July 7, 2010

run away, it's divine

As all these stores begin stocking Fall stuff ("But it is July," you say! "I don't get it either," I reply!) I should probably get up all these pictures from when I borrowed Miu Miu's Spring line, eh?
dress (skirt and collar poking out) and shoes borrowed from Miu Miu, American Apparel sweatshirt, Timex watch, random hair ribbon, socks from Isabel. (FTC disclosure: sweatshirt and watch were sent to me by the companies.)
You see, I remember that at the time that I took this picture, I had a whole story to go with the character and the smile and the blue hair and the church and the shoes in the basket, but that was so long ago, as I am a gigantic lazy wimp who doesn't edit photos for months, that I have forgotten it. So I am going to make this as easy for me as saying "And then I woke up!" to end a bad story: use your imagination, kiddos! Wee! Summer! Etc.


Belle said...

Those are some seriously gorgeous shoes... although I'm slightly prejudiced because they have cats on them and I've never been a feline person. But I adore the height... I'm a bit of a midget.

Oh, and your writing style and sense of humor is just absolutely stunning, adorable, and hilarious. Brava.

Alé said...

Today is the 6th, but your post says it's the 7th!
Are we in the TAVI DIMENSION!?!
Shizz you bet we are.
Goodness I see that MiuMiu looks amazing on you and I am sad, not for that matter, but simply the matter that I'll never be able to obtain anything from this beloved
collection. (Let alone a cat collar!!)
So maybe when I'm a million years old and I can actually afford it all, I'll buy EVERY SINGLE PIECE made. And no, I can't say even the "bad" ones because there Are NO BAD ONES. phew. Okay.


50two said...


Midge said...

Love those shoes! Wish they came in a pug print too ;)

Alyssa said...

Really fab first photo. Those Miu Miu items look like they were designed especially for you or something. I've always loved red and light blue together.


Sofie said...

Wow, you must be in my timezone!
It's the 7th here in Australia. Or maybe you're still in your timezone but from the future?!

Anyhoo, great photos! I love the colours, perfectly styled, great job! :)

Alé said...

God Im out of it, CHICAGO TIME.

Alé said...

God Im out of it, CHICAGO TIME.

zoomslow said...

This combination of strong & pale colour is like something from a Godard film. I'm sure through these images you were trying to express your deep love and respect for French cinema!

zoomslow said...
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zoomslow said...

But in any case, that's a winning smile! :-)))

uanset said...

beautiful smile

Marlena said...

Looove this! <3

Marlena said...
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Emma said...
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Christina said...

You are so amazing!

Valentine said...

Love the shoes and the picture of them in the trolley..

-the diary of a fashion stylist-

MELISSA Z. said...

OMG! Awesome outfit! Congrats! Love it so much! <3


Blink said...

great styling and I LOVE those shoes. Miu Miu rules! http://www.blinklondon.com/

kertu r said...

You are so cute and you have such an amazing blog, and more amazing style!


Eleanor said...

I really want those shoes!


E said...

Im new here!
OMG I just thought you are still growing and sometime your feet will be too bigger for your shoes!! do you have more sizes in stock? ;)

Shopper said...

I guess I can't walk in shoes as high as those, but standing in them would be cool enough. Nice outfit, I like when elegant dresses look like totally comfortable home stuff. And heels with socks rulez.

Vanessa said...

Ok, imagination time! Ah! Ok, you flew through a bubblegum cloud and your hair became blue. Then you fell in a giant pot of red sherbert. and then went to church... Ok I will try again later...

Great post! Would have loved to know the original story ^^

xx Vanessa

mispapelicos said...

I love when you put outfits together, as it used to be. Great, the old Tavi is back!!!!

Chloë said...

the shoes are amazing, there's really not much other to say. i want them. sooo bad.

Gladys Fashioncancer said...

We all get a little lazy at times. :) Love the miumiu shoes. Some day i shall save enough and splurge on myself.

Laura said...

I want to steal your shoes tavi :D You look amazing!

tica said...

Hi :)
I was wondering if you knew where I might get my hands on a pair of those Miu Mius in plain black? Same model, only without the print.

Flowerbomb said...


Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

you look fantastic in miu miu's items!!

