guess what i use as a beanbag chair? a raisin.

I am still without camera and tried scanning my outfit but after hours spent trying to curl myself up to fit within the scanning frame, I decided I should scan my school folder collages for inspiration instead. Ignore those weird duct tape-looking marks, they're just cracks from when I attempted lying in fetal position on our printer.
Also these are arranged as if they'd been scanned as whole, so the collages on the right are the covers.

Back cover: Natasha Poly in Proenza Schouler in T magazine, space photo from National Geographic. Front: Julianne Moore in A Single Man, mask girl from a W from a couple years ago, National Geographic space photos, the Ronettes, a photo from 1969 from an anniversary issue of Time, and a Chinese candy wrapper.
FUN FACT: When I got that issue of Time, I recognized those sunglasses immediately -- they'd been at my Pop shoot, from the vintage store Decades. I like to pretend they're the same pair, but even though they're probably not, it's a crazy coincidence.

Back: Easy Rider poster, John Lennon/Yellow Submarine postcard, Barbie, Twiggy, Jane Fonda on the cover of Playboy, a random postcard, and Prince Charles on an old issue of Time. Front: Peter Max for T.

Back: Raquel Zimmerman in Proenza Schouler in Vogue US, Frida Kahlo, random postcard wrapping paper, and random butterfly. The background for the front is from a Tracey Emin article in Vogue UK, and the little images are (clockwise from top left): Rodarte AW10, owl clock from Sear's catalog from the 80's, vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoe, gardening tools from Vogue US, Sasha Pivovarova in Vogue US, Rodarte AW10 twice, and Stevie Nicks.

Back: Salvador Dali, Japanese eraser packaging, Alexander McQueen's 90's bumster, I Dream of Jeannie, Comme des Garcons AW07, Grease trading card I stole from my sister, Lady Gaga, random stationary. Front: Goldie Glitters in Vice, phone from 80's Sear's catalog, Dree Hemingway in Valentino's SS10 campaign, ticket from something I did in Japan, and Lily Donaldson in Louis Vuitton in Vogue Nippon.