull of so many different looks. Cute, Cool, Punk, Nerd, Hippie- I love her!

Anyway, brilliant post!

Unknown said...

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BR said...

Love this post!

Fourth Daughter said...

Great collating skills at work there... all such inspirational ladies. My stylist friend just named his cat Sasha after Ms Pivovarova because her face is similar, but she also happens to be grey!


a... said...

iekeline stange is so great. i think she is the only person, who's styling i love now for years!

Mystery Bruises said...

gahh there all so beautiful, il never eat again!


Lara Woodbine said...

I love them!!!


Patri said...

Me encantan todas las fotos, todos los outfits.. qué pasada...

Sybilla said...

Sasha is the best!

Great post!


My name is Giacobba said...

i really enjoy your blog and i recently started blogging myself. i would love for you to check it out and maybe supply some feedback?

ps Abbey Lee Kershaw can do no wrong when it comes to fashion, every jacket she is waering in this post are now on my wish list!

Unknown said...

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cancercowboy said...

i always found it difficult to evaluate the personal style of models, because i don't know what is truly theirs. this business is in a large part about illusions, after all.

Alecca Rox said...

how on earth do they do this??? is it the body? the height? the attitude? sometimes i think that models, even if they slapped on the sheets of their bed, they'd still look stylish as hell:)

Nolita said...

You are reading my mind!


Malicious Mallory said...

Oh you're so right about Iekeliene Stange! She's so cool

Katie said...

Iekeliene Stange's style is probably my favorite out of those you posted. I don't know; I'm not a big watcher of models on their off-time, although I'm starting to reconsider and think perhaps I -should- be watching their styles.

Brianna said...

Iekeliene Stange's style is really interesting to me. The way she can so easily mix all of the prints and not look, well, the least bit crazy.
After looking at Abbey Lee Kershaw's style, I totally understand what you mean when you say "Her style smells like incense.". To me, her style is really 'cozy', and just speaks "autumn". I don't know how to explain it, but the incense thing was almost what I was thinking, although I was thinking more towards a fireplace or something:)

But anyway, I really liked this post. And I never payed any attention to model's styles, so this was sort of like a breath of fresh air to me! I've been enlightened! Thanks:)


Aleisha-Rose said...

Oh Abbey... how i adore her. She is so... so... Phenomenal.



Anonymous said...

Sasha Pivovarova! She is one of my favey models. I agree, I think everyone should be way past this: 'tshirt, jeans and jacket' for a model look. Gah, I love her Sasha's headwear too.

hannbokhi said...

I love it! Great blog!


Heid Beyer said...

and i thought i was the only one obsessed with abbey lee...

firefly said...

Finally models that don't dress monochromatic! I love all the color and prints.


Tavi said...

Emma-Good call! I love her too.

Anonymous said...

Hail Abbey Lee Kershaw.

Shakkablakka said...

I totally agree with you about the grey on Sasha Pivovarova, best ever!

Christina Anne said...

We LOVE this!!!!
Especially the Hanne Gaby Odiele panel.


Tanya Dempsey said...

Kick ass indeed. Thanks for the inspiration, Tavi.



Unknown said...

You are so, so right, it is virtually impossible to talk about 'model-off-duty' style without sounding as though your writing for a lame magazine... I am cringing right now just going over all the cliched things I have written about it myself.

These 3 demonstrate perfectly that the 'model look' is no longer confined to lashings of black leather, oversized wooly hats and slouchy bags... there are apparently more perks to being a top model than earning a living and getting gifted designer freebies and attending fabulous fashion events all over the world... these girls careers have clearly helped them develop some seriously envy-inducing personal style. Especially love Abby Lee, the layered look isn't the easiest and she shows us all how it's done X


Julie Ling said...

abbey lee kershaw &hears; all the way!


ólöf said...

SPOT on! and I will not say that Sasha Pivovarova isn't a fairy, because she obviously is..haha:) I like this collection of images and short but as I said, spot on, text!

Moonlight said...

models are, what models are.
they can make anything look amazing! I don't know if it's their confidence, personality, bodies or, whatever, but there's just something very alluring about it.


Anonymous said...

wow i love this the last picture bottomn right is very 60s xx

Wiki said...

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Cya ;*

Emily said...

Aggy Deyn used to have crazy out-there style, but she seems to have conformed to the black jeans + leather jacket look as of late... I LOOOVE Sasha's style. It's very much an updated 20s look.


Anonymous said...

Love this post! I am always so jealous of how models seemingly throw together a perfect look every time. Great job conveying each individuals' style.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! It's about time someone did a post like this. I too get frustrated on how most model's style all resembles each other and they're praised for it. You said it perfectly with the straight jeans, scarfs and leather jackets.

Sasha and Iekeliene's style has long been in my top favorites. The way Iekeliene mixes prints makes me drool. I adore mixing of prints.

miss twinkletoes said...

very perseptive way of laying it out without just saying " Oh, she so cool." They are all so cool, but in a very specific way.

Nice post - totally agree that Sasha is a fairy...


Oh my Dior! said...

Abby style is the best!!


Unknown said...

LO-LO-LOVING Iekeliene Stange. A master of the 'I just look this good every day' look.

Sarah Betty

Irene Louca said...

I love Abbey Lee Kershaw style. I think she does the most interesting dressing choices from the models you choose to talk about:)


jackies world said...

I love streetstyle! It`s my life!

zoomslow said...

I think Iekeliene Stange's top left and bottom middle outfit are exceptional! :-)

Ellie Rigby said...

"Her style smells like incense"
I know exactly what you mean.


Anonymous said...

i love this post, i'm in constant search from that effortlessly cool models off duty look. shame for us mere mortals that fail miserably to look amazing in everything, including a black bin bag. well i'll continue to live in hope.
amazing blog, its truly original!


Anonymous said...

i love this post, i'm in constant search from that effortlessly cool models off duty look. shame for us mere mortals that fail miserably to look amazing in everything, including a black bin bag. well i'll continue to live in hope.
amazing blog, its truly original!


thwany said...

i saw sasha walk once during fashion week and she looked sloppy with a side of messy drug habit.

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Anonymous said...

Yes these models have great style but do you know how many times i have seen these pictures ... SO MANY.

I love Hannas side plait.. i neeeed her hair haha.

Gypsy said...

you're so right- sasha is a fairy! very good observation :)

Unknown said...

Agyness Deyn is by far my favorite model. I love her style. Check out this post about her and her bald beauty:


Unknown said...

Agyness Deyn is by far my favorite model. I love her style. Check out this post about her and her bald beauty:



all of these models have amazing style, their so daring with what they wear1


all of these models have amazing style, their so daring with what they wear1

aclineo said...

The purple and orange makeup is so stunning! It really makes her whole face pop.


Alaina said...

ARGH! Love you for writing about Iekeliene. She's my fave in the whole wide world.

Daande said...

I LOVE what Hanne Gaby Odiele's wearing in the bottom right picture. Wish I could get a closer look... Anyway, you rock, Tavi.

Marina said...

Print-mixing is so good.!!!!
I follow you now!!!
you are amazing!!!



Cristi said...

The perfect list.

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