Anne♥ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes :))
greetings from germany , Anne x♥♥


gabrielle said...

i love your blog!!!!!!
besos desde España!

sígueme: www.gabriellemode.blogspot.com

La Petite Anglaise said...

the Miu MIu S/S collection was so lovely. The printed shoes and dress are adorable and slightly kitsch but still manage to be totally chic and modern at the same time. I love how you mix them up with the sweater and knee socks. X

Tere said...

Hello! This is the first time that I visit your blog and I see is very nice!!
I love your style, very elegant and modern!
Good photos!!
Kisses from http://sweetsyte.blogspot.com/

High Fashion Whore said...

You have a very inspiring sense of style which I think is what most of your followers admire you for, but I think your 'voice' is the most incredible thing about you. People don't realize that the individuality of one's voice is what makes them so likeable to others.
And I deeply respect that you want less time blogging to spend more time in personal recreation, because It's summer, and us teens need a little down time. Your doting followers can wait.

Lady M said...

You and MiuMiu is so cute:)

Sootjeelina said...

I love your blue dress!
And so cute heels

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

johanna said...

your outfits are so crazy but I guess that's why you're so "famous". I really really like you and your blog and your sense of humour.




G.Allen said...

I love the collar because it just adds something. And I wish I could see the miu miu shoes in person.

Emilie said...

Those shoes are amazing, the skirt and the collar lovely!
I love MIU MIU collection this season!

HAIKALcium Lowfat said...

amazing, the fact that you don't look frumpy in that red jumper makes this styling even greater! kudos as always.

ólöf said...

I really like that outfit..not really that shocking..since it's pretty hard to mess up Miu Miu..but I love it really..with those socks and sweatshirt as well..

Loïc Laugier said...

Amazing pictures, amazing shoes. As always, Miu miu is beautiful at every time of the year Aha !


revital said...

lovely photos! too bad you cant remember the story you had in mind..


Christina said...

Love the outfit. I never remember all the amazing things I was going to say in my outfit posts when I finally post them. It happens to the best of us.

Zabrinah said...

Wonderful. Love it. Love everything!

Best Wishes,



Kelly said...

I love you.
end of story.

Miriam Assai said...

you make me want fall now.. and the miu miu dress+shorts
can't stand the heat!!

Tarina Heart said...

Miu Miu cat print is the best!


Das What She Said said...

ima steal those shoes real quick, kay thanks bye.


Orphin Lasz said...

Those shoes are amazing...! quite more if you're a cat lover, like myself ; u ;
Anyway, such a cute outfit, Miss Tavi! you look was pretty and... smart! c:

~ Orphin's Domains ~

Angeles Almuna Design said...

Love red, love the red door and of course you are the energy in this photos, so unique, so you and great smile.......and something else....MIU MIU....great collection!


Q said...

Darn, a want a pair of those shoes... or ANYTHING from that collection. Gah! Well, good blogpost Tavi, im just incredibly jealous of you!!!


come to my blog or i'll eat your cookies.

Emily said...

fall clothes are released in the summer because a bajillion years ago when rich ladies traveled all summer they would buy the new fall fashions while abroad so they could be ahead of the curve when they came back to the states.

If they weren't shopping abroad, they had people making their clothes here so they would be ready when the weather changed.

at any rate, it's a holdover from that.

love the bike.

Samira said...

I love .. no, adore those shoes!!!
lucky you!


Sonia said...


E... said...

http://fashiondoesntexist.blogspot.com/ the miu miu's shoes wonderfulllllllllllllllllll

SarahPeslar said...

Yes it is summer time, and that wonderful. But we always have to be looking one step into the future.

There's no Miu Miu wimp here ;)!


--Sanam-- said...

WOW,you are damn lucky you get to borrow mui mui :D and i agree with @Sonia,THOSEEEEEEEE SHOESSSSSSS AREEEE AH-MAZINGGGGGG! :D

StopAndStareStyle - btw,posted my SECOND EVVVER look on here lol,so i'd love to hear your feedback.It would be much MUCH appreciated :D

Bri said...

I'm so ready for fall style

Sophie Carmo said...


natali said...

love the shoes! how can u wear so high heels??
anyway-grate look :)

meg. said...

