what pun about model style hasn't already been taken?

I am mostly still recovering from all that hoopla about MODEL STYLE of the last couple years (skinny jeans! scarf! do you have a leather jacket? YOU NEED A LEATHER JACKET) but I think I needed to eventually compile photos of and pay respect to the way the following ladies are so -- what's the word? -- KICK ASS about putting stuff together. I know collages make it easy to not look at each photo individually but your life might be better if you look at the details so I recommend that. With models especially there's no way to comment on their personal style without feeling like you're writing for a really cheesy magazine, so excuse the brief descriptions. This is mostly about the photos. And so, in no particular order:
Sasha Pivovarova's proportions are always just right. She is also the best gray-wearer ever, and the way she rewears stuff and every time in such a different context is awesome. She is also a fairy. Have you ever watched any interviews of her? Because do that, and then tell me she is not a fairy. You will feel very silly upon doing so, because you will just know you're wrong, and then to show you how wrong you are, she will use her fairy powers to smite you. And then you'll be like, damn! And she'll be like, haha, sorry! Let me go style a perfectly layered Daisy Buchanan look now!

Abbey Lee Kershaw is a master of layering. There is always just enough of everything. Sort of hippie vibes, but if she was a Tenenbaum and Woodstock took place in the Fall. Her style smells like incense. That makes sense in my head.

Hanne Gaby Odiele does a slightly off-kilter, mishmash kind of thing perfectly. Her way of making designer stuff like that Miu Miu collar look way too cool to be something so popular amazes me and is very much a point of aspiration. Like, she makes the Celine bag look like it's from a thrift store. That sounds like an insult, but I mean that she makes it look like a special find, not something from a luxury brand that's been praised by the most commercial of fashion magazines.

UGH UGH UGH. Iekeliene Stange's print-mixing is so good. She balances out all the crazy colors and makes them all work together with juuuuust the right brooch or buttons or hat or purse. Pack rat inspiration.

PHOTOS: S a s h a P, A bb e y L e e, H a n n e G O, Ie ke li e n e