Nothing but love for you, your blog and your style - but the whole "im too lazy" is getting old.
If you don't want to blog - don't.

BitteBitte said...

You're so cool :) Hope you will visit my blog..

Chris / Denmark


BitteBitte said...

You're so cool :) Hope you will visit my blog..

Chris / Denmark


Paper-Rock-Scissors said...

I have just recently started reading your blog (very finger on the pulse I know!) and just wanted to say how much I enjoy it. I think your writing style is great and several times I've laughed out loud at work giving away the fact I am not actually doing any work...

Your photos are fab and I find your sense of fun and play with fashion incredibly inspiring.

I doff my cap to thee squire.

junè said...

i just thought this: i wish i could jump in that second pic, get on this miu miu shoes and riding away with the bike - adiossss i will never come back with this shoes on!" haha :D x

Isabel said...

Oh duuuude! I sent you those socks ages ago! Totally forgot about that, but so glad you still have/wear them.

sarahbetty said...

I love how random this is. My story for the photo sequence has been written in my head. :)

Sarah Betty


Rheanne said...

how do you manage to borrow designers lines


Terri said...

the socks are ingenious!

Emmekay said...

gorgeous pics and cool pieces, as always!

The Influence Of Emmekay

check out my blog ;-D
you'll like it!

Carmel said...

I am loving the shoes, Tavi. Your smile and overall outfit are adorable.

Caroline Paul said...

The story for these pictures is as follows (at least in my imagination)

This is a 11 year old girl, who on her way to church one morning found these shoes abandoned in a shopping cart. She deposited her saddle back oxfords by the base of the tree and slipped on the oh so scandalous (by her churches standards) heels and naively paraded them around the sanctuary unaware of all the older ladies stares.

Patricia said...

cat shoes! oh that's love!!


sally said...

love those clogs. you should never return them :)


Pachi Sánchez said...

Sonrisa+shoes+ cats= good combination

Regards from Spain!!

My blog:

Pachi Sánchez said...

sonrisa= smile

Ms Matryoshka said...

"Come here kitty, kitty!"

Angelica said...

That shoes-in-the-basket picture is amazing! (The "I wish I used amazing less often" form of amazing :)) This was probably one of the best collections, ever....

brunchatthebeach said...

haha nevertheless, your outfit looks great :)

-Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

Masha said...

wow great outfit. and as always MIU MIU story))) I posted a lot of picture with MIU MU clothes from the JALOUSE magazine.


Anastassia Chepelkevitch said...

In my head (no, I am not quoting Jason Derulo, I prefer not listening to songs that start with an overdose of auto tune) you went to Target, and were trying to find that one light beige Rodarte for Target dress, and then realized Zac Posen has his line there, now! In a fit of rage, you took off your shoes and threw them. Obviously, your feelings had drifted towards regret and guilt, so you placed them upon the shopping cart and drove them all the way home. To avoid any charges, you returned the shopping cart the next day.
So does your hair look bleached now, or still a bit of bluey?

Lollipop Girl ! said...

I love those shoes !!! :D

Zany Style said...

kitty cat shoes, naked lady skirt and a collared bird shirt... everyone needs one of those!!


Sylvia etc... said...

Hi Tavi,love how you've mixed the AA sweater with the miumiu neckpiece, relaxed yet super chic!


foilsplinter said...

I have this blue hair colour! Maybe I was unconsciously inspired? Who knows but I love it on you (even though you no longer have it)

kelly frances said...

i can only imagine slipping my foot into one of those heels.. im obsessed with the collection


kelly frances said...

i can only imagine slipping my foot into one of those heels.. im obsessed with the collection


Raeshelle said...

Bahaha! Oh you're so hilariously cute! I'm using my imagintaion and somewhere in there I stole your shoes and then gave them back for you to take pictures.... oh.. maybe i'm not supposed to mention that!?

Raeshelle of The Marchesa

Raeshelle said...

Bahaha! Oh you're so hilariously cute! I'm using my imagintaion and somewhere in there I stole your shoes and then gave them back for you to take pictures.... oh.. maybe i'm not supposed to mention that!?

Raeshelle of The Marchesa

Mia said...

OH GOSH. *Shoe orgasm* Those Miu Miu are just amaaaaaazing !
Lucky you.

btw I love your blog. Yeah I know it's not very original, I guess you heard that one a million times. Kiss

Carissa said...

oh my. that shoes!

Laura. said...

the shoes are to die for!!!!


Evan said...

you are such a darling and those shoes look divine on you!!!!!!

cancercowboy said...

you look stunning. now, thats nothing new, but the red... yeah! it works damn well with the rest (it would even without the stripe on the socks) and its very becoming to you imho.
you manage to make MiuMiu look elegant and comfy at the same time. these people should have let you keep at least the shoes.
anyways, what else is there to say about you and this collection that hasn't been said before? Well, this almost antique hooter kinda steals the show ^____^ i wonder what it sounds like. btw, was your bike able to fly while these shoes were in the basket?

Vanessa said...

you are so lovely and funny, can I please meet you? I love how you're standing infront of a bright red door thing. it really works. awesome outfit.

Lyndranette said...

love the outfit! those shoes are so cool! work it gurl! ;)

nathaliehelennn said...

love that picture of you! the outfit is great, love the colors, especially your hair! works well! and i like your smile, too (like that couldn't sound creepier or anything...)! nice blog! wow, that was an excessive amount of exclamation points. gotta calm down from all that commotion. well... bye.....

Gabrielle said...

hallo tavi wieder!
obwohl Sie nicht deutsch sprechen können, habe ich die Lust deutsch zu sprechen. Ich bin nicht normalerweise eine Katze-Menschen (ich mag lieber Hunde) aber diese Schuhe sind die beste! Ich liebe auch alles über dich und deine Bilder sind schön!
ich wünsche mir, dass ich Miu Miu Kleidung und Schuhe kaufen könnte, aber ich habe nicht genug Geld! Schade!
Viel Glück mit die Zukunft.
Alles lieber Gaby!

mein Blog heißt "ich heiße boss" (auf Englisch, naturlich!)


Tatsache ist, dass ich komme aus Australien und sprechen Englisch, aber heute fühle ich wie ein deutsche Mädchen, also spreche ich Deutsch!

HENJOLA said...

aah love the miu miu shoes!

Evie said...

I'm not going to lie, kind of in love with you.

Jayj said...

fo sho.

Kaysens nye klæder said...

It seems like it is designed specially for you!


stephanie.hendries said...

OMG those shoes are gorgeous! I want them

Steezy Please said...

BOOM! just marvelous! red and baby blue are the best, and the shoes and socks are beyond perfect. congrats xx

http://steezyplease.blogspot.com/ please visit my new blog!

Tabi said...

OMG! I love the outfit!

Tabi said...


Maria Scaife said...

such a brilliant outfit! Love how the top of your socks match your jumper, fabulous!

the new blog banner is brilliant too <3


stylespotterfashionblogger said...

I know... all the fall clothes are so wintery for this weather., though it is exciting to have new stuff in the stores. Much preferred miu miu spring/summer to the fall, still love the fall stuff but it was hard to beat those cat prints. Love your top banner too. Please check out my blog, it's new, only one post up.
111 comments, that's lots!

Caitrin said...

Such beautiful shoes. I wish I owned at least something from that collection. Your hair color is lovely in this picture.

Kali Venable said...

Those shoes make mouth water! Ah Mui Mui is so amazing, their products corrosponds so well with eachother and you can automatically identify it as Mui Mui.

Great post!


Zabrinah said...

Ahh! Love the shoes, but I wouldn't be able to walk in them!

Best wishes,


How Not To Fall In Love:


Booga said...

The whole blasted outfit- gimmee, gimme!

tina said...

Better than how Kirsten Dunst wore it (head to toe miu miu look directly off runway). Love how you take pieces and make it your own.



the secret of fashion said...

That second photo is amazing! xx

thwany said...

those shoesssss

StyleHunter2000 said...

OMG you are my absolute role model! I am 12 and created a blog with my mums old account a few days ago cus i was inspired by yours! (thats why it said i joined blogger in 2009 or summat)
please could you check it out or recommend it cus i would be really grateful and i feel a bit bummed because i've put a lot of effort into my blogs and it has no views yet! thanks!


★ Nina Saiful said...

OMG. I'VE JUST DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN IN THE FIRST PICTURE. I think that sums up what I want to comment.

Bralliz said...

check out my NYC streetstyle blog!


xx alice

Ploy Henderson said...

I'm pretty jealous that Miu Miu lend you clothes, you remind me of my friend the way you dress, i really love it :)


TP said...

Its too hot for me to think about fall


tough girl said...

Wow! Fall stuff in July! Love it!


NoNameBlog said...

possibly the coolest bike EVA. possibly.

thefashiontent said...

You're style is so amazingly random



nicoletta2008 said...

hi, i'm italian girl.. sorry for the bad english!
i've understand on TV of u.
u're amazing. i'm 17 years old and i NEVER herad tell about fashion as u.

compliment and kiss by me.
i hope u understand my message!! nicoletta. <3


love your style its so quirky and fun :)


Erica said...

God sommer, Tavi! Hilsen stor fan fra nordland <3

Junona Balash said...

Hi Tavi! My name is Junona Balash=) I'm an artist from Russia and I post fashion sketches in my blog http://gravuredemode.blogspot.com/2010/04/looks.html I'll be happy if you check this link!!!!!!!

Indigo said...

you look very happy! :D love the shoes xx

Carmen said...

what an amazing shoes!



derek nguyen said...

you're so precious tavi!
so cute!!

Kelly said...

Such a cute print on the shoes!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Designer School Girl look, love it!
Why not enter my giveaway at Daisy Dayz Home

CynthiaC said...

I don't find that sweater all that flattering, at least not with the skirt. It would look much better with a pair of leggings. LOVE the shoes, though.

Ray said...

I love your blog! And your style! :) You rock!!

deryik said...

tavi, i don't know how this happened, but you have grown up in 5-posts time!

Life As I Show It said...

Very cute outfit. Like an homage to a retro back to school outfit.

robertsma said...

Check out my blog :)
I promise it won't be a bore

The GUILTY HYENA said...

Aloha, Win a giveaway on my blog. Check it out here Fellas and Bellas



Have a nice day! Ð

liliem said...

love the socks! I always though long-socks and a dress or shorts during winter instead of long pants was very f.o.b teeny bopper asian, but you make them look amazing. I love your dress-style. do other people in your area dress like that too, or do they go for the skinny jeans look?

Laura said...

I love the shoes!!



Mademoiselle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mademoiselle said...

cute & funny!


BEA said...

Amo tu Quirky et bizzare estilo. Asumo que Miu Miu es tu favorita!!
Porfavor no visites mi blog....me moriria de la pena porque comparada a la tuya, la mia es basura!

recycledrose said...

beautiful styling!

im doing a 100 day blog of wearing opshop clothes
i'd love it if you checked my link

recycledrose said...

beautiful styling!

im doing a 100 day blog of wearing opshop clothes

i'd love it if you checked my link

i.c. blogspot said...


You are getting so tall. Ok, yes I know you are in extremely tall Mui Mui kitty cat heels... However this photo really shows how elegant you are growing up to be!

Simply divine my dear.


Carina said...

omg so sweet!!!!!!!!

i love miu miu!!!



The chapel said...

I want these shoes they are just so kitsch

little moon lover said...

you've got quite an imagination.. honestly you shine bright girl.. you're one of a kind!
and btw.. what I'd give to own wear those shoes!

Leah said...


Nicoline said...

Great outfit :D


le nouveau chicness said...

i love your blog!! i love the way you style the clothes to suit you and give you such a distintive style!

VintiqueLA said...

Great Cat Shoes!


Oh Lovely Rookie ! :)

Audrey said...

Gosh I want this shoes =0
And all your pictures looks amazing .

La bise Audrey ;) http://lejournaldaudrey.blogspot.com/

PS : sorry for my english I'm french x)

Lara Maria said...

so who is really writing this blog ??

Vaida said...

I dream to buy a collar like that one from Miu Miu, they look soo good ! And those shoes ar really nice ;) Love them, you are brilliant ! :))

Vaida said...

Lara Maria> Tavi Gevinson is writing this blog ;) a teen with perfect taste for style and fashion

Steffi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lilyfm said...

those mui mui shoes are amazing!

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